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Daily journal of my current, finished and future craft projects whether they be clothes (sewn or knitted), jewelry or household items. Also a not too serious look at sci-fi and cult tv.

Garden of Words: Prosies
{;}Snatches of whimsy, observation of the miracles of everyday things. The prosies bed at the Garden of Words -- you never know what you'll find.

A dash of this and a pinch of that{;}

What Are Words For...
the semi-daily musings of a lesbian{;}living in Houston Texas

Just a blog about a thoughtful person who doesn't get out enough, and has too much time to think.

Morecambe Sands
A Diary of a simple Lancashire lass, grown near the sands of Morecambe.{;}

The Neurotic Fishbowl
The Neurotic Fishbowl that is my life.

It isn't a weblog, damn it!

Midnight Rain
Daily journal of a young woman still trying to figure out this crazy world we all live in. {;}

Di's Dailies
Writings, observations and expressions of my life, hopes, dreams and aspirations.

The Other Yesterday: The Blog
{;}A record of my daily life, focusing on my attempts at creativity (knitting, cross stitching, writing, cooking, etc.) and how I am going about creating a "real life" for myself as I graduate from co ...

{;}my own personal log of what I deem to be important.

Northern Star: A Weblog
Description of the mundane tasks life throws at me before I'm allowed dessert.{;}

Walking on sunshine
Cheap online therapy...watch me go crazy!

ramblings of a 20-something web diva

Live Journal
{;}my blog

Ethereal Reflections
{;}A blog, a journal, a tired mommy, two beautiful little girls, some stress, a lot of laughter. Life is good.

Foxy and Hush's Journal
Foxy and Hush's journal is a place where we can jot down our writings and our thoughts (and also the occasional note to each other). Unless otherwise indicated, all characters and writings are copyright ...

With Dragon's Breathe and a Sword's Edge
My first atempt at a blog connected to my personal site >_

The Unseen Ream
My spiritual journey as I negotiate my physical life.

:::lynne's fabulous life
{;}this is basically a place for me to organize the various facets of my life. from various web design projects i've worked on to my resume to pictures of my cats to what i'm working on at this very moment, ...

Gitano - Wandecommunity through LIFE
No grand speeches here, this is just ME and my musings about life ...:) {;}

A blog about being a Muslim woman.

Sasoozie's Secrets
a Semi Daily Diary of a UK based Woman

Come On, Get Lively
{;}The personal blog of author Kathryn Lively. Hoohah.

the loquacious one...
Everyday I see something in the news that outrages me. I need a place to write about it. This blog is as good a place as any.

Just Waiting for Something to Happen
I'm in my 20's, I'm generally shy, I'm a college graduate, I'm working in a low-paying, thankless job, I constantly{;}wish I were somewhere else, and this is what happens when I finally decide to talk ...

soy una muppet

Coney Island of the Mind
Writer and photographer in love with New York City after 10 long years of living here and telling you why. And other stuff.{;}

Between Nutville and Netville
A weblog documenting a woman's struggles with economic abuse, a dysfuntional situation and reaching out to others for help to avoid eviction

Poliwog Pond
Life in the land of the poliwog...{;}

my meadow
a basket of flowers, picked from my meadow. My journal, my favorites and my story.{;}

{;}The daily bloggings of someone who doesn't know the meaning of too far. All day, every day.

Toughts of a future actress!

play for today
just me talking to myself

Hello My Memoirs...my place to vent
My aunt recently told me, if I wrote my book, I would be on volume 5. Its true.{;}There is always something crazy going on or some type of crisis.{;}My Memoirs is my place for daily venting.{;}The current ...

Losin' It
Working my butt off to...well, work my butt off. A diet/lifestyle journal of a 20something writer in Texas.

Nola Darling
Don't judge me. I'm just a lady standing naked before you dying to be pure again.{;}"....the manners of a lady and the soul of a whore."{;}- James Baldwin {;}

Femina Mosaic
A place for womens voices to speak of what is important to them.

Melva's Bodacious Ramblings
This is a site about my daily doings and things I see. I use the pseudonym of Melva. My husband is Ed and my sister is Quida. {;}{;}I make outlandish out of the landish.

Wild Snowflake :: Everyday Adventures
The random thoughts and realities of a 30-something Jersey girl

RedJen's Home
Personal website with growing content.

the online ramblings of a twenty-something (almost not) mother and graduate student (can i stand it much longer?) from New England, now living in the Midwest; original artwork included.

Creepy Lesbo
UK based creepy lesbo spouts self-indulgent drivel and witters on about her recent obsessions in an attempt to feel better about life.

Somewhere In My Mind
This is my place to express what i think and feel...I'd like to imagine it keeps me sane.

LaLa Blog-o-Rino
Relaying the trials and tribulations of being Laurie Cleveland, wive, and fellow geek programmer to her husband.

By A Woman
The Ramblings of a Thirty-Something Female

Having a Baby
The Journey of a woman trying to have a baby.{;}

An anchor of sanity for peace-loving Americans, from a patriotic, and unapologetic freethinking, liberal lesbian. Guaranteed to outrage conservatives.{;}

it's no place like home.