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Paradigm Shifts
Paradigm Shifts, a journal of changes and sameness

Lilli Marleen
My musings to love, life, universe andall the rest from a european pov

More of a journal than a weblog proper, offecommunity one woman's slightly skewed focus on mildly esoteric topics ranging from religion to academia to Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

So anyway...
The emotional adventures and mental meandecommunitys of an eccentric expatriate thirty-something American in Australia. Or something.{;}

the story of a girl who shares truth for hopeless romantics in the digital world. its a journal all about me!

Ramblings of a SAHM
Ramblings of a SAHM is just that...my random thoughts and ramblings! {;}

Bond Girls
This is a group blog with 5 girls, and it is still growing. Check out our craziness, you'll be sure to get a laugh.

innocent bystander
Notes from the frontline of an alt-music listening, sci-fi reading, dot-com working life in Los Angeles. Stick around long enough, and you WILL see me put my foot in my mouth, guaranteed. :)

Blue Witch
The musings of a SAD Psych(ic) rural humour witch quotes environment memory education. Whine, moan and lecture are what Blue Witch does best.

Reality Crutch Blog
This is Arianna's personal weblog. This is my reality crutch.

Just a Little Something
Just A Little Something - A web log with my thoughts, ramblings, raves, rants, complaints, praise, dreams... all mine... but read on!{;}{;}

Vulture Speak
The daily blog of a woman living in London....{;}

The Anitra Daily: Poems, News, Journalling
My worksheet for poems, essays, reviews and commentary on the news, where I can get comments back.

non-sequitur spanikopitas
Expatriated and underemployed moody American mom, writer and slacker.

Moonvine's Random Thoughts
Fat, sexy, cool, gamer geekette with blog:){;}

Poetically Insane
Verbal Art. My poetry in its evolutionary stage.

hope wavers blog
weblog of a twenty-something expat in Arabia.{;}

:: roses and rain ::
Thought of the day and random ramblings of 25 year old aussie girl.

Thought Bubbles
The personal soapbox of someone who has something to say about everything.

About a girl and her world, as told by the twins

Subconscious Motivations
I created this site to say the things I should have always said.{;}

A site containing my thoughts and ramblings

Through the Owl's Eyes
An online journal where sometimes I write something of note, and sometimes I'm just blithecommunity. I leave the reader to decide which entries are notable. I will sometimes mention my hobbies like anime ...

Ravings of a Redneck
My own poetry, and political commentary. It's pro-life, very God, and somewhat sarcastic. If you want to know what a Redneck Woman in the back of the beyond thinks in a small town USA take a look.{;}

meowy has stuff to say
A blog about my life and people in it!