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Click Member link to see site in tvThe Raven's Retreat
My spiritual meditations, rituals, and overall growth in the Pagan way-of-life...plus news and personal day to day stuff.

The Truth About Cats & Blogs
Art, music, and spirit, with full feline accompaniment.

Dana\'s PEACE of the World
A Journal of my Spiritual Journey. In My PEACE of the World I share with you my expereinces as I study and live the Wiccan Path. As I grow along this Path I will share Book Recommendations, Essays and ...

Mysticraven's Xanga
Just my personal site where i talk about everything but mainly my personal life and what i like and what i dislike lol.

Musings in the mists ...
Thoughts on the discoveries, books, sites, and people I meet along the way as I explore Warrior, Green, and Celtic traditions. I am gradually finding the balance of elements which make up my Pagan path. I ...

Diary of a Tolkien Fiend
Personal journal of the webmaster of Lugburz.com, a Tolkien-obsessed web designer, poet, and pagan sorcerer.

Weblog of a german eclectic witch.

Life, Or Something Close To It
A Pagan Blog that concentrates both on my evolving spirituality, past and present, and useless items of the moment. It all depends on my mood.

Purple Moon Garden - a blog of two witches
two women, friends for nearly 2 decades write about life family and Witchcraft

Jar of Spiders
Weblog of a Wiccan writer and priestess, includes discussions of moon rituals, magic, divination, devotion, goddesses, gods, witchcraft, spells, spirituality, astral projection, psychic development, tools, ...

Pagans, Renegades, Lovers of Celtic Magic and Lore
My site has three basic concepts,all ties to the belief of honocommunity the Goddess and living a life that is authentic.Hence, I am a bit of a renegade and non mainstream free thinker. The site discusses ...

Mind Scribbles
Mind Scribbles is a personal, community journal by 4 friends with different backgrounds & views, yet a shared spiritual bond.

Witch of the Woods
The earth centered, Gaia based, witch ramblings of Carol of the Woods.

Blogging Between the Worlds
A directory of Pagan bloggers, shacommunity insights, pondecommunitys and opinions from across the Pagan web.

The Sacred Space
Experiences, rituals, prayers, and musings from a Pagan spiritual seeker.

The Life of a Wiccan Reiki Master
Hello, my name is Savanah Fahrney-Day. I am a Reiki Master/Teacher in the following forms of Reiki: Usui, Psychic, Silver Violet Flame, Sacred Geometry, and Faery Reiki. I offer healing sessions on a ...

Everything Is Magic
Everything Is Magic is a blog about living magically. In it, I explore life operating under the philosophy that everything is or can be filled with magic, awe, wonder, and creativity. I review things ...

Firehawk's Nest
A Pagan's Blog about life, spirituality, History and everything!

A crafty pagan chick and her family.

A blog of my artistic misadventures.

The Late Hour Light
Reflections of a Solitary Eclectic Pagan on any number of matters relative to academic study, personal experience, issues in the Pagan community, and the suppositions of other Pagans on numerous forums ...

Sacred Beginnings: A Pagan's Journal
This blog is an expression of my thoughts. I started this blog because I wanted a more public way to express myself without worry about being connected to my profession and career. I have other blogs ...

Sou uma Bruxa EcoFeminista. Taróloga. Herborista. Aprendiz de artesã. Jardineira. Feiticeira. Nasci na Colômbia e moro no Brasil. ***** Soy una bruja ecofeminista pagana. Tarotisa,herborista, jardinera, ...

2 Witches Blog - a Pagan Look at Family Life
Mama Kelly and Lady Rose have been friends for over 20 years, and have a combined 50+ years of experience in wicca and tarot. They have participated in ritual together many times and Lady Rose is the ...

Chasing The Moon
Ramblings of a Pagan stay at home mom

Love of the Goddess
We are here to promote the goddess in her many forms. As she is great mother to us all, we must not forget the ancient ways of feminine worship and love. On this blog you will find ancient stories ...