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Click Member link to see site in tv"The Black Woman's Guide to Unearthing Mr. Right!"
This website is the home of the e-book “The Black Woman’s Guide to Unearthing Mr. Right!” It is a myth that there are no available and desirable black men for quality black women! Black women have the ...

my wretched consciousness
Welcome to my intellectual space -- an analysis of gender, race, culture and identity from one African woman's lens.

A Taste of Angel Cake
Angel lives in London UK and views life from a very different perspective...find out more and visit...

Fab Glance Nashville
Fashion and Style information from me to the Nashville audience. Events happening in the area.

Straight....No Chaser
A personal blog...inside the mind of a not so average chick

Diary of a Style Addict
Documenting the life of a 24 year old grad student living in Atlantic City and penning my thoughts on fashion, style and my adventures in Philadelphia and New York. Trust me my life is never bocommuni ...

The Spice of Life
My words, my way, not right, not wrong, mine, and only mine, pretty, harsh, true, fiction when I wanna....

Digital imaging, Photography, techie talking and shacommunity information with my visitors. Wanted to create a blog outside of myspace account. I was blogging on myspace and promised myself when I had ...

Mocha Beauti
Mocha Beauti (MB) is dedicated to women with dark skin. You've probably had a hard time finding the right products for your complexion. MB will spotlight beauty products that highlight and compliment our ...

Love: The Element
An extension of the company mainelement: love, Love: The Element is the discussion place for a myriad of topics related to loving oneself and others from a physical, emotional, and spiritual outlook. ...

A creative journal that features the best in digital media, digital art, critical social thought, media education, media literacy and media activism.

South Side Star
The original cyberlounge for Politics & Pop Culture. Serving eclectic 'mental martinis' to keep your head swimming in entertainment, current events, and historical news of note.

Hair Gurl
"Going the Lengths to Get the Hair I Want!"

The Homegurl Lounge
The Homegurl Lounge is dedicated to product reviews, book reviews, articles on fashion & where to shop, and open discussion on the latest news. The lounge is a place where African American women can ...

All About Me...L Dawson (Nita)
A blog that's all about me, my life, personal thoughts, family, friends, business, as well as, my own rants and raves

Our Roacommunity Twenties
Just How Roacommunity Are the Roacommunity Twenties? That's exactly the question that we, four, intelligent, dynamic and driven young women in our twenties, chasing our dreams and carving out our own destinies, ...

Burgandy Chocolate
A glimpse in the life of a young, educated, extremely silly, beautiful, professional woman living and loving in the DMV (DC/MD)

The Life and Times of T. Monique
Inspired by my madness. Written within reason.

AFRont: strands from my afro
From my hair to my language,my trials and tribulations. I try to make sense of what it means to be 19 in South Africa.

See My Healthy Hair Grow
I will quickly cover how and why this blog was created. First, I would like to start off by saying how excited I am to see women of color with various hair journeys starting sites and networks pertaining ...

My life and what i feel like talking about.I love music, and i'm in love with love.

The Hair and Makeup Blog
All things beauty: human hair extensions, hair care, skin care and makeup

Hot Beauty Health
The Hottest Beauty and Health Blog. Get news and reviews on the latest beauty and health products in today's market. Advice on beauty, health, and skincare from your crazed beauty addict.

Charismaallover's Weblog
My site is about Black History. This includes Black inventions, Black acheivements, Black swimmers, black athletes, Black entertainers, Black books, Black politics, Black elections, Black Hairstyles, everything ...

Diary confessions of a single woman
Daily experiences in the life of a single woman.

An intersection of healthy eating, natural hair care, music,style and random thoughts/ideas.

The Belle Tribune
An equilibrium of fact-backed science and fun superficial fluff for the woman of color.In a word (or a few) The Belle Tribune is an all-you-can-read buffet of product reviews, hair/make-up/skin tips and ...

Motherhood In Black And White
1 single woman + 2 foster kids= an adventure in motherhood

The World Should Revolve Around Me But I'll Settle for this Blog
a blog about the happenings and thoughts concerning me.

Clandestine Chic
Writing about fashion, style, music, hair and beauty and whatever else I have on my mind at the moment.

e-BlackWomenNetwork Blog
The blog which accompanies the premier membership networking website for enterprising women of color who own home-based businesses.

The StylEdit
The StylEdit differs from every other Fashion blog because not only does it cover the looks, styles, models, stores, beauty, photographers & designers that all embody this thing we call Fashion but StylEdit ...

Say it Rah-shay
The virtual soapbox where I rant about life, my child, and the like. What to do? What to say? I am a single mom writing about the random things that flow through my head. Join me as I wog, play with ...

Ms. 20 Something
Is cool blog to read, its about a 20something woman going through life - dealing with school, sex, love, friends etc. Check it out

Kinky Rhonnie
Natural hair products, regimens, herbs, and chemicals to avoid.

Fashion Tattooed
Anything that touches my soul, from clothes, friends, work, food, travel, all the things in life, but mostly the clothes I love..

Style Savvy
A haven where trendy African-American women can go to get fashion, beauty, and relationship advice with cultural flair.

Ursula Banteux
This blog chronicles the so-called "life and times" of Ursula Banteux, a young black woman attending a public university who decided she wanted to become a Soil Scientist in her fourth year. Read about ...

Sharp and Fabulous
Blog dedicated to helping women, and men, improve their relationships

The Mongoose Chronicles
Description: On economics, feminism, feminist economics, the arts, fashion, sport, beauty, food and whatever else is left. Black, Caribbean liberal observations on the strange habits of an overfed generation. ...

Vivre Magazine Online
Fashion News and Style Updates.

life as a single mom. much about art, books, cooking, kids, hobbies, general observations.

My Breaking Free
The somewhat daily inner workings of a twenty-something making her way into womanhood....

Asialakay.com Where Urban Music, Local Events, World News, and Spirituality collide.
Asialakay.com is the official homepage of lady mc singer rapper engineer Asia La Kay. The blog features posts related to indie and major music, local events, world politics, spirituality, and the opinions ...

Hair and Beauty; Natural Hair and Care
A site dedicated to natural hair and care in the past and present.

Natural Hair Beauty
A place to share encouragement, inspiration and more. Loc’s, dreads, sisterloc’s, kinky hair, naturally curly hair… it’s all beautiful. Share your tips, stories, knowledge, experiences and more.

Nu Kynk
Inspicommunity Fashionistas to Embrace the Kynk (lifestyle blog that covers hair care, beauty, skin care, politics and the arts)

Is there such a thing as a cool, laid back kinda urban, a lil hiphop, a lil jazz, a lil new millenium type of Christian...UM! Yep!

Browngirl Speaks
An atypical homeschool SAHM and frugal fanatic. I need books and music like I need oxygen.

bustabitch.com: the journey of a black woman in america
BITCH: I am sure you have all heard the word, maybe some of you might have even said it, but for this blog lets put it all in perspective. The term bitch is not a derogatory word for women and it is not ...