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blog about fashion and style, style advice, how-to and editorials and product reviews

The Coup Magazine Blog
This is the official blog site for The Coup Magazine, a literary magazine dedicated to the unification of black women.

The Black Headband
Political, social and cultural commentary by a 40 something black woman.

Sista Socialite
I try to include black celebrity gossip, videos of the day, question of the day, and a little information about me.

Real Talk 101: Guide Through a Black Woman's Mind
This is me uncensored and raw, touching on issues from gender, to race, politics, religion, sexuality, hip hop, curretn events, and other stuff that I just feel like writing about.

Searching for Satisfaction - Rediscovecommunity Me
Ever wanted to get into the mind of a young, single, professional Black woman? Well, here\'s your chance. Travel with me on this journey called life as I try to find the elusive state of satisfaction...I ...

yummy411... get it here!
Do you love to talk about makeup and cosmetics? Are you a products junkie? Get the latest trends, reviews and makeup news from Yummy411!

Why Black Women Are Angry
Why Black Women Are Angry is the blog dedicated to explocommunity the issues of the day that can contribute to Black Women's Anger. We are committed to explocommunity and identifying ways to overcome that ...

Sewl Sista#1
home sewer

Destiny Unfolding
\"For I know the plans I have for you,\" declares the LORD, \\\\\\\"plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.\" ~ Jeremiah 29:11 I am stepping out on faith! God ...

two daishikis
reflections from a daughter of the African diaspora

Nobody But Me
Just my day to day ramblings...love life and the pursuit of happiness in a chaotic world.

Strictly Fabulous
Giving you all you need to know about the look, the feel, and the taste of living fabulously!

Keeping it Together
For women seeking to build strength, develop muscle tone and lose weight - key variables in maintaining health, beauty and overall fitness; Private and Personal Training via MP3 Audio Files

She's So Flyy
the daily thoughts, musings, and ideas of a natural-haired diva!

Black Women in Europe
By and for African American expats and locals living in Europe. A place to celebrate women in the African Diaspora.

Brave New Girl
My blog is basically about shacommunity my own thoughts and feelings about some pretty general things, though sometimes they may fall under the categories of politics and entertainment. It\'s really like ...

This site is dedicated to all people who love brown momma\'s! The site holds my mother\'s namesake - mommabrown! You can get advice on transitioning, relationships - product reviews, fashion and music ...

a girl and her camera
Photography is Queen. And that Queen is me.

Stitches of Heritage
My love of cross stitch with an ethnic flavor - adding a bit of knitting & crocheting to spice it up!!! My soul is fed by Needle & Thread......

The Bureau of Zhindian Affairs
Blog about the life and marriage of a black(zhiní) woman and a Navajo(Dine) man.

Adventures of ME!
This will be my living journal. Complete with my thoughts, my pictures and my adventures. I craft alot and in many different areas so you are bound to see one you like eventually!!

Caramel Bella
Caramel Bella (also known as Caramel Beauty) is a new web site designed to keep women of color up-to-date on the latest health, fashion, and self-improvement tips so we can all live Fabulous lives. As ...

Boughetto News
A critical-yet-entertaining spotlight on the bourgoise class of black America and the effect that negative images in the media have on the culture as a collective. The booty shakes, the martinis and milk ...

Lil Miss Sunshine
A year in Seattle and counting, ups downs and otherwise.

An Afro Star Journal
An afro/art/gadget/mystic/tech blog.

Hello Nobody
A little candy store of all kinds of flavors. I\'m not wholeheartedly commited to one thing (when it comes to my creative bug). I\'m moved by whatever side of the bed I wake up on. So enjoy my stories, ...

A little daily rants and opinions.

Inside the gates of J
The day to day struggle of a black single mother of two children attending college, working full time and trying to make it. This blog covers issues such as work, teenagers, school, money and whatever ...

Black Women Vote!
A political and social action website geared toward empowecommunity Black women to change the issues that negatively affect us.

Blog dedicated to uplifting kids and parents of color. Great articles, celebrity features and products for kids, pregnancy and more.

Bubbles and Flames
Bubbles and Flames is a blog dedicated to the random musings of me-The Decadent Candlechick. I am a soap- and candlemaker, and that\\\'s my passion. While the majority of these posts will be about soap ...

The Coup Magazine
This site is a blog component of The Coup Magazine, a literary magazine for black women of the African Diaspora.

African Americans and Mass Media

Working Minds
Mindworks Publishing is an independant publishing company dedicated to empowecommunity and inspicommunity minds.

The Moody Gemini
A 30 something female in the South trying to get through this thing called life.

poisonous words are leaked here. proceed with caution.

MY LIFE IS A ROLLER COASTER deals with the ups and downs, turns and twists of my life as a young African-American woman in the great city of Houston. If anyone cares to join me, read my blog.

MLM Blackwoman.com
MLM Blackwoman is the premier site that educates and celebrates women of color in network marketing. If you are building a direct sales business, please join us to learn, share and spread the word!!

the life of a 20-something Black female living in center city, working in the non-private sector

Joyful exploration of Yoga, Reiki and Astrology as means to enhance the divine presence.

Maintaining and beautifying \"Un-permed\", naturally curly, kinky hair is the main focus but not the sole purpose. Beauty, cosmetics, literature and everyday life issues are also covered.

Hagar's Daughters: For women who find themselves at the well-praying, singing, dancing, & pondecommunity
Site explores issues of black women clergy, black women in ministry, social issues and public policy that affect black women

Crooklyn Chronicles
A refreshing blog that spotlights the essence of crooklyn and eclectic innovators on the cusp of success!!!!!

AMMOŽ: the ultimate ammunition for the fashion, beauty, and luxe lifestyle connoisseur. This New Year is THE year for AMMOŽ. We plan to hit you with the major fashion and beauty editorial spreads, news, ...

Personal weight loss blog. Fighting the fat with health tips, healty food and a little bit of backsliding along the way.

Yawd From Abroad.com
Your destination for all things concerning Jamaican culture, entertainment, and news.

M.I.A. In the Mon Valley
A personal blog my Miss Shona which chronicles little snippets from her world.

My life as an actor

Tha Hotness
Musings on life and beautifully inspicommunity things...