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Click Member link to see site in tvI Want A Body Like Beyonce\'s!!!
My blog is dedicated to women whou usebeyonce as motivation for weight loss.

~~True~~ Life ** an Ole Skool chick wit a Neo Soul**
Random thoughts of a throwed chick from TX.

just hip hop
cool site

Ask Fashion Kitty
Fashion Do\'s and Don\'ts, what is in and out, and brutally honest fashion advice from the expert kitten herself!

Talking about everyday issues that I encounter

O' Drama
Latest Online Blog Magazine Celebrity Gossip mostly black Hip Hop entertainment, music reviews, news & rumors.

Players, Haters & Imitators
A fresher perspective of what's hot - Hollywood Style.

What\'s Haute
Haute handbags, purses, fashion, accessories, and more.

Source for Black Celebrity Gossip

excuse me
news that enrages me, or gets me thinking.

Afro Bella is a Website dedicated to product reviews, ruminations about style, and interviews with women all shades of beautiful.

A Hot Mess!
Celebrities are a HOT MESS! Here at AHM we are going to give you the scoop on all entertainment news. Is Nicole Richie ever going to eat that sandwich? Will Paris and Lindsay ever stop their Sidekick fueds? ...

Ask this Black Woman
Advice and politics from a black woman.

Discover Kai
Experience the thoughts, reflections and expectations of black woman writer. Novels developed daily on the site. View and comment on poems and novels. Readers are encouraged to contribute ideas and ...

Fab Talk
My site is full of african american celeb gossip

Marketshades.com is a weblog dedicated to discussions and debate about hot products, new products, and services from a diverse perspective giving everyone a voice inregards to consumerism.

getting better at life

The Ghetto Fashionista
Who is the Ghetto Fashionista? I\'m SO glad you asked! The ghetto fashionista is all about keeping a pulse on both the runway and the hood! She is elegant, well-educated, well read and is grateful for ...

Players, Haters & Imitators
A fresher perspective of what's hot - Hollywood style.

entertainment blog covecommunity celeb news, fashion & random thoughts about life etc.

Style Mix
Fashion & Trend...This blog captures all of the elements of fashion. Fashion Icons, jewelry,shoes,handbags and clothing. Moderate Gossip.

Sable Feminist News
Opinions on culture and society from a black feminist perspective...

Cosmetic Science
My site has been created in order to help consumers make sense of cosmetic jargon commonly used to confuse or mislead cosmetic consumers.Hopefully, this site will be able to educate readers on the fundamental ...

La Bella Noire's Ramblings
I'm a twentysomething black female adjusting to post-college adulthood. I grew up between Albany, NY and NYC and transplanted myself to the DC area in January 2006. I spend my weekdays in an office cubicle, ...

a collection of political commentary, manifestas and personal reflections from black orthodox muslim, vegan, marxist, american born-but not american identifying, student/researcher/pol. organizer/artist/writer ...

This site is dedicated to dynamic, fun, fashionable women (and men) who enjoy a bit of wit, sarcasm and intelligent writing.

The Little Black Girl That Could
Dedicated to the art of living as a smart, outgoing and successful fashionista AND black woman in the Big Apple!

just don\\\'t
thoughts and experiences

for colored girls
one \"colored girl\'s\" commentary on sex, race and culture.

Fabulous born again, bold and beautiful women who are pursuing audacious goals.

a southern girl\'s world!
just me in my life, going through the motions!

The Cocoa Lounge: Beautiful Black Women
A tribute to black women in arts and entertainment.

Future Doc Wilson
This blog reflects my thoughts and insights into my multifaceted life-- systems advocate for people with disabilities, parent, adjunct college instructor, wife and doctoral student.

Fashion designer, craftsman, co-Chief Gabriella Tinelli\'s Company, fashionable adviser and producer of fashion\'s accessories, prét-ŕ-porter and sartoriali dresses for women only, also plus size fashion. ...

Jade's Webpage
A personal look at Jade, a single Christian BBBW.

Bcommunityin\' Da Noize
My commentary on the happenings in Hollywood complete with gossip and entertainment news.

heaven\'s confidant
the poetic (and often erotic) writings of a true \"fallen angel.\"

Charlie Mack's Granddaughter
I'm just a 30-something female trying to unclutter my cluttered mind.

Artist Statements
Artits Statements is a site about all the things that inspire me. A site that bcommunitys you statements about art, love, lifestyle, fashion, culture,etc. Come see what I have to say at Artist Statements! ...

Wet For Went
A tribute to the perfection that is Wentworth Miller

the adventures of a black, buddhist, sista-loving-sista with entirely too much free time on her hands.

" Diva": The Makings of a Fashion Editor
A blog dedicated to the day to day life of a aspicommunity fashion editor trying to make it to the top.

My site is for fashion lovers everywhere. I highlight fashion trends, great fashion discounts, and fab celebrities who know how to dress. I have features such as \"getting the look\" which is basically ...

Elle Word On Style
The online place for whats Hot in Black Fashion & Style.

Being Processed
I\'m being processed, but no longer \"chasing donkeys\"!!

Inside of Me...Under Construction
Sickness may take my body,and my mind, but not my spirit. My journey with Adult ADD/ADHD, OCD, & Depression.

Intentional Living
Life is better when organized around purpose. I SHALL, PROCEED, & CONTINUE TO.....PURPOSELY ORGANIZE MY LIFE.

In the Studio With UrbanWildFlowerDolls
This site features collectible artdolls, quilts, and mixed media art by Deborah. Attention will also be paid to featucommunity the work of other Black women artists and our creative process.

AnnabelleDickson. You wouldn't know me. My take on the world and everything in it. Social, political and cultural commentary.

Woman Being - Masked Woman
My past has not changed, but my perception of it has changed. I'm starcommunity at the mirror and seeing a reflection of a masquerade ball. My mother, my absentee father, my step dad and all the other ...