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Click Member link to see site in tvThe Brain Dump
The random musings of a Black girl stuck in the middle of nowhere. Sometimes funny, sometimes thoughtful, sometimes sad, always entertaining. My truth is far more interesting than your fiction.

Just My Own Little Soapbox...
My blog is just a true reflection of me. From my serious case of A.D.D. to the trials and tribulations of my relationships, to just me commenting on randomness, I can proudly say that its just ME!

Kreativity for Inquisitive Minds
This site is a self-expression of a journey through life by an African-American woman.

Diary of a Closet Freak
provacative and sexy online journal of a black, beautiful 30-something woman in Atlanta, GA, with alot to say about sex and anything else that makes life interesting.

Minneh has touched the rainbow
This is a site describing my life, my family and my struggles. And my successes.

blackpurls knitpickings
I am a language and culture student living in Krasnodar, Russia with my family. Although there are many students from Africa here... in this city of 1.2 million I have seen 3 other black women! Read ...

hysterical blackness
black academic who lives, writes, blogs, and teaches in the US northeast.

That NY Poet Girl
This site is for all by a black woman on a mission to not only find herself but take you all along with her on the journey!

black girl in paris
The site chronicles the eight month paris stay of an African American girl from Chicago.

Tiz\'ku L\'mitzvot
Writings from a 20-something Black Woman in Miami who is working towards becoming an Orthodox Jew.

Write Faith
What is God doing now? The answer - everyting! Write Faith is a Christian blog spot that discusses a variety of topics concerning the everyday christian... news included. Expression is key. Visit and ...

Corner of Writers Block and Main
Official blog for Michelle Buckley, author of Bulletproof Soul.

Mariposa Negra
Trials and Tribulations of a quarter-life, globtrotting black chick trying to keep idealism alive (even when B.S. happens).

Musings from Ms. Write
This is a blog I started on a whim and it has turned out to be a chronicle of a devloping relationship between a special man and me. In the blog, I talk about me and the personal struggles I endure in ...

The Life of Wife
The Life of Wife: It is funny and challenging, exhaustive and complex, simple and enraging, beautiful and bland. It is everything you think and nothing you can imagine.

As I Be
Random thoughts of a nappy-headed, down to earth, pro-black sista digging the world from outside of the box.

That Black Lesbian Jew
Writings on current issues, politics, people of color, religion, women and whatever I feel like at the moment.

k1, (knit one)
I just blog about my life and my love for knitting.

The G Bitch Spot
at which a mad black woman rants about New Orleans, insomnia, teaching, and anything else involving a bitch, a spot or the letter g

Journey Back To Joy
Random thoughts and questions that come up along my journey back to joy.

The Beautiful Struggle
Life is beautiful. Life is a struggle... Life is a beautiful struggle.... And this is my beautiful struggle.

starting @ 7
I am "a pessimist, a feminist always, a Black, a quiet egoist, a former Baptist, and an oil-and-water combination of ambition, laziness, insecurity, certainty, and drive." -Octavia Butler (or is it me ...

Cynthia\'s Interests
The world as it unfolds - told from an African American woman\'s perspective...

...there\'s a buzz in my backside...
Self-indulgent musings of a social retard.

Freshwater Thoughts
just take a look

Drama & Controversy

Hit The Dash
This is the dashboard for all five of the blogs created by Soulfull. Come in and go for a ride.

I have spoken
I have spoken is a blog discussing the daily, situational, and momentary encounters of a young scholar and Child of God of color trying to live, defy, and create the word.

Throwing It Out to The Universe

My thoughts on being a single, sexy, 30 something African American mom.

Black Girl Found
my life...my journey...my essence...my words

an unreasonable woman
an unreasonable woman

Chrissy Spot
My Views on Life Love & Relationships While Biding My Time Here On This Earth. In Search For Nirvana: A Never-Ending Journey

Chocolate Boricua Keeps It Sweet
Welcome to my blog filled with mindless rants, passionate opinions, glimpses of my personal life, and everything about nothing

Confessions of An Everyday Woman
Online journal of an average and everyday African American Woman.

A Bit of Everything
Just a site where I express my opinions on everything.


A Xhosa in the Cold
A Xhosa womans thoughts and reflections

Love and Life According to Luca
all about me - My rantings and ravings on dating today - musing from what I\'ve come up with thus far and what I\'ve learned from watching others..everything from sex, love, money, men, friendship and ...

Semi Normal Kind Of Life
This is me just being me, I\'m talking and \"tellign it like it is\" whether is about my personal life or my personal observation and commentaries on things I see. Enjoy!

Black Woman Writing
Daily commentary by an upcoming African American author.

The Musings Of An Eccentric Diva
Welcome to the Musings of an Eccentric Diva. This blogspot is dedicated to the cool, strange, and quirky side of life. Enter at your own risk (insert maniacal laughter here)!!!!

Home-grown Baltimore girl tells it like it is. Here, you will encounter the good, the bad and the ugly--on any number of subjects. Warning: continue reading at your own risk! Check out my pampecommunity ...

Blissful Thinking
Random thoughts from a 27 year old black female aspicommunity filmmaker from Los Angeles.

Island Spice
My stories and opinions on men, relationships and a variety of other things.

Me, Myself An Eye
This is the ranting space of a single Black female artist warrior trying to survive her early twenties/ the crazy things that happen to her each day/the gentrification that forced her to live outside the ...

Sweet Soca Euphoria
Observations on things related to Soca Music and anything else I can think of

Ham St. Paul
A lil of everything about anything that is going on in the Lou. And oh, the rest of ya'll too!

Doing the best I can.

Anna\'s Yarn Mansion
Come watch a young sistah play and learn about life via yarn!