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27 year old, singing, guitar playing, police dispatcher in california trying to figure it all out.

Ursula's Not So Secret History
The inner thoughts of a 30-something single gal living in Chicago, Illinois who truly believes in Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.

A blog about what its like to knit, go to college and be a black woman all at the same time.

Black Bloggin
A resource guide / marketing tool for African Americans and other online viewers of color who enjoy blogs.

my life...in the sunshine
blog about a woman who deals with depression, politics, music, fashion and life in general-on her own terms.

Diary of the Bougie Broad
Bougie. Snobby. Bratty. Spoiled. Uppity. Pretentious. Stuck up. Snotty. Self-centered. Vain. Conceited. Sadiddy. Bitchy. Selfish. Yes I have heard them all. Do these words truly describe ...

State of The Qusan
Views on politics, books, black culture

.so much sol.
Quite random, but fun. Hope you like to dance.

Whatchu Say??
I'm trying this blogging thing out...after reading for a couple of years

Christian Fiction
Christian Fiction Blog Celebrating the Lord through Literature from an African American Woman Writer's Perspective.

The kosher and non-kosher thoughts of a woman on just about everything

So what can I do?
A collection of ideas and ways we can all create positive social change in our communities and in our world.

Cindy Says
A personal blog from a black woman from England that features what music I like to listen to, books I read, saturday song lines (songs that remind me of certain times in my life, links to my graphics and ...

Just a place to vent and throw questions out to total strangers, to get opinions and discuss life.

This is a candid account about my sex life as a single woman. I love sex and I express boldly. I bare my heart, my body, my soul. I am shameless. (Entire contents is copyrighted©2003) WARNING: ADULT C ...

An Unrepentant Hooker
Designs and thoughts of an unrepentant hooker. A crochet blog.

the pink ghetto
A Columbus journalist evaluates black culture in her city and across the country.

Dat Damn Josie
a blog where i talk about the world as i see it and how it affects me and mine.

The Hodgepodger
True stories of past memories that shaped who I am today. Original poems thrown in as well. Memories good and some that cut deep like shards of glass.

Precious Pennies

This Life
A not-so daily journal of the life of a married, biological mother of one, engineer.

Cynthia\'s Interest
I talk about anything that interests me at the moment.

I Need To Join Crocheters Anonymous
A site about my love of crafts and my journey of the natural me. I hope?

Diva Disclosures
I'm just a fun loving girl who has been blessed with great friends and family but who has been cursed with an addictive love of men! Read about my trials and tribulations in search for Mr. Right.

A Birth Project
This blog began with a two-pronged focus. One - my personal search for my birth parents and Two - as a place to consider my experiences as a Black girl adopted by white parents, 'my life as a TRA'. Its ...

I'm gonna get published...damnit!
Lf Goodwyn's journey through self publishing her debut novel, and a few rants along the way.

Why not? Live.
my daily goings on... random stuff on being pro-black, pro-me, pro-choice, pro-lesbian, pro-nappy, pro-bewhothefuck you are.... with no regard to authority. frequent introspective gestaults.. often ...

Rantings and Ravings Of A 20something Savant

In Her Own Words
A look into the life of lady born in London of Jamaican decent with relatives (and love) in different corners of the world.

Lala Land

This life..at heart..in my thoughts..this moment
Of reality entwined in life...

I am not crazy, some people just think I am...
I am a happy, crazy, sexy, cool, smart, married, woman-child living in the Chocolate City! I can talk about nothing and everything, yet I\'m getting more and more anti-social as I get older. My blog is ...

The misadventures of MiMi
Just my thoughts, rants, vents on life and and everything else under the sun.

Gina Escritor is searching...
The ramblings of a young woman living in the city searching for something. Everything and anything is discussed, somethings may offend...but it's my blog and I can't do anything I want with it.

Vizionz of a Vizionary
chubby dancer, music lover, cancer survivor... my stories.

Life as Japronika knows...
Everyday life as only Japronika can tell it.

Ayanna\'s Cafe
Just a place for my random and deliberate thoughts on issues of life, love and happiness.

Diary an an Angry Black Woman

BlackPearl..A unique experience
This site is my little piece of heaven. When the world is too busy to stop and listen, I have a place that will soak up my everythought. On this site you will see everything from dating tips, beauty tips, ...

My Random Meandecommunitys
A Woman, living the best life possible

Just me
Random musings of a stay at home wife and mother trying to find her purpose

little black girls from the south get more grants than loans for college blog

me vs. rut
a journal of the life of a (young, earthy and somewhat dramatic) mother, wife and student who is trying to get out (and stay out!)of the rut.

The Diary that never was

Siditty: For the Snooty People of the World
My blog, about me, what else would it be about?

Andieseyes Are Watching You
Join me on my personal journey to publication, along the way, learn (or teach) a bit about life, love and yoga.

Ms Perdie's Dirty Details
My everyday random thoughts, present and past experiences.

The thoughts and musings of a college senior in NYC.

A bit of politics, a bit of pictures, a bit of the personal...