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Click Member link to see site in tvConfessions of a Jersey Goddess
Blogs from a black woman traipsing on the fcommunityes, juggling as fast as she can so she won't end up the true tale behind your next episode of "Law and Order: Criminal Intent"...

Articulate, edgy international, multicultural. Think of Marian's blog as a virtual world tour led by a Black American woman writer, adventurer and human rights worker - born in Washington, DC, raised in ...

Talking Stuff
My web journal containing my thoughts and rants on current events, pop culture, personal experiences and other important things in life.

Peace & Hot-Pink Paint
Member of scary upwardly mobile Bed-Stuy new-agey set, but different.

Support Black Business
Blog list of websites of black owned business online. Weekly updates, so bookmark and keep coming back. Great site to get business ideas. See some of the unique black businesses online and help the list ...

A record of the daily occurances of my semi-fabulous life...all while on my quest to become a fashion consultant...curb my shopping addiction and study to become a pharmacist.

Saturday Night Sheep

Transitional Movements
The evolution of a sankonfan woman on her way to graduate school, finding a new home and much more.

Goldi\'s Glittery Goodness
A crafty girls life in a small Southern town.

One Day It\'ll All Make Sense...
A lot of poetry, and my random thoughts on Life

This is the world of one black Canadian woman. Read my words, wit, and humor.

Jus\' Writin\' Life
Stay tuned to the daily ramblings and lunatic tendencies of one eccentric writer, as she trudges along barrier-laden roads on the way to her dream . . .

raskal trippin
hopscotch adventures of an exiled new yorker in berlin

Sonji Says
Sonji says a lot of stuff as she dives head first into her re-emerging art career. It\'s going quite well, actually.

Spider's Web
Living life, modeling, acting, trying to make it

tales of a lesbian in love. then out of love. then back in.

The Naked Truth
I created this site as an addition to my personal journal where I can address issues of politics, relationships, music, movies, and how these things have an effect on the Black community. This site is ...

Reflecting the tart sweetness of life, expressed as opinion, photography, artistry, quotes, spirituality, interesting blogs, current events, the obscure and offbeat, profiles and more

Matters of the Heart(less)
A (sort-of) daily record of me going left on whatever or whomever comes to mind. Otherwise known as incrimingating evidence.

Official site of best selling author, Stacy-Deanne.

Lowered Expectations

Forty something
The ramblings of a 40-year old Black, divorced mother of two.

My personal blog.

Psalms of Nia
Poetic Expression. Art.

Rants, Raves and Other Fun Stuff
david sedaris meets diary of a mad black woman ...

The Home of Baltimore\'s BettyButterflyBBBW
A Big, Beautiful, Intelligent, Young, Black LADY's place to share her feelings on everything from A->Z!

My random musings on life, work, sex, family, cats, love, politics, knitting... and football

master of the obvious
This is mainly my dissertation journal, but I\'m also trying to become more politically active and keep up with friends, share tips, etc.

Soul Stircommunitys
My Soul Stircommunitys -- My words, my thoughts, the stircommunitys of my soul. This is the me I want to be. Peace

The O'EO Cookie
Personal rant blog about anything..mainly my past relationships with men, family, friends. Whatever strikes my fancy.

The Thoughts of An Important Woman
I\\\'m an eclectic mix of everthing going on in the world. Scratch that. Going on in my mind. Come on in and see for yourself.

Happiness is a journey
*singing like Jill Scott* This blog is about whatever, whatever, whatever, whatever, whatever, whatever, whatever, whatever, whateverrr, whatever baby...whatever baby.

The Secret Life of Shoes
Personal blog written from the shoe perspective plus a little bit of this and that thrown in.

Always Defiant Baby

WandaWoman: Adventures in Knitting and Life
a site about knitting and other stuff

Scales of Wisdom
A young black, educated woman shacommunity wisdom and insight into the 23 year old mind of a single and constantly growing female.

reneegetsfit.com - a weight loss blog
Documenting my journey to lose 50 pounds by the end of 2005.

Mysterious Meander
Musings of the day and it\'s activities. A guide to seeing life as unbocommunityly as possible

The Freakquency

A Dash of Spice
Black Sage, a 27 year old woman living and working in Washington DC, has plenty of Spice to offer the world. This blog will take you in the mind of a smart,sophiticated yet sometimes confused and fustrated ...

Black Berry\'s Daily Struggle
Just basically what goes on in black_berry\'s daily life. Or... just whatever i feel like putting up.

The life & times of Brown Sugar
everyday trials & tribulations i\'ve gone through or currently going through.

Jus' Writin' Life
Enjoying the freedom to fully express my Black Womaness!

My Inner Thoughtz
Blog about my thoughtz and my life.

anitra's bloggy
Just a simple blog about my simple life!

as if i have the answers
the musings of a twenty-something poets, artist, singer, writer.

Political Sapphire
A cornucopia site in which national politics, law, coalition politics, race and women\'s issues and whatever else life offers to talk about are discussed.

random thoughts of a unique twenty-something year old trying to find her niche

Spiced Tea & Letter
Living, loving and learning one sip at a time.

Expose you to some freedom and culture
personal blog of a 20 somethings neo soul loving sistah