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My favorite Flickr photos, taken completely out of context and used in my own warped way!

My blog is mainly about the varied sides to all my interests, from producing banging progressive house, to photographing strange fungus, to pondecommunity Lewis Carrol's poem called "Jabberwocky"

A compilation of photos garnered from my own camera, that of other Flickr members, and pics and graphics from around the web.

Cheesecloth Moon
A place for me to showcase my artistic endeavors and share my thoughts.

G a b r i e l l e
Pix, life and video tales.

NYC Exposition
NYC Exposition, a Flickr photoblogging community aimed at showcasing our art online and offline. Currently, our work is featured as part of the BLOGS exhibit at MediaNoche, a multimedia gallery in NYC. ...

Just a blog
Just a blog about what I like: food, beads, photography, and technology [*LJ user --look for communitycode in "User Profile"]

Black Hills-Beauty & Technology
Two of my favorite things...technology and photography...Get free files, tech tips, and overall advice...


being and nothingness
musings on life but currently focusing on being the mother of a gifted son who does not fit into society as we know it...

Welcome to ObscureAzure - a slice of MindCake belonging to Azuric. My life. Through a blue lens.

Carol's Little World
Carol's Little World-now with pictures

crystal j. hand painted silk accessories
Showcasing new designs, promotions, news and sales for crystal j. hand painted silk accessories.

Blogs That Flickr | Photolog
a photoblog featucommunity photographs of members of Blogs That Flickr, and the flickr Group Get flickrd!.

Never follow the herd

Exiled in the Garden of Eden
A blog about all things that may come of interest to me or others

Adventures With My 350XT

this little life of mine
hope spcommunitys eternal in a glass half-empty.

Novo go-go
the fusion of craft and life

Culture, life, media and places written mostly from NYC by AnotherMother Finially Flashing by Fingertip.

Hit The Dash
Just the words and world of a black woman with alot on her mind.

Little Adventures
My thoughts, ideas and experiences I would like to share to the world.

Knitting by a multitasker in the Silicon Valley.

Velma's World
Musings on life in the World o' Velma, behind the Redwood Curtain, land of wonderousness. Blogging on topics such as: Arcata, Humboldt, knitting, spinning, disc golf, reading, sarcasm, and yes, bacon.

Croniques del Bernat
en aquesta pagina escric sobre el q em passa per tokyo i les coses que veig i faig

c22 } company twenty two
c22 } company twenty two is Catherine Slye. I'm a designer by trade, freelance web and print work pays the real bills, but sewing and creating with fabric is my little piece of heaven. I make GoodyBags; ...

Land of Little Rain
Land of Little Rain is a photoblog and forum for shacommunity digital photos and mixed media art as well as poetry, inspicommunity quotes and thoughts on life and spirit.

Blog Guelph
Blog Guelph features daily photos of the city taken by Guelph people, their friends and our visitors. Blog links are provided for Guelph Bloggers. Another words, it's all about Guelph!

Scouting the Fate of Place
This is an "academically" oriented blog for short essays on issues relating to space, place, and religion. I write all the essays myself and use flickr photos as both the objects for discussion and jumping ...

Sweep the Sunshine
The mundane is the edge of glory.

Nota Bene
A girl, her boy, and the 2-cat meowfia. Guess who's running the show?

tales from aBroad
[LJ]Personal ramblings of an American woman and her husband traveling around Latin America to find a new home. Looks like Buenos Aires, Argentina is a winner.

That Grrl
Keeping a scrapbook/ junk blog with my own doodling, blabbing, rural and urban exploration photos and things that interest me. Canadian, over 40, artsy type. Quietly an Earth Witch.

Janine's Blog
Janine White's Personal Blog

Best Of Top-V
The Best Of Top-V As .. Blogged By Top-V!

Arts Shmansy
a growing visual psyche

Maniacal Days
My adventure as a wife, mom, and woman all rolled up into this blog. And of course a ridiculous amount of pictures of my daughter. Just another Mommy Blog.

Ice Queen on Defrost
Once I had everything neatly stuffed away, frozen and forgotten. Now it's all starting to melt.

Philippa's Photography - Incurable Hippie
A blog containing photographs, ideas, discussion and image manipulation tutorials from incurable hippie. All this, plus inspiration from others' photographic work, and technical aspects of photography ...

Todd Lavergne's Baby Shower Tips
Great ideas and information to plan your perfect baby shower. Practical advice for your baby shower.

AZ Writer
Blog on parenting, politics, travels and hopefully humor from my corner of the Arizona desert. High risk of exposure to bad puns, obscure song references, and SpongeBob SquarePants.

Mostly happysnappies of mundane thingies. Sometimes more professional photography too. The non-image-part of the blog is in english :)

Beautiful Imperfection
something is in my head... my poetry, journal, and scans of entries from my actual physical and personal journal