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Click Member link to see site in tvJonathan's Coffeeblog
I have been publishing Jonathanís Coffeeblog since last December. Itís about coffee, cafes, the arts, the meaning of life, and the purported existence of one or more gods. Check it out. ( I use Technorati ...

Jewelry, Ornaments & Textile
A beautiful collection of jewelry, ormanmets and work done on textiles from flickr.

Random thoughts from an unarmed American
The personal Blog of Erik R. Bishoff an Architecture student, husband, father, and photographer working toward his masters degree at the University of Oregon in Eugene.

Accident Prone
General ramblins about the everyday mayham I seem to instill. *LiveJournal User, please click on "user info" link, for community code displayed.

Flickrzen spotlights exceptional photographs, be that subject, technique or rarity, found on flickr

Makin' Waves
An inspirational blog about environmental activism

Scootie Drivel
Personal travel through images

An American woman, originally from Oregon, currently living in Nice, France.

Thoughts from Varanger
Thoughts and pictures about the nature, people and the culture of Varanger, in northeastern, Arctic Norway.

sMhyla's e-Space
That's for me to know and you to find out...

Musings and found links and art from an artist/designer in Seattle. Flickr site: http://www.flickr.com/photos/rhruska/

I Pretty Much Hate Everything
The point of view of a bitter, bitter human.

What I Learned Today
Something I learned today. For the most part images link to where I found them and posts include a link to the original source when appropriate and possible.

Pictures and Thoughts
my pictures and thoughts of Singapore.

Vicster.net::Thinking Out Loud
A place for me to think out loud (and post the odd photo). +[CA/USA]

Stuff that I think is cool.. stuff that crosses my mind

A Soldier's Thoughts
My thoughts and feelings about being in Iraq (it is my second time over here), in war and in the backdoor draft. There are alot of things that the civilians bach home don't really get to hear or see, but ...

Secret Smile
logging my life and everything around me my views on things a pretty selfish blog

Neville Farm
Life on a small horse farm surrounded by suburbia where there is never enough T-posts, duck tape, or baling wire.

ParaScubaSailor's Flog (Flying Log)
All about paragliding flights and mountaineecommunity and anything fun-related.

My Friend Flickr
This blog posts photographs that we like, they may or maynot appeal to others but we like the photos we show here.

Zied's blog
This is the blog of a teen living in NY, and a lot of links and article on various subjects.

Personal blog of Creatrix (aka Jennifer).

confidential misanthropy
Personal weblog.

An everyday weblog with an emphasis on photography and links back to my regularly updated flickr account.

Christmas Backgrounds
Christmas backgrounds and images suitable for decorating websites and homes for the holidays.

Vol de mots
Laboratoire díhumeurs, composť de gouttes de ma vie, de cartes postales humaines, de fiction et de science-fiction, le tout ponctuť de quelques informations diverses et díart. Un peu de traduction et des ...

Missed Connection With My MC
Blogging worthy "missed connections" found on craigslist from around the globe. Now these lost hearts and unrequited loves will be imortilized and archived.

i rach, you who?

Words & Pictures
It does exactly what it says on the tin!

Red Jenny
Thoughts and ramblings on news, progressive politics, human rights, art and humour.

My Camera Tells Me Secrets
Designer who lives in Hollywood compulsively takes photos that are posted on flickr and (less compusively) post them on her photoblog w/more in-depth musings.

life is for living
just a space of my own where i can write and explore and ask questions... includes photos.[+Brooklyn, NY]

James' Blog
North West, United Kingdom I'm a husband, dad and journalist.

Neurotic Fishbowl
The Neurotic Fishbowl that is my life...

::uncomfortably numb::
a blog about life and the human condition, through personal experience, and a strong, obsessive need to right as many wrongs as possible (mine included)...peace, war, politics, love, acceptance, opinions, ...

Items of interest and general ramblings from an underpaid and underestimated IT technician

Karbon Kounty Moos
Bovine Blogging from the Big Sky

Melodrama Jukebox
Suburban blogger who can't settle into suburbia

architectural ruminations
blog by saint louis architect dealing with the historic preservation of 20th century modernist architecture and related issues.

Random and Odd
It's all just Random and Odd bits of my life, my photography, my kids, my mom...The Fonz

FlickrSoup for the Soul
Soul searching, heart warming images from around the world that speard cheers, motivate or makes one ponder on important things of life.

Velvet Marmoset Strikes Again
Random ramblings from a Navy medical student who has perfected the art of procrastinating. You'll find some evidence of knitting, assorted crafting, cooking (if we're both lucky), a severe addiction to ...

Green is Beautiful
This blog is dedicated to green images. Blog features the photography of members in the Green is Beautiful group at flickr. We adore green around here!!

A photoblogging group dedicated to shooting images of anything sun. We are the "Sunrise, Sunset -- Anything Sun!" group at flickr. Our members are from all over the world.

The Lost City
Artifacts of things that were, and will never be again. Documenting the lost beauty of a world gone by.

GodsMoon's Take on the Owner
a local student and his take on the life around him

Gummy Bears United
A gummy bears blog.

Music and Cats
Albert Schweitzer said, "There are two means of refuge from the miseries of life: music and cats." I think that there are others as well.

middle coasts
art and life from the middle coasts...home of demuriel press