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A community for anime/manga fans with blogs

Mistify your mind
A site about a guy who fell in love with Kasumi Tendo from Ranma 1/2 and lives in the edge of discovery of what it means to be part of humanity

Cloud 9
This is a site for a person who is always dreaming and never has her head out of the clouds

A simple blog of a simple love-hina and CLAMP fan.

dancing mad
I am not your senorita.

Love, Death... Avoid It
Rants, raves, the usual.

+ ShirleySiaton.blogspot.com +
The blog of Shirley, an author, IT specialist and martial artist from the Philippines.

More pointless, inane ranting of an otaku.

the media review log of a Canadian female geek

the Spiffyness
I didn't really love you, but I'm pretty when I lie.

Spastic Tendencies
My blog where I get to play spaz

Capricious Correspondence
A place for my thoughts on life, anime, and random other odds 'n' ends

The Looking Glass
A blog that isn't quite like others... the layout in other words, it doesn't have the table look to it... well, take a peek and see for yourself if my blog's just one of a kind or if I'm just psychotic ...

A cute blog by me about my life and the anime in it.

Me, a Canadian chick who enjoys watching Anime, reading manga, and the occasional *puff puff* in the park.

personal logged stuff... nyahahaha

Na no da
Just a weblog about my life with an anime related layout!

something witty
What's this reality you speak of?

Symbolic Rubbish
A RP Blog dedicated to Shoujo Kakumei Utena!

Meiren's personal weblog. I don't know what will be in it in the log run yet.

Bond Girls
This is a group blog consisting of 5 girls and it's still growing. We are all crazy about anime and manga, so come take a look and laugh at our extreme insanity. :)

tejina's blog
my little blog. Do come to enjoy the unsanity.

comatose flavocommunity
hello, my name is kijochan. *thud*

my blogger and the life around me in my perspective

Bound And Gagged
A blog about my life, Tattoos piercing, photos, and of course my rants and raves.. all in order to enlighten the world around me.. hehe

Heart-felt Desire
I'm a Final Fantasy Fanatic. Talk to me if you are... >___