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Click Member link to see site in tvQuality Assurance and Software Testing
Online Resource Center for Software Quality Assurance and Software Testing containing handy information for QA and testing interviews.

The blog is dedicated to the financial happenings, specially market movements, market news and load of other information.

Trivial and random mumblings from 'oop North
A collection of thoughts and grumbles I felt compelled to jot down.

Nee Naw
Blog of a dispatcher working at London Central Ambulance Control.

a green parenting resource

Dorene Lorenz
Only half the lies are true in these tales told by Alaskan author, artist, designer Dorene M. Lorenz.

The daily life of the biggest jerk in the Star Wars universe: Owen Lars.

Chasing Waves of Light
Random and sometimes utterly irrational thoughts on music, cooking, politics and faith. And shiny beady things.

sfera's blog
a blog about jeffrey combs , star trek , horror movies and more

Patchouli Stink
The gross inactivity of a twenty-something.

Chronicles of Suzuki
The journal of my newly discovered passion for motorcycles and the quest that comes with it.

Agent XXX
Mindless chatter of a gay man trying to make it through life wile avoiding his catholic family.

the gorilla and the bees
Matt and Clare in London and elsewhere.

....thanks for the memories
I'm just here, reminicing of what happened, where things are going, and enjoying memories with pictures, subjects, a bit of history and how things have gone with life through the years!

Musings, issues, ideas and resources, including but not limited to: abstinence, abuse, mental health, family, ministry, music, relationships, singing, single parenthood, teens, writing and worship.

This Path
Another traveller on the path... I am a SAHM, doula, Reiki Master, and writer. I share my journey as I discuss birth, life, and spirit.

Moonlight Pondecommunitys
Day to day life of an American girl trying to make it in England with her British husband and planning her imminent repatriation to the States.

The random scribblings of a Southern radical lesbian feminist.

Random Reflections
Some reflections on life. Sometimes funny. Sometimes serious. Have a read.

CEOs of the World
The random musings of two sarcastic NYC siblings with aspirations of taking over the world.

The Drive-by Blogger
Random thoughts, posted in a random fashion.

Night Runs
Thoughts and experiences from the life of a volunteer street medic.

low foot clearance
not a site about feet, but rather one about a mom with a poor sense of balance.

I'll soon be 43 .. another year older .. wiser? ..Not by a long shot!

The personal and political rantings of a 30-something single girl in the Los Angeles area.

Never follow the herd

Time's Fool
Journal entries about travel, nature, interconnectedness. Vibrant seeing.

Musings from the Orchards
Pampered suburban princess leaves her hometown in California for the life of an expatriate in South Korea.

Small Ripples in the Pond
Just tossing thoughts into the pond, leaving small ripples in the water where they land. Nothing profound. Just the simple workings of a middle aged mind.

DawnLords Onödiga Vetande - Idioti och humor med inslag av nyheter och musik
Idoldyrkan och andra triviala ting i livet. Musik och bra artister kan med stor sannolikhet nämnas någonstans bland dessa sidor.

Chris Goodman
Blog of a freelance music journalist working for the UK press - music news, recommendations, interviews and opinion.

Biblio Trip
Book reviews; culture observations; news comments.

Trying to learn French?!
My attempts to learn French using the power of the internet, my girlfriend and tots tv!

Chirurgie Toracica Iasi
Scientific works, medical posters, medical research. Lucrari stiintifice, postere, doctorate, cercetare.

Re-educating Ms Dee
Yellow-brown lady in a white world and her quest to be better person

A blog of an ex-pirate radio DJ, ex-computer science student, ex-christian, ex-republican, attempting to balance his aspirations for comedy, statistical machine learning, cognitive science, and novelty ...

The Alleged Best Days of my Life
This is a blog of randomness - intended to be about my days at univeristy - but which ended up full of frivolous oddities.

Backwards In High Heels
The everyday blog of a thirty-something who has put her head above the parapet and said 'I want to writer!'. Would be humorist, full time worrier

Tedious & Ludicrous

Four Bees
Bratislava, Brixton, Bruxelles, Budapest - the results of 20 years' restaurant reviewing and wine quoffing in the buzzing cities of Europe, all beginning with a 'B'.

the quacks of life
A birder who enjoys reading and looking at old buildings especially churches, sport, life BUT most especially wildlife.

Girls Can Drive Cross Country
In search of the weird...

The Appalachian Aristocrat
A public blog, discussing everything from animals to politics, with a focus on wierd or humorous news.

At last the chance to have the last word. An open forum where I can release my stream of consciousness. Some people choose to confess at church in a private booth every week, some do it in a cold drafty ...

One Day At a Time
The personal blog of Lynda Walldez. Content includes daily photography, reflections, prose, reviews, my own weekly meme, Bible studies, and personal musings.

News with commentary, especially with a bit of hatorade. We take the most interesting news stories, tv reviews, and share our thoughts.

Life With Heathens
I'm a 32 year old wife and mother who happens to have cancer. Thanks to three heathens, two cats, and that Hubby Guy too... I laugh more than I cry!

Gibberish by Bhushan
This is my personal blog. I post here whatever and whenever I feel. This is an excuse for being lazy and not posting regularly. But who cares.

The Dauntless Muse
Blog of a 20something in Washington rambling about everything from movies and games to politics and science... But mostly movies and games. ^_^ Full of random thoughts and rants!

Mischief in Overdrive
Thoughts, opinions, and the occasional rant, directly from the mind of a self-styled goddess.