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Click Member link to see site in tvNews and Musings - Comedian & DJ Steve N Allen's Comedy Blog
London-based comedian and 102.7 Mercury FM DJ Steve N Allen looks at news, life and other stuff.

The FXguy journal
My web journal,about my personal life and my work in special effects and comic books.

Pooh thinks..
Pooh thinks about many aspects of the world through daily experiences of small and big situations. Pooh tends to think things over on a broad scale, a blog that's pooh's pure and honest thoughts. Mirrocommunity ...

Richardson Zoo
Crazy life of an animal lover who takes care of 24 furred and scaled pets PLUS who works full time, is a married college student, and volunteers for a local humane association

this is my little space where I get to tell the world exactly what it does to p*ss me off on a daily basis.

The Limerick Savant
Personal commentary on the news, politics, tv, film, music and popular culture in the form of limericks, verse and humoruos graphics

b: sordid tales of a bloggin' fool
The frothy hoodoo that pours from this mama's mind.

Bent Wookiee
The everyday ramblings of a software developer in Victoria, BC, Canada who loves hockey, golf, music(Ghost of Science), games, PS2, XBox, GameCube, the Simpsons and anything that is related to stuff. (Ralph ...

'N' is for Neville, who died of ennui
I have a job. It took me a long time to get this job. I don't like it at all. It's very bocommunity. Hence, the "ennui" part. And the blog.

Celtic Cross
Views and opinions of a young american woman on the fascinating world we all share.

Crusty Spcommunitys Chronicles
Wherein we meet Reno Jones, ordinary hero and the narrator of our missive, and we are introduced to the legend of Crusty Spcommunitys, Nevada.

v R@lty
In every Individual, there is a force more powerful, more mysterious than the inner workings of the Universe. Shaped by thought, fuelled by emotions, forged by life, touched by spirit and loved by love ...

Planet Edinburgh
Welcome to Planet Edinburgh By Dee Custance - Photography student living in a little world of my own

Trivial Pursuits
This is my "official" Blog. This is where I write inconsequential stuff that don't involve much of my personal life.Why? Some things are better left said to a few number of people. =) My unofficial one ...

Digamon Cinnamon
A binary spice talks about life

Cigarettes & Chocolate Milk
The obsessive ramblings and philosphical musings of a 25 yr. old wife, mother, writer, art student, music junkie, pop culture queen and raging liberal!

GWBblows Blog
Blog for the site George Dubya Bush Blows. Liberal politics. Political commentary. Comments on Democrats, Republicans, Bush, Kerry, Nader, and everyone else.

An external memory store for someone suffecommunity from Goldfish Memory Syndrome.

Wizard Needs Food Badly
Blog dedicated to nothing in particular. A sounding board for half-formed ideas and opinions about things I really have no interest in. Have keyboard, will critique.

better off dead
lamentations of a 20 year old flip

No Rest for the Awake - Minagahet Chamorro
A blog dedicated to the use of the Chamoru language, celebration of the Chamorro culture, the indigenous culture of the Marianas Islands, and working towards the decolonization of Guam.

Detroit Riot Hero
Detroit insider for those scared to visit

poetic commentary on nature and art

Nathan Phillips Speaks for Americans!
Addressing the nation on a weekly basis {or semi-weekly basis}, Nathan P. Phillips gives you his take on the world in which we are a part of. Mr. Phillips tells things like they really are, without fear ...

I have no witty description. Just me Guinness-drinking self stumbling through life and wormholes.

Dom's journey
My unplanned journey of adventures and photos

The God Awful Truth about Andrew
Nobody's ever asked me "what goes on in that head of yours?", so I thought I'd save them the bother. Here, laid before you, in this blog, everything that pops in there that to say out loud may, or may ...

i invented pants
a blog for your daily dose of everything! tech, news, sports, gaming, music, drugs, contraversy and everything eles you can imagine.

a very long way from nowhere !!!!

Blurred Clarity
I\'m Daniel Hoffmann-Gill, an actor, writer, director and occasional teacher. I spend a lot of time writing online pretending to be someone else, hiding behind a wall of alter-egos. So I decided to try ...

A Preemie's Journey
This is the journey of a special needs family, our battles with the NHS and Education - daily life, warts and all.

The Bradford Blogger
A light-hearted account of the life of an exiled Bradfordian stuck in a faraway place called Cambridge. Humour, opinions and home truths in abundance on good days. Prepare to be depressed on bad days!

An embarrassingly candid account of sex, drugs, and, er, other stuff

Personal website of a 20-something Australian student

Quietly Shouting
Secret blog of an unsuccessful entrepreneur: How I didnt make my first million in ostrich farming. What I had for dinner last night. All this and more* from Quietly Shouting. *Disclaimer: Blog may ...

Blogging about interesting club wear and accessories available on the net.

Life, Love and Football
Ramblings of a confused mind.

The Technofile
music, video, film, photography, DJing, VJing, design, art, animation, books, courses, education, audio, software, hardware, computers, computing, tech, technology, content, content creation, web design, ...

Evil Ninja Monkeys stole my brain and replaced it with heat resistant ice cream (plus cone). The follow text arises as a direct result.

From Flab to Fab
An online diary of a unhealthy, overweight, 35 year old smoker, father of three, husband to one

Andrew's Light
Just me.

Dovely's Nest
I mostly write about relgion, but I often go on wild rants about whatever happens to be on my mind at the moment.

Steve State
Music, Poetry, Improv, Aesthetics, Post-irony, Faux postmodernism....

Who knows?
A place where I talk about anything and everything ... badly

Merrique's Haven
The Glendruid's sanctuary

Gimikera Is In
Your resident gimikera is here to share her expeditions in this journey called life.

WebKittynWarbles .... and Warbles
Just a wayward webkittyn warbling through life and trying to laugh every day.

-Been Broken-
one man and mental illness - an occasional diary

Cabbage Soup
Cabbage Soup is the blog of a Southampton based writing group. It includes musings by the group founder and new writing by the group members.

The False Reality
My false reality, of everything that seems so real, but in reality is nothing but a fallacy. What exists and what can be controlled? What do we think exists, and what do we think can be controlled? I do ...