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Click Member link to see site in tvToo Young to be Grumpy
I have a dream to setup an internet sales business, because my current job makes me too grumpy, and I'm too young to be grumpy.

A blog for a young conservative male

thoughts to the future
my first blog. This one is in dutch Een huisje-tuintje-boompje-kindje-hondje bestaan? Een 9 to 5 job, en veel tijd om te doden? Mischien het perfecte bestaan voor jou maar niet voor mij. Geef mij maar ...

Linux Stuff
What\'s on my computer, how it got it there and what to do with it

Just another weblog
Being is not synonymous with thinking. When you just are, you do not interpret, you see. Read me.

Musings from a StoryTeller
Personal site filled with various items that interest mainly me, but it has original fiction, info on spirituality, wicca, pagansim, animals - wildlife and pedigreed.

Ernie Rothman\\\'s Weblog
Blog of a Rhode Island based math prof and long time Unix aficionado who loves his wife and Newfies, and really likes Macs. Also posts on TV/Movies, and law enforcement.

Orpheus in Wonderland
Orpheus in Wonderland: penned by LittleMage, a second-year music student in PA. She's not sure where she'll wind up in the end, but readers are welcome to come along for the ride.

Drink this...
The random rants, raves and recommendations of one tall glass of milk

WebLog focusing on political humor, current world events, politics, religion, sports and the endless every day shit that continuously hits the fan. Welcoming interactive comments and discussion in the ...

DarkCITY Rooftop Religion
I'm a big fan of pop culture but...well I'll keep it polite in the directory. C'mon over and let's not be polite together.

A college student's blog. Direct from Washington, DC, Metro-Lump is the journal of a students life at American University and at home in Pittsburgh

Talking Stuff
My web journal containing my personal thoughts and rants relating to today's world.

The Jesus Religion Blog
Spiritual writings and quick ideas about God...from JesusReligion.Com

Politics, religion and culture - because language is a virus. Jottings of an academic left-wing ex-jw mom interested all things viral.

all of the good names were taken
I have WAY too much time on my hands.

Where there is rain, there is pain
It is about me, that is all. nothing more nothing less.

Just a blog about me the one u love to love and my daily thoughts!

beat the hell outta t.u.!
The everyday ramblings of a Texas Aggie who is extremely screwed up in the head.

I'd Like To Fly...
Where I can get my thoughts out, put links (including photo site) and whatever else seems cool.

Bridget Who?
Not all women in London count their calories like Bridget Jones... we get up to much, much more

Farting through my Fingertips
Daily-ish ravings as the fancy takes me. You know it makes sense.

Stello Blog
Stello's miscellaneous ramblings and observations in English and Finnish, from Bray, Ireland.

The Blogs of Roleplay
The net's first totally free RPG blogging community JUST for gamers and those who love them!

fwak blog
The weblog of Lili & Eddie, two Australian animators.

I really bite
Where I rant, rave, ramble, crap, complain, moan, groan, whine, boast and bitch.

An Off Tilt Witch
Personal journal. What I think, where I play, when I work, who I read, how I express myself artistically.

The Virtual Curmudgeon
A programmer, motorcyclist, website designer, and sometimes computer geek/technically savvy guy who needs to spout off periodically.

Queen of Rambles
I'm just an every day woman who likes to write. I'm currently working in an elementary school, so there's lots of stories about the crazy things kids (and their teachers) do.

Shakespeare Trip
I am going on a trip weekend to England to see two plays by Shakespeare in 2005. This site tells you the trials and tribulations of getting there. As well as what I see when I get there.

British BullBlog
- It's not the size of the blog in the fight, it's the size of the fight in the blog

Isnt it ironic?
All that life holds and more ...

the horsephiles
a blog devoted to all things horse with news, opinions, horsecare and training tips and journal entries from a cowboy wannabe

Spazzymoto's Revenge
The Not-so-Incredible Adventures of a *cough* Thirty-something Spinster with great hair, bad teeth,a psychotic family, and far too much time on her hands.....

Intermittent Creative Twitchings
Fiction and Philosophy, Humour and Observations

things to learn and sing

A dissarray of assembled chattecommunitys on an inconsistant basis with the intent of confusion on the lower lifeforms known only to the subconsious of the mentally distraught.

Internet Insecurity
Musings and quick posts about the woeful state of Internet security. Spam, viruses, trojans, back doors, hackers, script kiddies, and clueless users (sometimes referred to as Lusers). "It just ain't right!" So ...

Excerpts From A Culinary Novice
A student,Blogging my way to Pastry Chefdom. Browse Recipes, original poetry & photography. My commentary on the mundane to the exceptional --all through my eyes, or camera lens.

my innermost sanctum
rants, twaddlings and ramblings of life and humour

integrated ambiguity
The place where I usually accomplish my "write randomly for at least 15 minutes every day" goal.

Adventures of Big D, Gilly, and Dobie
Started as a every-now-and-again travel blog with pictures, now I'm trying to update it daily (or every other day) with tidbits I come across.

Coming of Age
My blog is my way of figucommunity out what's going on in my life right now. I've found myself going through a lot of changes and challenges lately, and this is the place I've developed to sort it out. ...

DNA: perpetulis, perpetuus, continuous
This is a very personal account of a journey shared and it delves into the minds of two individuals who has been through some harrowing periods of time together and are now seeing better days. Some of ...

Creative Endeavors
A place for me to share my photos.

Piece of Mind--The Blog
the many misadventures of a thirtysomething in Los Angeles.

Art, blogging, ecology, literature and animals, from somewhere deep in the countryside.

Blogging, technology and innovation, from somewhere deep in the countryside.

Literary reviews, from somewhere deep in the countryside.

Downbeat blog
The mad ramblings and public humiliations of a 21yr old student learning to laugh at himself