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Click Member link to see site in tvAwakening and Opening
Disable woman, living in joy and satisfaction. Walking the spiritual Path.

my thoughts on life, love, politics and more

I'm Leaning
Thoughts from a liberal college student open to new ideas, travel log of study abroad in Chile, random thoughts, observations, media snippets

A wandecommunity woman writes from Spain
A little voice told me to quit the big city corporate gig and wander off to Spain. I listened, and these are my adventures.

Van's Wordspill
Not just another ugly face, Van's week commentary and even worse spelling will have your dreaming in no time of being anyone but him.

Milliner's Dream: I am a woman of many 'hats'...
Diary of ordinary life from a woman who wears too many hats...

Taught, Another Man's Seconds
Love found and lost, a powerful story of hard-fought love ending in pain, lies and betrayal.

Erin/Sull's Blog
Random, often useless, musings on everything from sports to television to music to family to everything in between.

My Worst Call of the Day
From the dozens of amusing, inane, outrageous, or simply not-to-be-believed calls I take each day as a customer service representative, I humbly submit the winner.

Only when I come up with any matters.

RuhrpOtsistaz ways of life
Just my personal weblog and onlinediary

punk & blanket
Satirical take on media culture. Also satirizing the online diary form.

Universiti Malaya-Mohamad Hata Ghazali
My articles from local newspapers ( my own)

Life's A Riot
The random ramblings of a 38 year old, slightly unhinged mother of 3.

Male SLUT nyc
The stories about the women and couples and other people i meet and have hot, nasty, dirty sex with. almost all through CL>CE.

My random thoughts about Computers, Databases, Programming, Business and Politics. Pretty much whatever grabs me in the moment.

Questions And Answers
This blog discusses issues of faith and culture from a Christian perspective. We ask the hard questions and look for the true answers. We also provide social commentary and do frequent book reviews.

Women 150

Cyber Chocolate
Musings on TV, comic books, books, science fiction, life, sports, and anything else that catches my attention.

Floor Thirteen
Five out of ten sock monkeys agree. On what? We're not really sure, but we think it's the content.

On Second Thought
I will get back to this shortly.

/// Imperial J : Blog ///
The life of a french musician.

Bit o' Nifty
Bit-o-Nifty contains observations on art and politics, stories, poetry, and personal ramblings of two professional writers.

SwanShadow Thinks Out Loud
Musings from one of the most mercurial minds on the planet: writer, teacher, critic, curmudgeon. A mind that can't sit still, so it thinks out loud.

Random thoughts from Toronto

Webchicky's Blog
Includes frequent ramblings on topics such as travel, politics, web-related technology and the everyday life of Stacia, a webchicky. Also includes links to a message board and chat for further discus ...

The Weirdest Ones...
An (almost) daily account of my random, fun, and weird life. Comes with everything you see here, including free, yummy quotes of the week.

life, programming, thinking, feeling

the (aa) blog
The (aa) blog is my collected stuff on Mac OS X (/mac), Python (/py), Plone (/plone), BSD (/bsd) and other things (/misc) that might be of my intrest.

The Raven's Retreat
My personal place to ramble, rave, and bare my soul. Memes, family life, current news, Pagan spirituality ... anything that piques my interest.

Jagannath's Nature Poetry
Poetry celebrating nature in its various moods and manifestations

Grgur's News2
Moj blog o novitetima u industriji

James Finstrom's Blog
Thoughts and Observations of James Finstrom

Showing the Conservative side of things. British conservatism at its best.

Wizzer's Blog
Just Wizzer's Life

An Aussie in Japan
The daily events and thoughts of an Australian law student studying in Tokyo, Japan.

I refuse to act my age...
my blog is more or less where I come to comment on the quirks and calms in my life. No guarentees it will be something you wish to read, but I guarentee it is something I want to write.

the confused
the product of living in the U.S. in a world gone wrong, wrong, wrong.

The diary of a Webcam girl
The diary of a college girl trying to pay her way as a webcam girl. Stories about her life and her job.

Hector Vex's Blog
Political, mostly social and football commentary. Real life & my opinions which are better than yours.

A blog of my random blah-blahs...

Wide Eyed
Think For Yourself. Wide Eyed is all about giving you things to think about, things that you wouldnt normally ponder on, such as, is there more to life than meets the eye? There is also a lot to do with ...

A San Diego girl offers her take on divorce, parenting, asperger's syndrome, relationships, spirituality and life thru daily blogging.

Encounter With Mercy
Encounter With Mercy By Steven Adams 2004 Music Generation/BMI These are the events that led to my conversion to Christianity. I was (13) years old and my father had died from a stroke, it was ...

The Department
A Haiku-ofthe-Day and Photo-ofthe-Day from a Sydney dilletante.

personal weblog of a 20-something female.

The Daily Email
daily rants from one non-blonde in DC.

Writer's Block EXTREME!
Daily (or close to it) updates of what's happening in my life as I try to finish a requested manuscript ducommunity the worst case of writer's block EVER.

True hifi for all:Cinema and Music.
Selezione ,selection di prodotti per hifi e cinema in casa con review,recensioni, dal web.Best Buy products per ttue hifi for all.

The Night of Poetry
Poetry that seeks to convey the futility of human existence and the pointlessness of human endeavour