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Click Member link to see site in tvMusings of an Ant Watcher
If you are wrestling with the big questions of life, this is a great place to catch your breath between bouts. Articles on life balance, healthy relationships, love, career and life purpose mixed with ...

Progressive Thinking
I live in a world in which I am a different person from minute to minute, depending on who the beholder is. Come and see the core of my consciousness. Then fuck off.

CountryMouse's Diary
Updates about my site, my daily life, teddy bears, poetry, photography, and more! Link to my LiveJournal.

A Sucker's Life
[insert description here]

Hokuto no Koibito's room
Its all about my diary. My story each day. ragnarok online, math, computer, music, etc.

This website is just a collection of thoughts, fun links, news, views, and other strange junk I might run across on my explorations on the web and in life.

Chroniques Sylhvicoles
Errances d'une expat française en Teutonie du sud: considérations anthropologiques et atermoiements climatiques.

gemmak's BLOGS
The day to day ramblings of a computer addicted woman and her cats who escaped the 'big city' for an idyllic life in the middle of nowhere.

My Angel
Angels really exist and they are here with us: in every moment of ours lives. Theirs message is Love. / Gli Angeli esistono davvero e sono qui con noi: in ogni momento delle nostre vite. Il loro messaggio ...

Le Bazar du Thésard en Calbard (sans les traces de freinages ;-))
Diary of a Junior Research in Finance / Carnet de Bord d'un Jeune Chercheur en Finance - en FRANCE !

Limit Reached
Frustration as inspiration.

A Suburban Treehugger
A feminist writer, mom, wife, student and pantheist Pagan on the path to self-sufficiency and sustainable living.

Fabian\'s Hammer
Fabian Hammer provides global strategic intelligence reports and analysis with a focus on China, the Asia Pacific region and maoist revolutionary and insurgency movements

The Daily Venator
The Daily Venator is a daily column about life and the things that go on around us.

text mag
text book for life - a dilettante's guide to cultural self-indulgence

Domesticated Bloggage
Blogging from a domestic goddess

So anyway...
The mental meandecommunitys and emotional adventures of an eccentric American expatriate in Australia who may just be a figment of her own imagination. Or something.

Musings of an average guy from Boston

My Mundane Mid-Life
Oh, man... I'm gettin' old... is 45 old? The bocommunity life of an unemployed computer engineer from Hoffman Estates, IL USA (a far northwest suburb of Chicago)

Claw Marks
Welcome to the place where I freely shoot my mouth off! I also have links to my other two blogs and some friends' blogs.

stark reminder
the emotion of wtcing and helping my mum figth against leukaemia

In My Pocket
In a world of serious adults, can childlike innocence survive?

Beautiful Monsters
Random rants and ramblings from a 21-year-old queer eco-anarcha-feminist living in Aotearoa, New Zealand. May contain bisexuality, politics, mental illness, Willow / Alyson Hannigan worship, and occasional ...

Camel Blog -- The Life of a Performing Dromedary
The musing, griping, laughing, and bitching of and at all those things that make life interesting both onstage and the world around.

bob's yer uncle
musings of a gay expat on life in, about and away from London (now that he's left New York)

a draught for my sorrow

Skip's Ramblings
Personal reflections, on life, computers, software, and myself.

This is my descriptions and reactions to daily life. I may be a legal adult, but a little part of me refuses to grow up. Welcome to my Neverland.

Marn's Big Adventure
The life and times of a woman who makes Emily Dickinson look like a party animal.

Much ado about me
Thoughts and bits from anniebunny's life. It's for you when you also think that life's quite an absurd thing.{;}anniebunny likes liquorice, being the opposite of prissy, procrastination, books and comics ...

Losin' It
Working my butt off to ... well, work my butt off. A diet journal of a 20something writer in Texas.

Ornamental Illness
A site of beef by Ann-S-Thesia

Indulgence: A Shopaholic's Lifestyle
I plan to shop a lot as long as I live...and if possible, even after that!

James Landrith is...Taking The Gloves Off
Website/blog of USMC veteran and libertarian activist/reporter James Landrith.

»:«»:« [ daffLe's WeBLoG ] »:«»:«
*~*~*Mistakes that don't kill you can only make you stronger*~*~*

the story of a girl who shares truth for hopeless romantics in the digital world. its a journal all about me!

A Web Site
A peek into the odd life of Yegolev, or Gary Armstrong in real life. Sometimes frequent comments on daily life along with muttecommunitys about games, XHTML/CSS, AIX, WinXP, his new house, and anything ...

random ramblings of adifrentdrumr
This is my online journal, where I share my thoughts, ideas and opinions on anything and everything.

Hugh Cook: Life in Japan
Hugh Cook's life in Japan (food, travel, haircuts etc) plus literature, writing, politics etc.

Adventures in My Mind
Live. Learn. Love. Read my blog!

Voices From A Transistor Radio
Through the help from a transistor radio, a young boy finds voices of guidance and hope.

Queenie's Daughter
Queenie's Daughter - my mother made me do it. Do what? Be smart. Be funny. Be heard.

sHeOl RaNtS ANd... StUFf
Scary things and lovely things with big cure eyes and....AAAAGH! GEDDITOOFFMEEEEEE! My personal blog - it\'s fun and educational....errr....honest...! (Please read it, make me feel special, *sniff*)

The formerly bocommunity life of a twenty-something Londoner who has packed in her dull job and gone off traveling for a year

A general blog about all sorts of things which I think are important, especially in terms of political (mainly social) policy.

Never Knew I Was Living In The World
My rants, raves, rumblings about anything and everything. My random thought process. We are the youth We\'ll take your fascism away We are the youth Apologise for another day We are the youth ...

Michael Eisner's Beach Party!
The things that come out of my head.

East of the Pecos
From Washington DC to just east of the Pecos River. Adjustments and amusements in this new phase of my life.

Fun loving, out of this world, drop dead nutty, Yorkshire Lass with a hint of Lancashire Wit!!

This blog presents poems, short stories, artwork, photography and essays that reveal bits and pieces of what makes the synapses fire.