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A community for people who really love their blogs

Paradigms...where shift happens.
This blog began as a whine. I 86'd most of the whine I think and now I descrive it as: "Being an extremely non-linear account of my struggle to understand just what the hell is actually going on here ...

The world according to a Dutch guy living in Canada.

Journal, jottings, of ambivalent expat granny...

Beyond Wallacia
Wallacia denotes the overlapping of Asian and Australian bio-geographical areas. This ensures an interesting mix of species.

Dramatis Personae
poems and prose......

The Complete Works Of...
Whatever I come up with in the day-to-day comedic tragedy that has become my life.

Bitchings & Then Some
An outlet for a some kind of girl. A place to vent, share, and scream your every dreams and nightmares. You never know, something you can relate to.

Anomalous Noodge
The title says it all... doesn't it?

A blog to write my opinions and ratings on other blogs, bloggers and blogging. Feel free to add your comments too, at this corner of the blogosphere.

Senseful ramblings of an incoherent nature from a dilusional schizophrenic (or my views on current events)

Bruce / Kiore - My journey, an occasional diary.
An occasional diary talking about an Auckland man's life.

Badabing's Badaboom
A horny old baby boomer who likes to share rants, raves, musings, and other snippets of life.

Monte Carlo Daze
Life and times of a female gadget freak in Monaco.

one more cup of coffee
London-based history Ph.D. student. Drinks too much coffee, cycles excessively and likes to whine. Hence blog.

Yorkshire Snowman
Crazy world of a Yorkshire bloke on the run from the men in white coats.

Burning Evanescence
A place for the burning thoughts and dreams of one strange individual. Perhaps strange only in her own mind. That is for the reader to decide. So take a breath, and a chance, see if you get burnt or are ...

An Englishman's 4 month tour of the USA

Diary of Foot and Chair
This is a blog for a foot and a chair. Day to day observations, feelings and experiences of both a foot and a chair. Joys, passions, fears, anxieties, angst, hopes, dreams, fears, delusions, etc etc etc... ...

This Week with C.J.
one non-blonde talking about the revolution.

Me, Myself, And I
A day in the life of someone living with HIV.

The Kitchen Witch
The ongoing rant-come-blog of the Kitchen Witch, currently doing up - against its will - a tiny cottage in deeply rural Devon and attempting on the side to get a PhD. Oh, and work. And... the list goes ...

Sometimes God Takes a Mulligan
20 something (for a year and half) guy cleacommunity thoughts from his ever-clouded mind. No real purpose here....just my thoughts and actions as best I can put them in writing.

Are you conservative? If not youwill be...
Conservative view on current events.

A Life Less Ordinary
Barlet Starlet provides a strange combination of humour, cynicism and moxy, with a healthy dash of gosh-darn it mentality and romantic idealism. Stir. Pour.

Eccentric Bohemian Hermits
You need to be one to understand the concept. Suffice it to say, being one doesn't fit in well with marriage, kids, jobs, or even life. Just as well this particular Eccentric Bohemian Hermit has a sense ...