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This blog is just about my life. I am a 29 year old stay at home mom who is new to blogging.

The Blakes in Thailand
The blog of a missionary mom in Thailand.

Our radical unschooling family at home.

Parents with Style
We review parent made and invented products. Plus, many other great products and sites. We offer networking and marketing tips. Hoping to share great advice, tips and ideas.

Erika Cass Designs
Work-at-home-mom(wahm) jewelry designer biz blog plus random musings about family, life and "treasure hunting".

Domestic Accident
Giving my kids fodder for therapy one mistake at a time

Dear Me
a newbie mom's blog - her idiosyncrasies and vanities; mood swings, peculiarities, rumblings and mumblings.

Sunflower Faith
Sunflower Faith is about a SAHM's personal walk with God, a journey that involves musings about life, family, faith, with coffee occasionaly thrown in while looking up always to God and understanding the ...

Now What Baby
Products and ideas that worked for my family. An honest look at motherhood from a frazzled mom with a shopping addiction.

Mommy Monologues
Just a blog by a mom with two little ones and our every day lives.

LaLa Baby Blog
Where cool parents hang out, find reviews on new and innovative baby products, tips for parents, baby news and giveaways.

My blog is titled 'Blessed...' because that is how I view my life. I am a not so perfect Christian wife and mom to four children. I live to find joy and laughter in each day. With Jesus by my side, ...

Our Aussie Half Dozen
I stay at home to look after my six children - 5 girls and 1 boy - and this blog is mostly about them. It is to help me remember the special and important events in their lives (the funny and cute times ...

My Little Munchkin
Toddler Fun through the eyes of Kyle Robert and other Fun Rambling from his Mommy.

Who Says 8 Is Enough?
The Trials & Tribulations of Raising 9 Children. I am a SAHM who was surprised in 2006 to find out I was expecting twins after 5 years of trying. So, we are raising 3 teenagers (2 girls & 1 boy), 4 middle ...

Make Me a Hot Mama E-zine
Don't let motherhood declare a fatwa on your fashion sense. Make Me a Hot Mama's up-to-the minute trend alerts, product reviews, and articles help busy moms stay abreast of the hottest fashion and beauty ...

my blog is about me, my family, my views, I laugh I cry I complain and i cheer others on. I blog for me, to get my feelings out, to find a tad bit of sanity in this small town of mine.

A day in the life ...
A blog about our twins, older son, our daily lives, craft projects, cooking, fun places we go and things we do. If you were a fly on the wall, this is what you would see ...

Adventures of the Merry Treasure Shopper
A new blog that will develop and change as I enter the wonderful world of blogging. The goal of this blog is to share shopping experiences, decorating tips, contest and giveaway information, thoughts of ...

Mamma Made
The Mamma Made blog is written by Rachel from Mamma Made Designs, a handmade children's wear company. Follow her design and sewing creativity in work for Mamma Made as well as leisure in fun personal projects ...

Terrance and Angela's Family and Friends Connection
Follow the Carson's on their journey through life.

My Memories
This is my personal blog where I share about my family and our daily lives.

Life in the kingdom

Mommy to Four Boys
Hi! As my title suggests, I am mom to four boys....and wife to Bo. We live in the great state of Arkansas. I blog to let of some mommy-steam and record my boys' memories until I can get them into the ...

Take a break from the hectic pace of life to talk and laugh--and sometimes cry--with a friend. Log on for a minute and fill your cup...

ice cream is not for breakfast
"Feeding your kids without losing your mind" is the motto of the six moms who blog about their children's eating habits.

South Florida Moms
Come read about hot topics, great ideas and fun places for the South Florida Mom and moms all over.

Mommy Moments
My blog is about the struggles of the life as a mommy of two and the laughs, good times, and crazy times.

I am a WAHM to 2 beautiful children. I create custom handmade boutique clothing, work as a graphic artist and a full time mom. Life is hectic and I have a lot to share!

Grocery Mama
Groceries and feeding our families is a huge part of our lives. Lets have fun with it and save some money too!

My Daily Life As A Wife And Mother
My Blog is all about my daily life as a wife and mother--and I would love to share it with like minded women--so come on over, I make a wonderful cup of coffee:)

Ultimate Baby Online
Adventures in Trying to Conceive and Motherhood.

Muthecommunity Heights and Other Senseless Sensibility
Iím 24 years old, married to the man of my dreams, and the proud mother of two baby girls. Famous for zigging when you think Iíll zag, Iím pretty OCD about keeping my kids on a schedule, I like order ...

1stopmom's blog
thought and opinions from a stay at home mom of 4 who is trying to find herself

I am Never Alone
One Christian wife and mother's blog, with the constant reminder that God is always with us.

Confessions of a Seeker
A sometimes thoughtful, sometimes hilarious, and sometimes mindless way for me to share my thoughts on the joys and intensities of life, parenting, marriage, God, faith, and working from home.

A Daily Dose of Toni
My blog that offers insight into the world of parenting and all the fun and trials we have. I also review products.

Not Even a Lousy Tshirt
I've lived a lot of life. If I've been there and back, why haven't I even gotten a lousy tshirt?

Diary of an Unlikely Housewife
Musings and ramblings of a less-than-domestic goddess.

Bam Designs
A great place to read about my family, see some cute new items for my store and meet some other working moms that are great Etsy sellers too. I am a SAHM who has 3 kids and also runs a small childrens ...

Send Chocolate
"slightly dark, a little bit nutty...Cheaper than candy and half as sweet" Add two children with autism, a teenager, homeschooling, two cats, a geek husband and the daily grind... you get? Me with ...

Got kids, Need Valium.
A blog about my kids, and my life overseas as a military wife.

Adventures of Mommy Melissa
My blog is my point of view on raising our twin boys as well the thoughts that go through my mind. It is a creative way for me "let it all out" and laugh at myself and the events that take place through ...

electric binkie
My adventures in pregnancy..

Mommie Mayhem
This is a site for moms everywhere!! They will picture themselves in the reading of Debbie "Deb" and Shawna "Shawn", BFF and also creators of Mommie Mayhem, the blog for "Real Moms" trying to be supermom! ...

Dr. Mommy Chronicles
A blog about the life of a Christian mom who happens to be a doctor, wife and home school mom to 5 very active children. Never a dull moment.

Mommy Craze
Life as a work at home mom can get crazy! Join me for the bumpy ride! Maybe we'll all feel a little less alone in all the craziness!

Mommy Approved!
A place where Moms can find great products for their family. Reviews by Moms for Moms!

The Truitt Trio

O'Joy of my life...
This blog as amalgam of politics, food, parenthood, product-reviews, books, faith, baby-gear, web-search, random facts, you name it. I just love stuff, and more, I just love stuff I don't know yet.