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Click Member link to see site in tvBehind the Beads with Leapin' Lilies
Behind the Beads is a journal from Leapin' Lilies designer/owner Vicki Arnold. This blog is for shacommunity new designs & business announcements, as well as recipes, household tips & musings on life ...

My Walk Through The Word
It is a blog to record my understanding of God's Word. The things he wants me to take from it. It is my hope that through this others will come to a new understanding.

Coming to a Nursery Near You
My blog about the (mis)adventures in parenthood - the laughter, the tears, and everything in between.

the . weigh . i . am
I am a stay-at-home-mom trying to survive motherhood, life and weightloss.. all without losing my sanity or patience.

Strawberry Milk
Strawberry Milk is written by Strawberry Milk Mama. In her previous life, Strawberry Milk Mama was just Strawberry Milk, a beauty junkie whose only concerns were the pretty swirly pinks of yummy strawberry ...

Chinipie.. my life sweetener
A mom who is absolutely in love with her little angel blogs about the angel\'s development

Mayogi @ Home
A Spanish mom of 2, born in Sweden, living in Morocco - that's ME! I blog about life in general, my family, culture, travelling, languages, cooking, scrapbooking, cardmaking, Morocco, Spain, Sweden, yoga, ...

My Little Cuddle-Bugs
My Little Cuddle-Bugs blog is about a wonderfully unique boutique where you can find that special little someone a special little something. I create hair bows and hair accessories, personalized children\'s ...

a happier girl
Getting happier never seemed like a life goal until she hit her thirties. But now it is. A happier girl is a wife and mother trying to get there. In a previous life she was well-read, witty and bright. ...

Fingerprints on my Walls
Hello, my site is just getting started.. I'm a work-outside the home mom. I just needed a place to talk about me and my life so I made a place. I'm hoping to meet other moms to talk with or read about ...

Always a work in progress!
I am striving to live a life of service to Christ and those close to me~my darling, three strong sons, beautiful daughter, friends and neighbors. (((((HUGS))))) sandi

Sippy Cups and Blackberries
How one woman attempts to juggle work while being a mom and a wife

Princess Tiger Lily Boutique
Pricenss Tiger Lily Boutique is the creative outlet for my Grandmother Lillian and myself. We design and create each outfit with a mix of tradition and spunk, perfect for your little princess. The blog ...

Girly Blog Designz
Custom and premade blog designs for every budget!

Entourage World
A blog about my young son's acting jobs.

my little bird
about anything I love to do when I have the time in between ply with my daughter:)

A mother of two heads forth into the world of \\\\\\\'everything\\\\\\\' including writing, ballet, killer creme brulee, Down Syndrome, and 452 inventive uses for bananas.

A little insight into the unconventional and somewhat irrational eccentricities of a young mom. Of two boys.

Superwoman Does Not Live Here !
Superwoman Does Not Live Here is a resource based blog for women. Topics include health, beauty, time management, home, organization, and inspiration.

bright like the Son
this is a new blog by a new blogger...who is still trying to figure out the blogosphere...posts are on a variety of topics depending on my life, mood, etc.

The Empty Nest
A 50-something mom's journey sending an only child off to college.

Stay at Home Mom Survival Secrets
Stay at home mom survival secrets including tips, advice, reviews, and anecdotes on being a stay at home mommy.

A Cup of Tea With Me
One woman's walk with God and it's affect on her family. Her journey and her life. An open book for all to read.

Bedding Enthusiasts
A Bedding Enthusiasts blog

Mummy Musings
Random moments in my life as a mother.

On My God, Twins
A dads view on bcommunity up 18 month old twins and a four year old, all girls. I am 48 years old and yes I am old enough to know better. I am also blessed with the joy of these simply beautiful, surprising, ...

The Adventures of Frugal Girl
The Adventures of Frugal Girl is about one chick’s neverending journey to live within her means. In this blog, Frugal Girl offers a window into her life by shacommunity ideas, giving advice and being ...

Regionz Kidz
A blog site with helpful articles for teaching children about cultural diversity, race and ethnicity.

My jeans too tight to mention
25 year old wife and mother of twins chronicles her struggle to lose 180 pounds while still having her slice of life

Ang4him - My Life
I am a Christian mom of three children (one girl, two boys) who works full time outside the home. My Life is blog to be dedicated to shacommunity moments in my life. All those moments that make life special ...

work at home goal
I am currently working on a goal to stay at home and earn money. Join me and see how exactly i learn to make the money.

Looking for Rebecca?
Everyday is a new adventure in my house. I have a toddler turned diva daughter, an Autistic son, and a workaholic husband. We laugh, we love, and we watch way too much TV.

Kitchen Table Chat
The happenings of a wife and mother of 4 kids.

Treasured Moments
Its about me my family ... whom I love and treasured so much.. Also about what happened out there

One Child's Journey to a Home, Hope and Future
This is my journal for our journey to bcommunity a 3rd little munchin into our home. We have 2 kids at home now (ages 3 and 1) and are in the process of bcommunitying home Henry Davis (age 2) from Liberia, ...

People for Social Cause Blog
This Blog is created to promote social awareness, consciousness and commitment amongst general public and tune their thinking and actions to all-encompassing loyalty to our society, our country, our people ...

Daily Mind Wanders
On my webpage are daily blogs of things that just so happen to be on my mind. I spake about single moms, friendship, my life story, and general things that might irritate me, etc..

Telecommuting Millionaire?
Watch a "work at home mom" try to meet the challenge to become a millionaire in 3 years. Yeah, she knows it's probably impossible - but it's fun to watch her struggle. Hilarity ensues at -->Telecommuting ...

Butterfly Bows N More
A blog on a not-so-single Mama's life. Includes her love of crafting and cooking (with a recipe or two here and there), her Etsy escapades, and funny tidbits on her child.

I Should Have Bred Iguanas
I am a SAHM of three girls with an sort of strange way of looking at things. I love my job...most days!

The Life and Times of a Domestic Engineer
A military wife and sahm navigates through life with two preschool-age daughters.

Bellissimo Musings
Bellissimo Musings a showcase of Indie Designers and Artists for Beautiful Mommies & Babies.

First time Mommy Chronicles
My blog about being a first time mom. How I work at home and manage my family!

Pink With Sparkles
Mom reviews of products, books, sales, places, and sites for moms and their daughters.

Mom Tu-Tu
All about being a mom to two kids!

The endless mind chatter and occasional deep thoughts of a single mom/born again flower child.

Hi-Tech Momma
A stay at home mom who loves technology and finding ways to use it to simplify her life.

From one mom to another
I believe all moms have one thing in common, BUSY lives. And we're looking for ways to SIMPLIFY them. I am a mom, wife & business owner (the Warm Biscuit Bedding Co.) talk about survival tips of life with ...

A Mom Speaks
I'm a stay at home mom to 2 children who enjoys life and am trying to loss weight. This blog is just my journey.

The Adventure of MomLady
Just the everyday adventures of a Christian SAHM of five. I've got one in college, one teen, one tween, a toddler, and an infant, so there's always something going on!