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Click Member link to see site in tvI Want To Be 60
News, views, commentary from the edgy point of view of an over-60 female Methodist lay person living in rural far-northern California, and struggling to reconcile institutional religion with the power ...

Sandpiper's Thoughts
The blog of a lay member of the United Methodist Church.

Are You Thougthful?
The Thoughtful Christian is a blog that seeks to help Christians wrestle with difficult questions by stimulating informed conversation and reflection about living faithfully in a complex world. We are ...

Poetry Where You Live
Poetry site started Feb. 2004 of over 700 poems and over 300 pictures. Over 100 of the poems were inspired by my walk with God started at Wesley United Methodist Church in Concord, NH in 2003. Most of ...

Life and Love and Why
Reflections of a twenty-something youth minister.

Venezuela for Christ
Site about the mission work of the United Methodist Church of Venezuela and the Wesley Seminary of Venezuela. It is sponsored by Venezuela Now, Inc., a US non-profit 501c3 corporation formed to support ...

33 Names of Grace

Hipchickmamma goes to seminary
Come and hear the rants and ravings and poetry of a lunatical seminary student (who is also mom of three onerous girls--from which the lunacy arises?). Don't look for any answers here...all I've got is ...

zenpilgrim - a monk living in the world
thoughts, quotes, mental ramblings - sometimes random, sometimes not - on God, faith and living a spiritual life in today's world.

A Hopeful Disciple of Jesus Christ
Spiritual (mostly) thoughts of a disciple of Jesus Christ who happens to be placed in a United Methodist congregation

Reflection Waters
My blog is just the random ramblings of a 16 year old Methodist...topics vary from, statistic, personal interest, church topics or anything in between.

peaceable kin-dom
This site is made for those who want to build a positively defined progressive Christian community as well as those who may be seeking ways to step onto the path of personal spiritual renewal and discipleship ...

Happy Methodist
Snapshots of my thoughts and emotions as a UK Methodist. Not always correct, but always honest.

Along the Narrow Path
Along the Narrow Path is the blog chroncling the experience Mark Manis has as he tries to lead a Christian life.

John Wesley's Journal

moment with mk

Life in the Way
Conversations of a New Jersey United Methodist pastor journeying in the Way.

A series of reflections on life, the universe, and everything, in view of the Truth that is Jesus.

Musings of a Maverick
Musings of a Maverick seeks to address present moral, ethical, spiritual, political, and church issues of the day. Comments in this area are in some cases developed more fully with graphics for added emphasis ...

O'Joy of my life...
This blog as amalgam of politics, food, parenthood, product-reviews, books, faith, baby-gear, web-search, random facts, you name it. I just love stuff, and more, I just love stuff I don't know yet.

Blog of Dave Perry, Chair of the lincoln and grimsby district of the methodist church in the UK. I am passionate about authentic Kingdom of God discipleship in the world. I am passionate about photography ...

The View from My Pew
: Methodist : Parent : Cat and Dog Owner : 30something : Confused and Consumed: MegaChurch Goer :

Sunday's Child
Daily Lectionary and Reflections on Scripture and World

Wounded and Healing
A UM clergywoman reflecting on a disasterous and painful local church appointment, the lessons learned and the ongoing healing from that experience.

Hedges and Edges with Ed
EXPLORING FAITH, LIFE, and MINISTRY; Thinking about Jesus in the edges of our existence.

Living Stones - a chosen people
The general idea of my site is to encourage readers and hopefully help them to grow in their relationship with the LORD, so that they can better live their faith for others to see.

Youth on the Edge
a place to explore, think about, learn about and talk about this thing called the Christian faith... so that lives might be changed.

a stranger's journey
It is my hope to use this blog to share some of my struggles, thoughts, prayers, joys, sorrows, humor, hurts, adventures and triumphs as I journey through life with Christ.

the lukewarm make God vomit
I am concerned with the intersection of scripture, theology and context. I am interested in what it means to really believe in God; how does believing in God change how we live? If we didn't believe, would ...

Blog That Ties
From church to church, community to community God is God. It is a joy to watch and participate in God's work in the different places we go. This blog wants to bring all those places together and remind ...

The Blog That Ties
A simple blog from a Methodist pastor. It's a little more exciting than that!

Pastor Mack's Place
I am a pastor serving in my first church in beautiful North Carolina. I created this blog so I could share thoughts, feelings, and meditations. Iíve found that I miss the intellectual stimulation of ...