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Click Member link to see site in tvCelestial Flight
Basically my blog where you can find out about my daily happenings.

Enchilada Sunrise
Ramdom ramblings and the occasional brain splurge from a 30-something geek goth-ish fangirl knitter! Reviews of music or books crop up from time to time, as do mentions of living with bipolar disorder. ...

Come On, Get Lively
The personal blog of author Kathryn Lively. Darn skippy, it is.

anyme-anyone go blog
a place for me to drop by and blog ^_^

The Wierdest Ones...
My life; whether it be interesting or not.

My blog where I post all the crafty, gardening, and other diy related things I do.{;}

Impressions of Insanity
Trying to make sense and bodging.

The World of Stephanie
Poetry, Stories, Lyrics and anything else that comes from the mind of Stephanie Robertson!

In My Pocket
In a world of serious adults, can childlike innocence survive?

Why don't you tell me?

Shinimegami: Goddess of Death
Cloud's blog.

a devilishly good read!

I'm 19 and Canadian, an anime fan too.

the Spiffyness.net
This is me, being me.

Invisible Faerie
stuff and fun, random thoughts and weird dreams.

When I, a fucked up girl with artistic leanings, gets sugar --> this is what happens.

Northern Star: A Weblog
Describing a series of mundane tasks life throws at me to be allowed dessert ...

the wallflower
and so i go on, unchanging forever.....

Changes - Turning Over a New Leaf
The chronicles of a Neurotic Fish on her way to weight loss.

World Domination
Plots to take over the world.

Ethereal Reflections
CODE IS ON SITE A blog, a journal, a tired mommy, two beautiful little girls, a lot of stress. Life is good.

A blog 'bout a girl who thinks life sucks?

Queen of Facile Transgressions
wfmu lady DJ dishes it out and lives it up on the web. Stories from the punk past and so-called indie present, smacks your ass before banging her own head.


odessa street
A funky Parisian neighborhood. The man that sells vegetables down the street wears a bright, blond, wild curly wig. With a red hat over it. Everyday. Etc.

Jet's Life: The Misadventures of a Spoilt Brat
Come check out the hilarious things that happen in my life. Updated frequently!

Grow Up!
A meandecommunity monolog of my past, present, and future... All the while coming closer to... growing up!

Soggy Pigeon
ok A college gal majocommunity in architecture at the Georgia Institute of Technology in search for the perfect dessert and the meaning of life!

Weightless in Seattle
Personal Weightloss Blog

Retail Hell
A narrative of the life of a supervisor trapped forever in the murky bottom of retail hell.

OK Another personal blog and cat from Savannah, GA

Anomalous Noodge
The title says it all... doesn't it?

sophie's fair
sophie? who is she? a guerilla artist and kid-friendly blogger who still goes to Sunday School... does a mean pas de chat and grande jete... stinks at playing drums... learned french from her flighty french ...

Must Be Tuesday
A site devoted to my gripes and musings and my love for BtVS, Angel and other TV shows.

Mel's Sims 2 Blog
This is a blog that is part of my personal Sims 2 fan site.

Feel the fuzz.

The blog of a 20something Londoner who has packed in her dull job and gone traveling for a year.

elephant shoe
total random awesome stuff that i find each day, and also stuff about me

Dry the Rain
and the thousand little kisses that turned to tears were dried off..

Oh So Crispy
A personal domain, with miscelanious content for the visitor

personal college blog--reserved for those occasions when i feel the need to share my excitement with the world


Remember my name, youll be screaming it later
stranger are friends you haven't met. think about it! especially in small cities like perth australia.

All Or Nothing
You won't find any moderation here!

COD IS ON SITE Mindless drivel by a twentysomething with no life. Randomness galore!

Oh, just a whole lot of me wrapped on one page basically.

Moonflower Child
Just a blog about my experiences of living in England after marrying my wonderful Englishman hubby and moving from Michigan.

By My Hand
Esoteric Renaissance is the online outlet for all things personal, creative, or mundane on the mind of an old soul lost in a new world.

Urban Gypsy
More suburban gypsy than urban gypsy but that didn't have the same community to it, don't you agree? A blog surrounded by the great landscape of New Zealand. Oh, and me.

Retro-Girl: Surviving the Suburbs
Retro Girl is just an unusual redhead who tries to find humor in every situation, and is trying to make sense of the world and is busy surviving her whole new life in the Suburbs of Chicago