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Bitch-sessions is an open forum in which expression of ideas is encouraged, ranging from social commentary, amusing anecdotes, concert reviews, and relationship philosophy. The site is aware, thoughtful, ...

The daily bloggings of a vile temptress. All day. Every day.

Allyria's Ramblings
Just some ramblings from a very ecclectic girl...

Daydreams of a anime loving, web designing college girl.

Confessions of a Kitty cat
I bitch randomly, make acidic comments and occasionally have bursts of lucidity. They're kind of rare, though.

The Writings of Psychosis
The angry (and sometimes funny) rants of a misunderstood and frustrated artist, writer, and musician. Also a link to my fan art page

: : korean pride : :
this is my personal website, where things i like get put up just for my own entertainment.

something vague
another girl, another blog

Neurotic Fishbowl
The Neurotic Fishbowl that is my life.

meme propogation at it's finest. the ramblings of a 20-something pittsburgh geek chick.

it's a lonely game and an even more pathetic excuse for life at that.

Chocolate Violets
Just a site where I ramble about work, friends, family, Harry Potter, and PMS.

A room for everything
My personal blog: everything.{;}(in portuguese)

a place for me to write when i don't feel like writing. that's it.

Tales of the Dancing Queen
Unemployed college graduate, on her way to either grad school or diplomacy finds yet another way to bother the world.

Ravings of a Redneck
Just a few things that a redneck woman Deacon in the boonies would rave about. There's alot on my political opinions, poetry about God(Who else!) and a log about what a female Deacon does in the back of ...

Just a simple blog. Just a way to remember these moments that the life forget. (In spanish)

smartee blog
personal blog

A nice blog, about a young girl in search of fruit. (dont' ask)

Onigiri is an online blog of Kaname*, an anime-obsessive language major at Kent State University.

a stranger's strange world...

My feelings are expressed throughout words in this blog.

Caffeinated Ramblings of a Coffee Achiever
The caffeinated ramblings of a coffee achiever: brewed fresh daily!

Alana's World
k A look into the interesting World of Alana.

Dark Rose
a personal blog see how my life is like everyday.

sweet angel 4 u
its a personal site bout me!!!

Blog in Blue
It's my blog... what am I supposed to say about it? well... it's blue, I s'pose... *blinks*

pbbunii's blog and cam portal.

A Well Known Secret
A journal of a scared highschool freshman. I am so nervous. Raise your eyebrows if you can, roll your eyes if you can't. Just be yourself because that's how I am and everyone should be like me. That was ...

Home - CRAP - Home
Going through my head filled with cheese, and turning it into Chocolate.

My Lil Piece of Heaven
This is mainly a blog site, but i will be adding more stuff later.

I'm just a worthless piece of...
Not your average Joe--ann.

come and see by yourself

Easily Amused
ok Always Minty Fresh, and now in TechniColor!

stuff & junk.

Cybertoad's Blog on Life
Greetings from Houston, Texas...Just a personal blog where this crazy Cuban-American rants and raves about her daily going-on's.. nothing too thrilling but hopefully not that bocommunity either! :D

xen's Spleen
Daily rantings of an unhinged slash slut.

a blog of my daily life and thoughts

Captured Butterfly
My daily rambles and rants ^_^

love & peace
just some rants by kageki, and some fanart and other stuff ^^

*uniqueness* v1.4
a personal site about me and daily rants..{;}

Camellia Heart
My personal weblog where I talk about random bocommunity stuff! ^_^

A rambling account of what amounts to a pretty sedate life in the horrible, isolated Northwest of Canada. *Phew*.. excitement..

Heart-felt Desire
My personal blog. Dig this!

An Angels life
a day in the life of an Angel :)

One Wing, One Life
A blog of a anime and manga fan girl who kloves to watch animes and read mangas!

Kimberly Teed .com
For the curious folks who want to know what I'm reading, watching, playing, doing, thinking &/or listening to, etcetera :)

blablabla de moi
site entirely dedied to blablabla

play for today
i surf, therefore i blog.

Trail By Puppets
Stuff about my day, my thoughts on things, nothing supper original ^-^.