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We are a husband and wife who write about the things that make us rave and the things that make us rant. Itís an effort to temper our natural grumpiness with the occasional ray of sunshine.

Wonga Wallah - affording your life in the 21st Century
A blog describing my thoughts on the amount of debt in the UK and the effect this will have on people and families now and in the future.

Quiller's Place
Blog of writer, Sally Quilford and all that interests her. Book Reviews, Music Reviews, Film Reviews, Writing Discussion, Cheerful Chatter (or rantings) about everyday life .

A British journalist blogging from Hiratsuka, Kanagawa, Japan.

Third Time Lucky

Fortune Kooky
29 years old, living in Surrey, UK with my husband, DJ and my cats - Brandy, Mal, Penny and Amy. Living with CFS and severe depression and anxiety problems. Enjoys knitting, reading, sleeping and stroking ...

Memoirs of a Geeser
This is a Journalism student's blog about life, current events, and (wait for it) Journalism. Contains articles, commentry and life episodes, filled with wit, sarcasim, and political incorrectness. En ...

Child of the Wind
An Englishman in Australia explocommunity faith, hope and love.

Siani's Pot-Pourri
A pot-pourri of personal photographs, videos, prose and musings, from a Welsh writer and photographer. Sometimes controversial, often opinionated, but never crass. Many images and video clips of the beautiful ...

Somnolent & Cynical
Glasgow-based blog with the ethos that being miserable can be charming, sometimes.

This blog is my quiet place, where I jot down my thoughts as they pop up, and talk about everyday things. I also enjoy writing about my hobbies - my main hobby being knitting. At the end of the year, I'm ...

Canny Cat
Blog of an insatiable dabbler: knitting, spinning, painting, crafting, chickening...!

No, It's Not Just You
All the stuff you often think, but don\'t get around to saying out loud.

Blogging For It
The trials and tribulations of a trainee teacher with a fucked up love life

Neurotic Camel
Neurotic Camel - a blog and photoblog, dating back to March 2001.

Famous for all kinds of wickedness
The diary of a father, grocer, birder in Northumberland.

Life is for... sliding down rainbows!
A personal diary of life, love and dancing.

HSX's Blog Thing
I wish I knew how to sum the site up. It's an eclectic mix of anything and everything that comes to mind... I'll write about anything at all.

The World According to Wiggy
My battle against the world, and all it throws at me

The minds of womans (intentional non-conformist spelling we know it should be women) who are not doing what they are meant to be doing and a few who are

I get paid for surveys
A real person's blog describing my experience of taking part in online paid surveys for cash rewards

A Lady In Bristol
All about life as a Lady living in Bristol

DJ Kirkby's Blog - Exquisite Dreams
I am a mom who has a son with an Autisitc spectrum disorder, I have FMS and work full time, study part time, blog in the early hours of the morning and write stories whenever I can. Sleep? People with ...

An Englishman in Poland
Poland and it's culture, food, people and places seen through the eyes of an Englishman iving there

A Life
Restrospective prose and poetry

Brilliant! Cheers!
Life and times of a Yank living in London. Blog focuses on art, advertising, design and media. As well as cultural observations of life in London.

This Week In London
The blog of the This Week In London podcast. Easy.

0ddness bl0g
A random blog of random musings - from experiences, local life, the weather, to whatever catches my eye!

Still Thinking
Just a general blog that I update regularly with things that I find interesting, or things that I'm up to. Currently live in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Dual citizen of Canada and UK.

The Moore Report
Men's fashion and style tips and tip offs along with music, movie and gadget reviews with celebrity news and a great review from the front row of Glasgow Fashion Week! It's general interest!

A Little Space for Me
somewhere for me to blog my heart out about my boys, my life, my thoughts - you get the picture ;)

Out Of My Tree
Life being lived by a geek in a small town in Lancashire

From Debt to No Debt
A guide offecommunity help to reduce or clear your debts - for free! A simple man's guide to getting out of debt and living on what you earn. You get to spend all your money rather than paying what can ...

Keir Royale
The ramblings of a trapeze artist turned journalist who ran away from the circus to join the BBC. An ex-pat from a rock measucommunity nine miles by five, and has two children who think a woman canít ...

From the Top
A blog about an A-level student whose main goal in life is to study medicine and become doctor. He is also a member of St. John Ambulance. Any views expressed by the blogger do not reflect those of any ...

I Want To Be A Game Designer
My name is Stuart and ever since I was just a little boy, I have wanted to be a Computer Games Designer. This site catalogues my journey into one of the hardest industries to get into and hopefully, offer ...

Wendy's French Help
I'm an English 39 year old mum to 2 year old Alicia, I live with my French man and have been in France 9 years now. I love helping people move to France and settle in.

i think this today
General ramblings on noteworthy news. I sometimes use the word news loosely

Parenting Issues
A mixture of personal accounts of life as a single parent to a 4 year old daughter, and informative posts on a range of parenting issues. Includes links to useful sites and other parenting bloggers.

My Wife Has Agoraphobia!
The story of a woman who suffers from agoraphobia and how it affects her and those around her. Contains photos.

And - Who Cares

Football Focus
English Football News, views, transfer speculation and rumours

Diamonds || Ice Forever
Diamonds || Ice Forever is a blog that features issues relating to diamonds. Allows helpful diamond information for a better understanding towards diamonds

The Church Search
2 Intrepid travellers on a quest to visit as many churches in Southampton as they can. Inspired by the Mystery Worshipper on shipoffools.net. Churches will be reviewed according to our personal taste and ...

Toppsy Turvy
Just me rambling on. About me. And things. And stuff.

Emigrating to New Zealand
The Story of Jonathan and Rebecca's move to New Zealand. Jonathan ex Editor of Light Entertainment at the BBC moved to NZ in 2005.

Anglers Diary
The personal diary of a North West Carp Angler.

Spiritual minded
Articles on spirituality and mysticism for the 21st century, drawing from a number of religious traditions such as Sufism,(Islam) Advaita Vedanta (Hindu)and Christianity as well as Transpersonal psych ...

Allotment 5Ĺ
Vegging out in North Devon. An allotment novice blogs.

Faith and Worship
The musings of a Methodist in Wales on a variety of faith related issues.