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Authors blog and forums on the books he writes. Subjects covered are abduction of children, animal rights issues, all based around action adventure stories.

The Daily Arse
it all started with an abscess on my backside, which was something to talk about...

Cambridge Daily Photo
Daily photographs of Cambridge, UK.

coming up blank
A knitting blog with the occasional reference to cats!

At last the chance to have the last word. An open forum where I can release my stream of consciousness. Some people choose to confess at church in a private booth every week, some do it in a cold drafty ...

Brit in the USA
A born and bred Londoner living in Los Angeles, sipping tea and watching the locals. Here's where I write my observations and comparisons of two very different cultures separated by a (sometimes) common ...

London Novice
Delve under the covers of the tourist landmarked capital with me as I relocate there and experience the city as a London Novice. Or some spiel like that.

Walkabout In The UK
Walking, backpacking and wildcamping in the UK's wilder landscape, as well as a bit of local stuff

King of Ramble
Rambling idiot talks endlessly. Literary allusions used liberally to give a false impression of a cultured, intelligent blogger. Stupidity shows through as syntax and grammar fall by the wayside in a ...

Lola's Cherry Cola Cafe
A personal site focusing on life after University, job hunting, and life in general.

Mrs. Angry
I'm Mrs. Angry (short for Mrs. Angryandprettyfedup). I started this blog to redirect my rage in the hope I end up like Mrs. Calm, though if you look carefully you'll notice that she's quite angry too, ...

Steelbreeze's Web Log
The idle rantings of an engineer, crafter and web-surfer, in the depths of darkest Rugby...

Trying To Panda Since 1978
What that "Trying to Panda" means: "Panda" has become a synonym for pander, which is what I have to remember to try and do, rather than just tell people to shut up. Daily blogs about new designs/designers, ...

Diary of a Misanthrope
Reviews of things I\'ve recently seen or read, generally with an SF&F slant. It's also a list of things that I'm depressed about as I gradually die.

Life Out East
Trying to make it in Asia. Mixed-race Brit family swap life in the UK for the heat and chaos of Bangkok.

The greatest thing you'll ever learn...
I moved to Hong Kong. Read all about it. Now spend me time ranting 'bout kids I teach an people as annoy me. What a ray of sunshine I am!

Biographia Literaria
A site partly about my ongoing mission to become a librarian and, hopefully, to find some form of gainful employment. Preferably somewhere where I get to work with books. Lovely books... Also plenty ...

Philippa\'s Photography - Incurable Hippie
A blog containing photographs, ideas, discussion and image manipulation tutorials from incurable hippie. All this, plus inspiration from others\\\' photographic work, and technical aspects of photogra ...

A Scandal & A Disgrace
Rants and raves from old, tired and in the way. After all, when you've been round the block as many times as me you really learn to hate everything and everyone. Gits.

Ramblings of an Office Worker
A daily updated blog charting my life and views in the office, in my life and in the world.

Borders & Butterflies
Have you ever heard of the Monarch butterfly? Every Autumn it migrates more than 1,000 miles. This Autumn I'm going to follow it.

The Angry Medic
One angry medic's journey through Cambridge

Life in Hanoi
The life of a Brit in Hanoi teaching English.

Blog on my life in the UK

Wendy Wootton
the weblog of the artist also known as Portia Da Costa

Johanino's Journal
Well I'm not updating this much at the moment because I'm too busy! This is the real world of having a mental illness in Scotland in the 21st Century. Okay so often I write when completely off my head ...

Everything and Everybody on and around Strand and Fleet Street. I am the passenger (reviewer) And I ride and I ride (well walk mainly) I ride through the citys (cities Iggy?)backside (Strand -side) I ...

Chocolate Sandwich
Blog of arts worker in north of England.

Music Man
A daily blog on the themes of music, musical theatre, musicals and random experience.

voices from a strange town
Random thoughts froma 30 something living in North London

Life Goggles
This is a journey. A journey into the future. To see whatís new, whatís coming soon, and such and such. We find things that youíll find interesting, useful and, maybe sometimes, amazing. Itís about: solving ...

mamahog 'n the lets
cornish single mum raising twin girlets in istanbul... and a few stories about her highly questionable past lives.

Journal of an infidel

The Tea Shop on the Corner
Day-to-day blog of a postgrad research student. Sometimes witty or amusing.

Kitty Tails
Why do they put the meat in cat food when they know I only like the jelly? A blog of my feelings towards senior food pouches, garden-invading pheasants, hair balls and those humans who like to think they ...

adekun's blog
Enjoying the sights, sounds and smells of first-time parenthood. Progress on the vegetable garden and other ramblings of a gaijin.

I shall roll my eyes and try to remember to blog...
Full of ramblings from a student/wannabe writer that desperately wants to be motivated enough to get the grades for uni and escape the hell of 6th form.

Every Generation
A glimpse into the mind of an exiled Welsh ex-teacher on a spiritual journey in search of happiness, fulfilment and a decent chocolate chip muffin every now and then.

Life, Liberty & The Pursuit of Happiness
news & views you may not have seen about...iran, the middle east, terrorism, islam, human rights, media bias, us politics, freedom, democracy & much, much more

Boosh Barn
Journal about the renovations of barn (to live in), brain (sub-arachnoid haemorrhage survivor) and family.

From Northern Ireland to the world, Keithblog has everything from web design, news, views and random stuff that doesn't fit in anywhere.

England is Cool
A site introducing a small selection of what England has to offer the visitor from our shores or from overseas.

French Windows
Failed wife and poet, terrible teacher and unworthy mother of three beautiful teenage girls, I have lived in France for twenty years. Here are slices of my life with a bit of culture thrown in.

La Dulce Vida
I live in Birmingham (England). Before that I lived in Finland, the periphery of the world. About 25 years ago some Cuban genes managed to make it through all that ice, and made me, arguably the first ...

Medication Time
A (hopefully) humorous account of the life of a diabetic with kidney failure and her everyday battle with snails and stupidity.

Chipen Dale's Diary
The blog of Walesís top male stripper, exotic dancer, flyer, political correspondent, thinker, and man well loved by his gorgeous Romanian girlfriend.

The Chronicles of Radha-Madhava
Life and Thoughts from our Temple.

Its all gone tits up!
My Narrative on life, loves, lolita and e-commerce.

Adventures of Bluedog
A view of the world from rural Perthshire.

Offbeat Chronicles
News, views and comment on life from an offbeat perspective