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A newbie switcher to Macs who also loves cooking/baking and all things foodie. The blog will follow my experiences owning a Mac and various other Apple gadgets along with relevant photos, recipes and cooking/baking/foodie ...

City Hippy
We are dedicated to explocommunity how to live a greener and more ethical life. City Hippy is a growing collective of writers bcommunitying you two types of content: articles and bookmarks.

Let's all rant
My thoughts, life happenings, experiences, views, other stuff and oh yeah....the occassional rant

celticJedi? well it makes sense to me. stuff I'm pondecommunity, if it's relevant then that's just a bonus.

Quarter Life Crisis
Musings of a mid-twenties professional trying to find his way in life. Following my daily thoughts, ups and downs.

P. Viktor - From the Chattecommunity Classes...
This blog is my personal space to promote both myself and my writing. I am a poet and novelist trying to get my work read by more people, and hoping to entertain them along the way. There are reviews of ...

CJ Howard
My Mom is American and my Dad is English. We currently live in southern England. England is a pretty place and happily far far far away from George Bush. I have lots of family who love me very very ...

Soft Moon Shining
Expressed thoughts. Expect mischief moods and madness.

Let Me Live
I am a long term student with Cystic Fibrosis. I dont intend to make this a running commentary on the current status of my condition, but to list, explore and highlight the problems I encounter day to ...

Frog in Knots
My muddles through crafting on a whim; knitting, crochet and sewing mostly made up as I go along.

The personal blog of Zbornak Fletcher-Walsh, a gay, 20-something, expression of the Divine

Scribbles from Tenerife
Dog walker, cat feeder, school taxi driver... life under the microscope from an expatriate resident of Tenerife. Or is it just an ex-smoker dealing with his nicotine cravings by writing inanities about ...

A site about the lifestyle of the average chav. On this site, we aim to insult chavs and get them to verge away from 'chavyness', although, a more realistic aproach would just be to shoot them all, or ...

How to make contact with Google?
How do you get anyone to listen to an idea for a new internet business? How do you make contact with a large high-tech company?

Mind Movie
A Video Journal for the next 90 days showing my journey to better health. Should be a laugh.

Barman's Words
The concerns of a barman at a 'traditional' British pub (pub built in the 1650s, full of Silver Jubilee tat from the 1970s, and people with intellect directly inherited from our hominid ancestors, circa ...

View through my window
Some observation, some cynicism, some expletives about approaching an age of crisis in a little village.

Rachel From North London
A bomb went off in my tube carriage on 7/7/05, killing 26 people. I wrote about it and have written ever since. One of the voices from the darkness of the underground train.

Tonys Blog
I live and work in London, starting out as a painter but these days playing more with photos... but by day I test software

Sciotecha is a personally maintained blog which links you to interesting science and discovery articles from the best online sources. Occaisionally I even have enough time and inclination to post my own ...

Steve M's Blog Spot
This blog is all about Me. Me, me & me anything that affects me may affect you if you're like minded. Please feel free to browse. Steve

One of them thar knitting blogs with extra stuff.

One Lady Owner
Choice events in the life of comedian, writer and face-puller Nick Swift - sketch circuit show-off and writer for Radio 4. Real events may be embellished in pursuit of gags.

Cooper King's blog
A kind of spin off from the massively successful (on its own terms) Cooper King's Tall Tales, this is a place where Cooper puts his thoughts about things, films he's seen, music he might get round to listening ...

Biblio Trip
Book reviews; culture observations; news comments.

I learn french
a humourous and personal blog of someone attempting to learn French from nothing.

Forceful and Moderate
Current affairs from a primarily liberal perspective

Pondecommunitys and musings of a neuro(tic)scientist...

Wisdom Weasel
An Englishman living in the wilds of rural America, where lobsters are cheap and the moose look attractive after a few years.

Chelley's Teapot
Random thoughts over a cuppa!

Flights of Fancy, Whimsy in the Wind

Pub Review - in search of beer and a bite
Reviews of pubs in the English Midlands Where can I visit for a drink of beer and a satisfying, well-cooked dinner? How much money will it cost? Where is it? Detailed reviews of pubs,including local ...

Dipping my toes back in the water............
Observations, rants and anxieties of a reasonably bright, but terminally bored young woman

Life, the Universe & Everything
Does God exist? If God does exist, who created him/her? Do Privilege Insurance's breakdown cover rules prove Stcommunity Theory?


Effects of Gravity
Effects of gravity is a blog written by a woman in a stout bra trying to ignore something a man discovered whilst he was lazing around doing nothing under a tree.

Stacommunity into The Abyss
A personal blog, charting life's annoyances, highlights and everything in between. Hope, dreams, despair, boredom. Journeying from a soul destroying job I hate to a brighter future. Maybe. Stacommunity ...

Idiot Husband
Are you an idiot? are you a husband? Well I am and I have taken to cataloguing my some of my idiotic moments and the strain they put on my relationship.

Bratislava, Brixton, Bruxelles, Budapest - the results of 20 years' intense restaurant reviewing and wine quoffing in the buzzing cities of Europe, all beginning with a 'B'.

Eternal Echoes
personal musings of a soul on a spiritual journey

Mark Base - Life in Helsingborg
A British-Canadian expat's observations and opinions on life in a small city in the south of Sweden. Want to know what it's really like...?

What's going on at the Humpbuckle Hylton?
We set out to buy a small holiday home in rural France, and ended up buying a large beautiful house, selling up in Blighty and running a Vegetarian guest house in a wonderful small French Market town. ...

Diary Of A Bow Street Runner
Description: A blog by a serving officer, commenting a range of issues from news to the Job itself, and everything in between! Quoted in the BBC and Guardian, this blog can sometimes cause controve ...

Everybody's Got One
...but mine has a blog.

I know the answer its 42!!!!!
A site about life, general information, data warehousing poor practise and a bit of a laugh... can it really be all that?

Legal Alien
Random thoughts from an English atheist in the USA

mirror mirror
I blog about running a small business, fashion and design, living in London, bcommunitying up a little girl, moving to Seattle and trying to live happily ever after.

Pink Hebe
Of knitting and dancing, with the odd gig and photo thrown in for good measure. Pre-Bridget Jones territory, but only by the skin of my teeth.

Like It Is
Like It Is, the interests of a Brit living in Toronto.

Popstar Poetry
Offbeat contemporary verse inspired by figures from the music world.