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Click Member link to see site in tvSmall Thoughts About The World At Large
A somewhat random collections of musings from my daily life, reviews of things I have enjoyed, and some anecdotes of the bizarre things I get up to.

Alternative Knitting
Alternative Knitting, the knitting blog with commentary on life issues and knitting, always knitting up something new.

An insight into the mind of a English biologist with more time on his hands than his boss suspects.

Tea and Biscuits
A humourous blog by Biscuits. The daily observations of someone with far too much time on her hands. Read about stuff I watched on TV, alternative dictionary meanings and new theories which will change ...

Fiona's LJ
My livejournal... what else can i say? I like reading books, comics and manga and watching films. I'm kinda into the whole vampire thing, i also like slash (yaoi) but aslong as you not anti them there's ...

A Preemies Journey From Early Birth to Special Needs
This is the blog of a stay at home mum to four amazing kids, one of whom was born at 24 weeks, and now has special needs, This is the journey of a special needs family, our battles with the NHS and Education ...

Bob's Yer Uncle
random musings on moving a life from New York to London ... our lives become the stories that we weave

The 13th Colony
Just a place for me to write about random things on the Net.

Random Burblings
Something very like a weblog!

Albion's Alchemist
Mapping the potholes in the highway to hell.

It Still Moves
TV, film, politics, sport, personal, all sorts!

It is a cultural and critque site on all things arty or just simply about London in general.

Seany's Blog
The inane and occasionally sober ramblings of someone who really ought to know better...

Dr. Robs Day
This is my day, my thoughts and ramblings concerning the life, the universe and everything and yes I am a Dr. so please take your top off pop up on my couch and lets talk about my sociological thesis

Blurred Clarity
I'm Daniel Hoffmann-Gill, an actor, writer, director and occasional teacher. I spend a lot of time writing online pretending to be someone else, hiding behind a wall of bizarre alter-egos. So I decided ...

The Pig Wot Flies
Thoughts on life in North-East London. May include art, books, pink, bugs, pigs, God, giggling, shoes.

borderline teacher
I am a 28 year old, recovecommunity alcoholic, self harming, bisexual, French teacher with borderline personality disorder.

Emerging on the other side
The Evil Minx emerges triumphant from the heartache and proves that a woman has reserves of strength that a man could only dream about...

Steve State
Music, Poetry, Improv, Aesthetics, Post-irony, Faux postmodernism....

Moonflower Child
A blog about the differences between England (where I live) and Michigan (where I am from). Often frustrated and homesick.....always in love with my British hubby!

The Days Are Just Packed
The day to day doings of Jon Collins, writer and IT analyst

The EcoStreet Blog
News and comment from EcoStreet - the eco-friendly and sustainable living web directory

Who Knows?
A place where I write about anything and everything ... badly.

The Two Wolves
Humorous rants on Politics, Current affairs or anything that catches my ire and ramblings about my life in London.

Momentary lapses of insanity...
occasional rants or observation on life as I know it.

Three Cats In A Flat
The blog of three Leicester based cats with very different personalities. Also features cat news, products, help, advice and more.

Goatie's Blog
Just an online diary and account of my life. Personal feelings, opinions and occasional random rant.

Not just another day
Daily blog of a sometimes menopausal mother.

-Been Broken-
one man and mental illness - an occasional diary

How many days have I got left?
Ramblings? No way! I do not ramble, like every second person on this website. I write. Beautifully. Actually, I'm sure I have a nobel prize coming my way in the next 10 years. *ok, ok, I ramble a ...

Welcome to Melancholy
Ah, just some nice pictures and my thoughts on things and occasionally some humourous ramblings.

Personal journal

The Bench Press
Unrelated miscellany, observation and comment.

Gaffa's Blog
A weekly update for me to ramble on about current affairs, politics and anything else that takes my fancy. Plus it gives me a chance to add some cartoons. I'm going to try to add something every Sunda ...

The Demographic Shift
The scary journey of the 30something man. Gordon MacMillan charts his progress. It's about dating.

The Musings of a Juggling Mother
Rants & raves about live as a woman today, juggling work, home, kids, family, life the universe & everything

Plot Holes
An idiot's guide how not to approach starting a new allotment

Let's Watch This
Created by myself, Tom, a 17-year old blogger heavily interested in the Media and Journalism. This blog touches on my world featucommunity plently of ranting and my life of pondecommunity.

Village Pig
A simple representation of domestic life from the perspective of a South African in Wales

Solid Gone
A commentary on anything which takes my fancy. Has a tendency to veer towards an environmentalist rant which I try to control. I make no attempt, however, to control my ranting at intolerance, bigotry ...

Nee Naw
Blog of a dispatcher for London Ambulance Service.

Trans-Atlantic, Jewish and South London poltisc and culture. Refuseniks, contrarians, dissidents and the heterodox.

Mike's Musings
A place for me to ruminate on life as a dad, and theology as I try to live it.

A little bit of wisdom in every box
One sam's fight with verbal dysentery - watch the shame!

Life in the NHS
NHS managers get a bad name. But have you ever thought that we might need managers who have been there and done it as it were? Well I think I might be one of them. So this is about me, my life and the ...

Myofascial Release and the 100th Monkey
This is a blog inspired by the amazing journey Myofascial Release, a type of bodywork a little like massage, offers to those who practise it and those who are clients / patients and students.

Ristac - Making Money
Making money and increasing your income with a difference. No links to pyramid schemes, no affiliates, no outlay just ideas and ways for you to save money, increase your wealth and still keep quality of ...

Lady Arkles On Tour
Bored ramblings of an Expat housewife. Similar experience to having to listen to your Aunty Betty after three sherries on Boxing Day.

The more important artefacts of Armstrong Eehen.

Random Ramblings of a Fractured Mind
A personal blog for me to share snippets of my life with the ether.