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Click Member link to see site in tvWhy Should I Listen To You?
An ex-pat geek witters on about whatever takes his fancy, and occasionally complains about things American.

Nick's Blog
Nick's blog, the personal scribbling pad of a student.

Fumbling Towards Ecstasy
A (mostly) daily account of a young gay man stumbling through the insanity of his life and his job (Retail) with random muttecommunitys and rants thrown in when they need purging from my system.

terreus is the weblog and homepage of a 3D digital artist and designer in the UK

Dirrrty Pop
Cheerful pop blog

Gullible's Travels
Mark McLellan (gentleman, scholar and acrobat) muses out loud.

The Winding Thread
just the bocommunity parts of my life, as a mum, working at home, with two dogs for company.

slow | afternoon
A small window into a largely inconsequential life...

Six Legged Critter Singing In The Trees
A photoblog of an ordinary idiots adventures in an East Yorkshire landscape.

Ordinary Gweilo
Everyday Life in Hong Kong from the perspective of a Brit living in the New Territories. Or something like that.

Slightly Mad
A former Brummie trying to make sense of her life in Jerusalem- and getting a headache in the process.

Smacked Face
Generally boozy exploits in North London, unsolicited opinions, whinging, disco etc

Eat Your Carrots
Random ramblings of a northern veggie.

Left a good job in the city
An ex-pat Brit in Cape Town, ranting, venting, and mostly loving South Africa

apricot says
my life in UK

In which the descent into madness that accompanies the final year of PhD thesis writing is charted in all its disturbing detail and more than is possibly healthy is written about two cats

Howard's Blog
Thoughts, musings, reviews and rants

Almo's World
Web log and photo-journal chronicling life in Durham, North East England. Working for Durham University, at home with my wife and children: follow it all here!

Farting through my Fingertips
Daily-ish ravings as the fancy takes me. You know it makes sense.

Intermittent Creative Twitchings
Fiction and Philosophy, Humour and Observations

Men's Hour
Think men have something to say? That isn't being heard? The Men's Hour is where the first amendment still applies to men. The Men's Hour was started because the BBC has had a woman's hour for 56 years ...

A Humorous take on Music by a Scuba Diver

Londoner Life is a blog about things to do in London and also provides freebies and discounts for shopping.

Scribbling, thoughts and links from cartoonist Royston Robertson

Alfred the OK
Alfred the OK - not as good as 'The Great' .... but not as bad as 'Alfred the Crap'

Lindsay's Blog
General ramblings of a single girl

dominocat panics!
A personal account of my life living with agoraphobia and panic attack disorder - though not all doom and gloom!

my innermost sanctum
rantings, whinghings and twaddlings about life on the wee island

Doing the right thing
The writings of a woman trying to be good.

News and Musings - Comedian & DJ Steve N Allen's Comedy Blog
London-based comedian and 102.7 Mercury FM DJ Steve N Allen looks at news, life and other stuff.

Ranting & Randomness

The Law Of Unintended Consequences
Semi-informed musings on the slings and arrows of a Technical Director in a job that's not easy to describe.

My little space where I get to tell the world exactly why it pi**es me off as much as it does.and remember that theres Bo**ock all I can do to change it.definitely wort a look and a chuckle.

Trivial and random mumblings from 'oop North
A (sometimes) daily outpoucommunity of scribbles in my head.

Insight from Up High
The occasional thoughts of 'Bean', a very tall boy with a penchant for puzzles and donkeys (in the nicest possible way).

the everyday blog

Cindy Says
A blog site offecommunity incredimail stationery, websets, links to blogging friends, adoptions and sig tags.

Now Then...
If I can't change the world, I'm at least going to poke fun at it. I look for news that others might miss, and if it can't find it, I make it up. Short, light hearted articles, and a few lengthy but ...

The musings of a non-partisan one-time Eurosceptic turned pro-European and his far better informed friends

Blog of Funk
the every day story of the smell of sex

Res Ipsa Loquitur
I am a lofty, less than dynamic figure, often seen stacommunity at ornate houses or making strong Gin Martinis. My past is not checkered but I have failed as a paper boy, a charity worker and a wine waiter, ...

The Bradford Blogger
A light-hearted look at life through the eyes of an exiled Yorkshireman stranded in a far-away place called Cambridge. Humour, home truths and opinions in abundance (on good days)

Julia Buckley
A first time novelist blogs her progress as well as giving insights into the life of a London-based freelance journalist.

The Zone (a.k.a. Surreal 'R' Us)
Family news, rants and raves, insights and recommendations!

Dom's Journey
My unplanned journey of thoughts and pictures

Half man, half bird, half pissed. But always on the side of justice, beauty, truth and the lovely Doris Fairclough.

Thoughts of a Cymro
Thoughts and general wondecommunitys of a Welsh Guy living in Liverpool

Everything Is Not Real
Hilarious, addictive, deeply moving and ultimately intriguing! Compulsive enough to read in a single sitting!

Beat Yoda
A search for the answer to that age old question: Who could whip Yoda in a fight?

F1 Stox Fan
Rather than talk to myself I'll jot down thoughts on anything in general and anything with 4 wheels in particular. Plus the moans and groans of novice web builder.