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a widowed mum attempts to keep on top of job,home and young adults, without losing her mind

sHeOl RaNtS ANd... StUFf
Horrible things ferment within the sticky darkness of my brain meats, and I scoop them out to steam and drip here! It be me' personal bloggy, full of horror, monkeys, love (aaaah) and those small furry ...

Chris Turner's Journal
The personal, open diary of a playwright and postgraduate History student in London.

Livre d'Or
Mainly a booklog but with other snippets of my life. {;}

Weblog (since Jan 2003) of a thirtyish London-based Brit writer, with commentary on current affairs, books, films, travel, creativity and the internet. Updated regularly with a weekly thought and a weekly ...

the cheese stands alone
the life and times of a weird girl who's now someone's mother.

The Yorkshire Ranter
Blogging a leftwing perspective on politics and defence issues. A brief homage to the Ranters of the Civil War.

Vegetarian Mouse Slayer
Have been using my blog as a travel diary for the past three years.


Two Dumb Blondes
{;}A journal about life in the South of France with an adolescent three year old and a psycho ex husband

The Purple Pen
Observations and comparisons of life in Blighty and life here in Canada. Particular emphasis on family type activities due to the fact that the author is a mother of three

Odd Blog b'God
it's an Odd Blog b'God


5 Things
5 Things about anything

Electric Stuff Sack
Its a mixed bag! Sort of a public favourites page with comments, stuff and links on kite, buggies, gardening, chainsaw carving, allotments and general political issues that everyone should be getting ...

Crawling through technology (...and crawling home from the pub). Some irrelevant musings by Jonathan Green.

Quantum Tea
Opinionated British blog, currently living in St. Louis, USA. Random thoughts, history, web design, news, humour, Christianity, tea, quantum mechanics, knitting, spinning, opinions.

aardvark.dj - with added arseburgers!
The body of a man, the memory of a goldfish....

Enchilada Sunrise
The blog of Lou, aka Soulstarsinger. Ramdom ramblings and the occasional brain splurge from a 30-something geek goth-ish fangirl knitter! Reviews of music or books crop up from time to time, as do mentions ...

diary of a printmaker
{;}Website of South London artist, occasional teacher, reluctant special-needs writer, would-be glamourpuss and dancing addicted Emma Clark.

Blatant Optimism
Originally intended as a place for me to spout off about technology, this has become a bastion of a) my feminine side, b) my neuroses. Sorry about that.

stark reminder
never take for granted those you love...

diamond geezer
...being the 95%-original thoughts of an East London bloke{;}

I hate descriptions, its just a personal site like all the others out there :)

living the expat life in tokyo

Under Developed
A photoblog, showing a developing collection of photos taken at home and abroad.{;}

Simply a blog where I unload all of my random thoughts throughout the day. It's kinder on my friends that way. {;}

Webmink : the blog
Thoughts from the tech frontier - net policy & politics, photography, travel, and whatever else affects a computer industry keynote speaker...

Dancing Queen
Dancing is a horizontal expression of a vertical desire!

Neither Here Nor There
There isn't enough rubbish on the Web. We need to make more....{;}

Blue Witch
Blue Witch{;}...the musings of a SAD psych(ic){;}{;}Whinge, moan and lecture are what Blue Witch does best...{;}{;}Philosophy of The Coven:{;}Wisdom begins with questioning. Sanity begins with "No."{;}{;}Preoccupations ...

Open Secrets
A journalist, wittecommunity on about books, websites and music.

Broadband and Me
Me, my interests and my dayjob -Internet product development at ntl.

Call Centre Confidential
Welcome to the world of the 21st Century Call Centre. Meet Thrush, Barney the Big Gay Bear, Tizzy and Bernard 'The Boss' in a diary by a Team Leader in a Call Centre and realise that hell REALLY is other ...

Occupied Country
Just a place to unload. Photographs. Stuff.{;}

Broken Down Angel
Welcome to my world, all visitors and comments welcome, but if you offend me you will be asked to close the door on your way out.

The contents of Gavin's brain spew forth, ducommunity his time in Japan. Born and bred in Wales, how will he cope with this different culture. When I get the time, I try to update my photogallery too ...

One guy, 90% water and 10% lard, bobbling about in a sea of cultural absurdity. This a personal weblog explocommunity ex-pat life in France, and questions of culture and identity.

The Phylotopian
Meandecommunity through life like a shallow river

An observational blog, collated art, music, photo, poetic words, foreign film and other sources for your inspiration and distraction

a spaceman's blog
a boy's diary - one day, I'll have my office on the Moon.

This is a place for me to blog about my knitting. I'm still very much a learner so bear with me while I learn all about circular needles, DPNs, yarn, frogging and lots more besides.

Weevil Stepmother
Let's see what do we have? A son, steps (daughter and son), partner, pesky cat, pond full of newts, loft full of junk, two motorbikes. And the Ex just down the road. Oh, and no job at the moment. Blim ...

r3dux.org - A number-pimping side-project from the valleys
r3dux.org is the web-site I always said I'd make then never did. It's just a way to express things, write and throw content out there to anyone and everyone who's bothered to look this way. I'm aiming ...

London Daily Photo
A new London photo, every day

journal of a writing man
The daily journal and other web works of an English poet, painter and writer

Nathan Hill: Mildly Diverting
Imagine a cross between a diarist and columnist. I tend to write about whatever is in my head rather than what's interesting or topical, but it won't be "Got up, put me trousers on" material.

Evil Ninja Monkeys stole my brain and replaced it with a heat resistant ice cream (plus cone). The following text arises as a direct result.

ducking for apples
a country girl in the city

Brain Butter Blues
Bit of personal, bit of political.