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Park Life

A British knitter from north-west London.

Me Me Me
No blog has ever been about the inner workings of a self absorbed idiot who thinks the world revolves around them. Until now....

An American in London
One American girl gives up her cushy job and fullfilling lifestyle to sludge through three years in London getting a PhD. Come along for the fun, drink pints, study hard, be broke, have the time of your ...

A taste of Linux
My thoughts on linux and other random thoughts.

Kinda Kooky
The personal site of Ceri, a 20 year old from Walsall

Eternal rambling of the corrupted mind
A corrupted man. Varied taste in music. Many adventures. A corrupted blog

Life's Rich Tapestrys
Blog in Blogger.com

Mark's Muttecommunitys and Musings
Muttecommunitys and musings of Mark Webb, The Coach 4u

Forever Blue Skies
Random posts about Life, the Universe and Everything...

Backwards in High Heels
The everyday blog of a thirty-something who has put her head above the parapet and said 'I want to writer!'. Would be humorist, full time worrier

Chicken Yoghurt
'Weapons-grade Hicksian vituperation'

Snog The World
Northampton 30summat named andy's blog 'n stuff, including home studio recordings, webcam and miscellaneous cool stuff IMHO, and of course.... snogs!

The Londoneer
Exploration and adventure in London and beyond...

What You Can Get Away With
Just your average everyday blog, where I find whatever interests me at any one moment and then proceed to write about it until I get bored. (this description approved by the Honesty In Blog Descriptions ...

Tom and Orynthia from Bristol. An online diary of the things that we are seeing,eating,reading and doing.{;}

Pewari's Prattle
'There never was a child so lovely but his mother was glad to get him asleep.' - Ralph Waldo Emerson

One of Those Days
A blog from a 19 year old student in Essex with talk about life, views, technology and everything else.

modern musings mediated

rouss says more stuff
{;}The confessions and stray pondecommunitys of a dilettante and would-be architect currently residing in Glasgow

I didnt quite catch that...
Some random thoughts on the web, on life, on how to mess up a degree and some links. And that's about it...

mad musings of me (uk)
Amanuensis to the voices in my head calling gloria{;}

Domesticated Bloggage
The mind dump of a domesticated goddess

Carlton Hiberts Illustration Blog
UK illustration blog by UK illustrator Carlton Hibbert full of up to the minute news about his work plus all of the art, news and fun links he has found

The Capacious Hold-All
Just the day-to-day ramblings of a TEFL teacher.{;}

Blogging Brits
Blogging Brits home page

jasun's blog
Random gibbecommunitys of a mad man. Technical, personal & everything else!

A day in the life of a middle manager
The trials and tribulations of working at a small-ish ISP as a middle manager.{;}

Paws for Thought
Links (with quick reviews) to some of the more twisted sites I find every day whilst out surfing.

My Boyfriend Is A Twat
My struggle to cope with three kids and a boyfriend who, believe it or not, is a twat

Background Noise
The things I notice. To others they're just part of the background.{;}

planet impiazzi
reading news, complaining mostly{;}

Creepy Lesbo
UK based creepy lesbo spouts self-indulgent drivel and witters on about her recent obsessions in an attempt to feel better about life.

speaking as a parent
Nearly the truth about Robin and Melanie Preene, our talented children, our lovely house and our pursuit of excellence in parenting.{;}{;}


planarchy for the uk
The life of the family DKNZ in East London.....and other stuff.

The Activist
Blog on current political issues, injustice, oppression, economic imperialism. Also articles on same subjects.{;}

Diary of a nutty couple, a dog, 2 cats, a parrot and a rabbit!

planet: maffydoo
reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one...

Mike's Random Muses
The Blog is an outlet for the random thoughts of an amateur opinionator. {;}{;}What's an opinionator? {;}{;}An opinionator is somebody who has power without responsibility, and the ability to spout off ...

So what is timesnewroman? It's not the font, rather my mundane ramblings of the age we live in. The USA is the new Rome and the times we live in are timesnewroman. Okay bit pretensious, but I'm still working ...

Nonstop to Tokyo [.co.uk]
A personal blog about whatever I fancy writing about, with a slight emphasis on anime and various other Japanese odds 'n' sods.

Mature (hah!) thoughts about The News, my news, society stuff, rocket science, acting, reminiscences, the occasional stunning photo and bits of humour that come my way.{;}

In the Aquarium: a londoner's life
I am a londoner. I love my city. I'm a creative trapped in a monitocommunity world. {;}

Mind Streaming
Copiously illustrated blog often about British/Uk culture from a personal angle journal with the odd original thought and idea, humour, nostalgia and done with a view to shacommunity for peace and a bit ...

Carl in Boston
{;}Just the daily thoughts of Carl Tyler on living in the US and many other things.

Viper Squad Ten
A blogger from the future whose stuck in present day Warwickshire. My thoughts on the world around me.

An (almost) Daily Collection of Randomness
Hello, At this stage i don't really know whats gonna go into this annual of randomness. Its a bit hard to describe something that is mearly an infant idea in my very erratic mind!! So perhaps i could say ...

A bicycle junkie going mad in a world of cultural detritus and social waste. Where's the composter?

The Daily Linguini
Random brain dumpage from a suspicious-looking mongrel sitting in front of a laptop in Warwickshire. Don't trust him.