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A mixture of IT techno babble, fishy tales and SCUBA diving paraphernalia

Chris Coates' Blog
Nearly daily ramblings of a beer swilling English bloke living in the Netherlands and working in IT.

The Dark Side - The Blog of Darth Phil
The utterances of one sane librarian in a library of insanity.

Urban Gypsy
Urban Gypsy I once was - now it's more suburban gypsy; personal weblog of my trials and tribulations in settling into yet another new country. Once a gypsy, always a gypsy.

Ministry of Information
Life in Lancaster and my head. Observations, analysis, opinions, reviews, occasional photos

Usual Blogspect

Blah Blah Flowers
A left-wing, left-field collection of ill thought out ideas with the added bonus that I now sometimes try to back them up. All mixed in with the special ingredient of LOVF?! Who fiddled with this?

Loving Nothing
A sneaky peak into my life, loves and what-nots. A diary of a 23 year old caffeine maniac! One not to be missed!!!

moosifer jones' grouching
blog for Mags L Halliday with onward links to her homepage. cats, london, devon, grrl stuff and time-wasting quiz results.

The inner thoughts and deep reflections of a twentysomething working in Technical Support. Purpose of my blog, is to find answers and the truth.

my bocommunity London life

Oh Dear!
Online journal of Russian girl in London

My Knitting Machines And Me
A blog about my machine knitting successes and failures

The life and times of james Hart: his family, his music, life in Luton and his occasional escapes onto the internet.

The World of Liam
General ramlings, a bit of IT help.. handy tips etc, and anything else that happens. That's it really.

Stranded Bloke
Yea...check out my bloody site. Read my life. Witness my daily tosh. It's yer typical 18 y.o. English bloke.

The God Awful Truth about Andrew
Nobody's ever asked me "what goes on in that head of yours?", so I thought I'd save them the bother. Here, laid before you, in this blog, everything that pops in there that to say out loud may, or may ...

Steve's Blog
My words, my world, my life

Planet Edinburgh
Welcome to Planet Edinburgh By Dee Custance - photography student living in a little world of my own

Getting used to fish'n'chips, tea and left-side driving. A Dane living in Essex.

Down The Lane
Day to day living on Anglesey, North Wales.

British BullBlog
- It's not the size of the blog in the fight, it's the size of the fight in the blog

Fit For Nothing
My Diary

Bumbling blog of a 20-something, married Mum of one. Occasionally interspersed with whinges about my disability. Lots of visitor content too!

The Art of Rhysisms
Welsh blogger based in Liverpool talks about his life. It's interesting, apparently.

The Fight & The Future
Just some guy deciding on whether living in Sydenham beats life in Canada!

Embarrassingly candid revelations of sex, drugs and, er, other stuff.

A blog based in the ordinary wisdom of Zen, it is a collection of articles, posts, photographs and poetry to stimulate thought, inspire change, and occasionally, generate laughter.

**>>somewhere inbetween<<**
The random thoughts, feelings and everyday dealings of a young british asian living in manchester

Schizophrenia - A Carer's Journal
The journal of a carer of a son with schizophrenia.

Daily ramblings from the geek

Dad, late forties, moans about kids, job, relationships, life, cars... and does net quizzes

its in my eye
A place for those of you who want to be bored out of your mind.

Gub Gub's Musings
The random thoughts of a talking pig. Food, technology, humour and more with a sprinkling of whingeing.

Blissfully Eccentric
Barely Adult Knitter Dancer and Historian Takes on World with Knitting Needles, Dancing Shoes and Pen...(well keyboard anyway)

Anyhoo (yes "anyway" was already taken).
Blog UK-based 23 year old guy. Occasional rants, ramblings and incidental (or possibly accidental) wisdom.

Cow's Ruminations
Thoughts about my life, our universe and everything. General weirdness, links and fun stuff from the net. You never know what you might find.

Lib on the United Kingdom
A blog looking at British political issues from a libertarian perspective.

Life's A Riot
The random ramblings of a 38 year old, slightly unhinged mother of 3

I complain, I rant and I make lists, lots of lists. I talk about being eighteen, being a Bristolian (as much as I try to deny it sometimes), living with my parents, your general every day stuff :)

Tredegar House
A lively and irreverant look behind the scenes at one of Britain's most important 17th century historic houses. Updated regularly with all the latest news from Tredegar House, home of the powerful Morgan ...

Wilf's Corner
Coffee break ramblings on UI design, web development and designing old-school Atari video games with JavaScript.

The Thoughts of BondBloke
An interesting and somewhat bizarre mix of UK and EU politics. Which would not be possible without the mix of the artistic and academic temperaments

Secret Smile
logging my life my views on current issues and more me. a pretty selfish blog

Thoughts on thinking

Aberystwyth Mon Amour
A personal blog about my disillusioned life after Uni and why I find it hard waking up before 3 in the afternoon.

Showing the Conservative side of things. British conservatism at its best.

Concepts of a Buntiful World
A place to help my mind unwind.

Dave Frost's Online Diaries, Canvey Island Insights and Triumph Spitfire Restoration News
Mad rants, deep thoughts, the occasional update of a Triumph Spitfire restoration project, fishing tales and that's about it really.

Bartlett's Bizarre Bazaar
Andrew Bartlett's home on the web, a repository of writing; from political essays to speculative fiction in comic book form.