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Click Member link to see site in tvAltered Perceptions
My thoughts even if I do have an altered perception.{;}

The Portals, Mind and Soul of Whom I Cannot Say Publicly
A self absorbed satiation of my desire to scream out loud my true soul.

little drummer girl
{;}the trials and tribulations of this chick's life

Vanessa's blog
Diary of a woman in London alone with no money all summer.

So anyway...
Don't get so worked up. It's just a weblog. Links, editorials, rants, my bocommunity life, my work, c'mon, you know the drill.

NoVoCaIn AtMoSpHeRe

Nicole's World
Ranting, venting and mindless rambling from one girl. {;}

Tuesday Wednesday Break My Heart
The ongoing ramblings of a 30-something chick in Toronto.{;}

me me me me me
ranting and raving. you know, the usual blog stuff.

Just constant, ramblings of a moody chic...

Thought Bubbles
The personal soapbox of someone who has something to say about everything.

Me Simply
Simple thoughts...simple pleasures. Simply about me!{;}

Melva's Bodacious Ramblings
{;}The adventures of Melva, her husband and sister - Ed and Quida.

Girl Lost
rants and ramblings by swirly.

Losin' It
The diet and lifestyle journal of a neurotic 20something writer in Texas. Join me on my journey to 115!

Purple Musings
{;}Random musings of a twenty-something desert rat.

Ramblings of an Amateur Webgirl
Cum have a look into a day in the life of me, Kimberly Browneyes. Sometimes I am moonlighting as an amateur porn girl, sometimes I am just relaxing and other times I'm on an all out adventure. Needless ...

what pictures can't say{;}

My boyfriend Is A Twat
My struggle to cope with three kids and a boyfriend. he's a twat.{;}

Welcome to the Craic House
The semi-daily rantings and ravings of a flamboyantly eccentric, misogynistic, bipolar, overopinionated, anachronistic, flagrantly intellectual and horrifically politically incorrect expatriate Irish chick ...

The Real Me
Just a place to rant about all of the things in my daily life that make me very happy or that piss me off. Those who know me, will not be surprised. Those who think that they know me, might.{;}

Bohemian Mama
Notes from a bipolar paradigm.

Velma's World
Knitting-related musings on life in the World o' Velma, behind the Redwood Curtain, land of wonderousness."{;}

dancing queen
Demented diary of a British bitch living in Buffalo

wicked thoughts
self-righteous truths about politics, art, feminism and activism

taiwan_on's notes from the asylum
like a dung-beetle rolling shit up a hill...{;}so are the days of my life.{;}

empty vessel, much noise

The Writingz of Psychosiz
Nothing more than the disturbingly angry (and sometimes funny) rants of a struggling artist, writer, musician, and student. Every-other-day product of a frustrating life!

{;}Bitch-sessions is an open forum in which expression of ideas is encouraged, ranging from social commentary, amusing anecdotes, concert reviews, and relationship philosophy. The site is aware, thoughtful, ...

Cafe of the Village Nut
Random kooky stuff from a not so tough cookie. Foaming at the mouth not a requirement.

Middle Management
Stuck between a useless boss and lazy shite employees. Search for a good labour relations lawer goes on.....{;}

Lemon Snow Cone
Trying to maintain a positive, refreshing outlook on life is the most difficult task i have ever faced--attending a military academy (merchant marine, ny) with a higher male population, who are by far ...

her shoulder to cry on
it's easier to stcommunity together a coherent sentence while typing than it is while speaking aloud.

stay what you are
blog of a rock music and quiz freak

Big Skeptical Blogs
this is what goes on in my head{;}

Frog it
knit, bitch, stitch - these are a few of my favorite things...

Looking Like Your Mother
Extreme Anti-Aging. I experiment so you don\'t have to. This blog is for those who know that the only people benefitting from night creams are the shareholders of the companies that manufacture them. ...

This Week with C.J.
one non-blonde talking about the revolution.

juz some stupid own thoughts n feelings!

Ang's Weird Ideas
I\'m told I need a hobby ... something to occupy my time ... Guess some feel chatting online shouldn\'t be considered a hobby. Or maybe its the male bashing. Or just being plain annoying isn\'t a hobby. ...

Celtic Cross

Jamie Jameson, Sex Educated
This site is all about sex: sex in relationships, sex vs. relationships, sex vs. porn, sex and porn. Written by a girl who loves sex and wants to share everything she has learned in her career as a single ...

When I was about four years old I saw my dad taking a piss in the bathroom. I was astonished to see that he was doing it standing up, and wondered why nobody had told me there were two ways to take a piss. ...

Every day life. Thoughts. Opinions. Comments. Things. Whatever. I decide. You read if you want to. If not, your loss...

Give me spirit fingers dammit!!
Commentary on local and international fashion and style trends, based in Hong Kong.

Approaching Perfect
Two women approaching perfect, but not quite there yet!

My bocommunity London life

Eccentric Bohemian Hermits
Join the Witty Woman as she wanders aimlessly through the Middle Ages, desperately searching for her own personal missing link. Don\'t take too long - time is running out!

Damaged-Girl [dot] net
The blog of a 20 something female living in Boston. With pet and city cams. Parents please be aware that this a blog of a survivor child abuse and rape and sometimes entries may be written about these ...

Bitchings & Then Some
An outlet for a some kind of girl. A place to vent, share, and scream your every dreams and nightmares. You never know, something you can relate to.