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Do you Blog, operate a Live Journal or write in an online diary? Do you live in the province of Ontario, Canada? If so, then unite with the Bloggers of Ontario!

Designated Driver of North America
Commentary and observation on political and social matters, mostly relating to the U.S. and Canada, but occasionally in the rest of the world as well.

Canadian scribbler. She writes, she draws, she takes senseless road trips and she sews a pretty good seam too.

Obsidian Tempest
A personal log of someone born and raised in Eastern Ontario.

a wee bit squint
The personal journal of a 30s woman who might be looking at the world from a bit of an angle.

Friday Night Anrky
The rants and ratings of an atypical long haired freak. Reviews on food, music, movies, concerts and any other happenings in the Greater Toronto Area.

mister anchovy
mister anchovy is a daily collection of thoughts, links, photographs, art and recipes.

One Canadian Voice
Life, sports, politics, and opinons.

The thoughts, rants and passions of a young Muslim woman seeking soulful enlightenment in cyberspace.

The Files of the Phantom Observer

Unambiguously Ambidextrous
A non-partisan blog by a conservative writer.

Section 15
Section 15: A Canadian debunking the wingnuts and loons of both the left and the right.

Dawg's Blawg
Progressive political and social commentary on events of the day.

Random Fraggings
40-something Canadian talks about life, games, stuff that amuses or frustrates him.

Thomasburg Walks
Thomasburg Walks is a journal of my observations, in words and pictures, of the inhabitants of the woods and fields around Thomasburg, a small hamlet in eastern Ontario.

Travels in Hyperreality...
...random musings of a commuter, riding the not so better way and wondecommunity about a better city...

editor tangents
Stories as odd interoffice memos

Bow. James Bow
The blog of 32-year-old aspicommunity writer James Bow and his fiction.

I Dream, Therefore I Am
Just a Canadian girl trying to figure out the rest of the world one post at a time.{;}I laugh, and I laugh *loud*.{;}Come laugh with me.

my lil cardboard box
its my lil cardboard box...do i hav 2 say more?

Let it Out
rants about life, thoughts about single parenting, feminism, and Canadianism.

Brian Walsh
I'm a small c' conservative living in Toronto. My main objective is to counter the excessive liberal bias I experience in this city everyday.

Welcome to PANDE's Web World.. (';')
Shreenath Deshpande's Home page(http://pande.info)....Here are some of my documents,photos, haveri friends, uttara karnata memmories,my songs, linux related stuff,c programming (projects like OLTP,XCC,SRIasm ...

my hiking notebook
Details my hikes in southern Ontario

semi-lucid political thoughts
Canadian politics and arts.

Canadian News for Bloggers
Canadian News for Bloggers