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The South Beach Diocese
The photo-filled life of a high school senior, better than you'd expect!

Through the Pane
"...What it was about windows, I supposed, was that there was something on the other side, and one never knows exactly what until they peer through the pane."

Person being, mommying, marriage building, faith walking, unschooling, short order cooking, depression fighting, celebrating, teeth gritting, what I'm doing wondecommunity, life.

MsCapriKell - It's Her Words...
this is a journal of my life... kinda, in my own words... and a great place to check out sites that interest me.

Al otro lado de la LUNA
I fell yhe magic in this night and a easy spell with moon and stars complete all the sky!!!!!!!

*2Flower* To You
I love to blog, but it's very addictive. If I'm completely honest with myself, I have no intention of even cutting back. I tell myself it's therapeutic, which gives me plenty of excuses to keep on blogging. ...

Otto's Bloggos
Just about a thought a day....and lots of other stuff too!

The Pat Cook Show - Pat's Blog
This is a blog that serves as a way of me speaking my mind. It will serve many purposes including serve as a compliment to my Internet Radio (and soon!) TV shows on the Jeeper One Radio & Television N ...

Miss Blogaholic
To blog or to blog, 'tis the question...

The Enigmatic Musings of a Cynical Mind
The random thoughts, ideas, observations, rants, raves, and adventures of a man trapped in a world he did not create.

Blogaholics Anonymous aka Bloggers Anonymous aka Blog On & On Anon blog
an unofficial blog by, for, about and in support of blogaholics or blogging addicts everywhere, blogged by one seriously addicted blogger.

A Welshman in Milano
The rapidly diminishing thoughts of an old Welshman living in Milano

Big Orange Michael
Random thoughts of a totally insane, a bit too obsessed Tennessee fan. No rhyme or reasons to any of what I post here, but it should always be interesting (I hope).

The Daily Backtrack
I try to be organised on my blog, but the dewy decimal system hasn't worked out.

Addicted to Love
Diary of a reformed lazybum,currently a 4th year med student,crazily craving for SP-her ex,addicted to tattoos,loves to sleep and eat,compulsive shopper esp if object is furry or pink,tends to talk too ...

.:: Mamãe é blogueira!!!::.
[en]The crazy adventure of a triplet mother...Yes, I have triplets! Three six-year old boys. That´s the main reason for me to start a blog... [port] As aventuras de uma mãe de trigêmeos...Pois, é, o que ...

Miss Marti

A Revision
A friendly site where you will encounter either poignant, intellectual or silly musings from a Canadian poet and writer wannabe. The author is also the conductor of the Friends of the Friendless Marching ...

Space Dock 13
EelKat's Intergalactic Homebase. My personal web page about me, my life, pets, hobbies, town, causes I support, and anything else I might add in the future. Includes links to all my web sites, fanlistings, ...

Africa Ready for Business
This site is meant to educate the international business persons, African's abroad, and those interested in learning more about today's emerging African markets and the how’s and why’s of doing business ...

proud mommy
my journal about being a new mom....

The Left Wing Conservative
This is an Internet Only Radio & TV show for the average Pat. Advocating for the vast majority of us who, contrary to the beliefs of the Republican Party, DO NOT own our own home and/or business and MUST ...

Under the Ozarkian Stars
This is the blog of a happily married Christian woman with very conservative values. I love Jesus, my family, gardening, crochet, politics, books and music. All are discussed here.