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A community for Blinkie Artist! NOT COLLECTORS!!

Crimson's Court
Small collection of blinkies, both made by me and adopted

Blackheartedwolf's Blinkies
Avatars, TTC and Pregnancy blinkies, misc. blinkies, pixel and rectangle blinkies, glitter fills, blinkie requests, all done by me!

Blinkies By Christine
A place to get free blinkies or request blinkie. Feel Free to look around and have fun, and thanks for visiting my page.

Lori & Stace's Blinkie Page
Tons of blinkies that me, lori, and stace made/make. Has a site of adopted blinkies too. Also, you can request blinkies to be made for you and stace and i make them in less than a week!

Melissa And Heather's Blinkie Galore
We are two SAHM's that love to make blinkies.

Nicky's Blinkies
Here is where you will find tons of blinkes relating to family, moms, babies, Christian, Pro-life, and other like subjects! NEW...GLITTER NAMES!!!

Melissa's Blinkies
Blinkies banners and blocks are free to adopt! So come on in :)

Christine's Graphics
I'm hopelessly addicted to making blinkies. My "creations" page is always expanding. Free for personal use!

Dejavu Blinkies
Tons of Blinkies! New Blinkies added all the time! I take requests too! I specialize in animations within my Blinkies.

VirusHead Blinkies
My own blinkies for you are a little unusual. Feel free to collect and adopt with a linkback - no hotlinking please.

Blinkies I have made & Blinkies I have adopted.

A bit of this and a bit of that

Ben-n-Jerry: Kountry Kitty Graphics
Enjoy Ben-n-Jerry's Original Mouse-Drawn ONLY Cat Graphics, Animations and Cat Blinkies.

Blinkies by ACR
Blinkies with definite attitude!

Blinkie Heaven
Tons of Blinkies, adopted and by others..

Blinkie Babes
Several talented ladies here who enjoy making blinkies. Swing on by the forum to put in a request if you like. :)

Blinkies Gone Bad
Blinkies Gone Bad are the Blinkies with an attitude! While not all of them are "bad" there are some that are definitely not for the faint of heart! All open-minded blinkie lovers are welcome to snag some ...

Spicy Blinkies
Tired of the same blinkies? Here you'll find my Blinkie Creations and you can Request Yours. Give it a try!

moonfairy's dollhouse
dolls, blinkies and penguins, oh my!

SakiMonkey's Splendid Site
SakiMonkey's Splendid Site specializes in e-mail signature tags, as well as animated snow globes. Here, you will find many different categories of each, as well as a selection of blinkies, calling cards, ...

Misfit of the Jedi
*updated* August 2004 *new look* Added a few new blinkies, fixed my adopted blinkies page, and more! LOTR & SW blinkies!!

Southern Charm Blinkies
Just my views on the world of blinkies!! Lots of blinkies to adopt.

Inthe blink of an eye
My blinkies and more like a tutorial requests

Magoo Layout
Nice,fancy,colorfull,originals,free Blinkies and Layouts !!!

Blink! Blink!!
~*~ Blink! Blink!! ~*~


We live in an increasingly digital world where it seems like everyone is creating their own personal websites. With so much information that can be accessed on the Internet, it can be hard to attract the proper attention your website requires for it to be effective. After all, a simple text and no frills design isnít just going to cut it for your website or blog. People donít just have the time anymore and arenít easily impressed with simply just content. For that reason, more and more people are turning to website accessories like blinkies to immediately grab a viewerís attention.

Sean Bell was an aspiring novelist that was trying to drum up attention for his new novel. Recognizing the opportunities that self-publishing on the Internet would give him, Bell decided that creating a website would help him find new readers and potentially some publishers. Although Bell spent a considerable amount of time to create his website, he was disappointed with the response. While people were in fact visiting Seanís website, they were leaving before reading any of his work. Frustrated by his inability to increase attention for his work, Sean decided that he would add some graphics to get people to stay a little longer to check out his excellent writing. And wouldnít you know it, with just a few extra smiley face graphics, Sean was able to garner much more attention for his website and subsequently his work.

The Internet is such a young concept that people are still trying to figure out the best way to balance the graphics opportunities with text based writing. While you donít want to create an elaborate website that will take forever to load on an older computer nor do you want to have graphics on your website that will be too distracting, it is so important to add a bit of visual flavor to your website. One of the most popular ways for people to add some pizzazz to their work while also expressing their feelings and ideas are through the use of blinkies.

Blinkies Ė Wha?

You may be asking yourself Ė what exactly are blinkies? This is a fair question and you donít have to be a computer expert to learn the answer. Blinkies are small animated files that can be used on your personal website, your blog, your posts on message boards, and even on your e-mail. They are small files that are usually created in a similar fashion to pixel art Ė pixel by pixel. Some of the most popular blinkies are those jumping yellow faces that can communicate with their eyes open. Compared to an emoticon, blinkies are much more diverse. Some blinkies are able to open their eyes and close them to reveal a different emotion. They are a great way to add a bit of visual flair to your website without overwhelming a person visiting your site.

For the most part, blinkies tend to involve some type of blinking through the power of flashing animation. Rather than some flash graphics and other large images, blinkies are small in size. Typically, a blinkie will be 150 x 50 pixels in size and should be a maximum of 20kb in terms of file size. Considering their small stature, many people find that having just one blinkie isnít enough to get the necessary attraction to their website. Rather, many web page developers find that the best way to utilize blinkies is to create a blinkie rack. A blinkie rack refers to a row of blinkies that stretch throughout one line on your computer screen.

Of course, blinkies are pretty diverse and do not necessarily have to be bouncing faces. In some cases, blinkies can be small animated banners that have text sayings. They can be used as a subtle advertising tool or a way to promote other pages on your website. There is a lot of flexibility that you have when you utilize blinkies on your website. You can create a banner of blinkies to highlight a specific section of text or even position blinkies in a way that they can create a larger picture. While more technologically advanced graphics have been developed, blinkies have managed to endure due to their simplicity and diversity.

MySpace Blinkies

Itís pretty startling to see how much the Internet has changed over the last few years. While it seemed like we had reached our apex in terms of Internet technology a couple of years ago, a new philosophy has developed that has drastically altered the way that people use the Internet. Coined by OíReilly Media in 2003, the term Web 2.0 may not mean much to most people but it is an important concept that has changed the way users use the Internet. The concept of Web 2.0 is a change in the way that systems developers use the Internet. Rather than trying to control the content of an Internet website, web 2.0 is a call for flexibility and allowing its users to shape the way the website is used.

Although the term is primarily used as a business concept, one of the most important outcomes of Web 2.0 has been the development of social-networking sites. These websites allow users to connect with their friends and make virtual friends. It is a great way for people to communicate with their peers and has become one of the most popular uses of the Internet. This can be best seen in the popularity of myspace. My Space is a social networking website that is renowned for its capabilities for people to stream music. Its popularity has been huge and it has turned into a warehouse for all types of Internet usages Ė e-mailing your friend, posting messages on forums, and even contacting your favorite band.

Considering how popular myspace has become, it is no surprise that many people are searching for more ways to get noticed. One of the most effective ways to underscore your opinion on the current state of Fall Out Boy is through the use of myspace blinkies. There are literally tons of cute myspace blinkies that are available for you to download for free. These myspace blinkies are an effective way to decorate your personal myspace page or as an extra emphasis to a forum posting. Additionally, one of the biggest complaints about communicating with friends on the Internet has been the inability to fully express your emotions. Through the use of myspace blinkies that can be added to your messages, you will be able to literally show friends how you are feeling with sarcastic blinkies, happy blinkies, sad blinkies, and other emotional blinkies. After all, you canít be loving emo without some sort of emo blinkie.

Free Blinkies

One of the biggest concerns that people have about adding these extra graphic functions to their website or to their e-mail or to their myspace is cost and ease of use. After all, there is very little fun in having to read through several technical books and FAQ websites just to learn how to add a little graphic. Additionally, very few people actually want to pay money for blinkies.

Fortunately, free blinkies are easy to find on the Internet. This has been one of the biggest advantages of the Internet Ė it has allowed communities of graphic designers and graphic designer enthusiasts to show off their work for free. Considering their small file size and how easy they are to create, it is no surprise that free blinkies are almost everywhere on the Internet. Recent news has indicated that blinkies searches have increased exponentially in recent months. For the most part, it is considered okay for people to download blinkies from a blinkie designerís websites. In fact, many designers create blinkies for the sole purpose of trading them with other designers. However, it is considered common etiquette to not take credit for the creation of a blinkie when you use them.

Considering the sheer size of free blinkies that are available on the Internet, you will be missing out on a great opportunity to add some visual flair to your website. With the sheer diversity of free blinkies available online, you will be able to find the perfect decorative blinkie to make your website stand out. Of course, blinkies donít just have to be used solely for your website. Free Blinkies are available that express a wide range of emotion, which is perfect when you are sending joke filled messages to your friends or when you are passionately debating a topic on the message boards. Blinkies are also a fantastic way to garner more attention to your myspace page and are the perfect exclamation point to what you are saying online!

Donít let the Internet leave you behind in your tracks. Considering how many websites are out there and how many people are posting their two cents on myspace, it is more important than ever to make sure that you stand out. With free blinkies, you will find an easy and cheap way to give your words the extra flair that they deserve. Express a piece of your personality online through the power of blinkies!