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Blinkie Addicts group was created for those addicted to making blinkies using PSP or any other graphics software.

Puff Stuff
Powerpuff Girls blinkies, smileys, sprites, dollz & more! ^-^{;}

Seasons Of The Heart
Lotsa cute blinkies for you to snag, hope to see you there :)

Blinkies by ACR
{;}Blinkies with definite attitude.

Truff's Stuff
Truff's Stuff site of collected blinkies and a few made by myself. I just can't get enough of blinkies but beware: Graphic Intense

Melissa's Blinkies
Blinkie blocks and banners are free to adopt! So come on in :)

Tori & Amethyst's LOTR Blinkie Collection
Our collection of Blinkies are devoted to Lord of the Communitys movies: Fellowship of the Community, Two Towers and Return of the King - and the characters involved. We’ve adopted blinkies from all ...

Crystal's Blinkies
Blinkies I made for fun using tubes and tutorials which artistically-gifted people generously put on the Internet for others to share.

A collection of personally created blinkies - you might just find something different!

The Southern Lady Victorian Page
Decorating tips,tea,friendship{;}

*Cher and JC's Adopted Blinkies*
Our site has on it cute Blinkies we have adopted from many places

So um... yeah.
Cartoon dolls, bases, Kaos, pixels, blinkies, icons, tutorials... and everything else you'd expect from some with such an unoriginal site name.

Conundrum Blinkies
A growing collection of very original blinkies.

My Blinkies
{;}I have just become addicted to Blinkies LOL{;}I just love making them

~K3G~ Designs
Web sets, tiles, tags and more!{;}

Blinkie Obsession
Nothing but blinkies.

riki's blinkies
i LOVE blinkies! i have 16 of my own blinkies, and i'm making more right now! i also have ones i've found on the web, and blinkie links. PLEASE visit me =)(={;}

Jessica's Place
Personal website with my collections of adopted graphics and blinkies. I also have adoptions and blinkies for you!

Blackheartedwolf's Blinkies
Welcome to my blinkies site! You will find blinkies for adoption, to use in the trying to conceive and pregnancy community message boards, and e-mail. I have glitter fills and misc. blinkies, pixel blinkies ...

Kimberly\'s Website
You can find awesome Blinkies by me to put on your website or signatures on message boards that you visit. If you have a special request for a Blinkie I have a link to my message board where there are ...

Val's Blinkie Collection
I have hundreds of Blinkies in my collection, with a huge variety of categories, I am frequently adding to my Blinkie collection. Hundreds of stationeries for Outlook Express and Incredimail also available ...

Melissa And Heather Blinkie Galore
We are two SAHM's addicted to making blinkies.

Missi's World
Still in the making, the site consists of all my favorite things: Dolls, Blinkies, Angelina Jolie, and my poetry.

We are are seriously addicted to PSP and making blinkis and siggies. Drop by and see us!

Greenie Blinkie
Blinkies & Information for Today's Hip & Trendy Forward Thinking Mamas

Swieky Siggies
Web design, siggies, graphics, glitter names, business cards, invitations/announcements, business logos, and much, much more!