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This is the Boy's Love Original Fiction Community! (Boy's Love, AKA shonenai, june, yaoi, slash, male/male stuff) This community is for any sites containing original fiction featucommunity a male/male relationship. A one-stop shop for lovers of original m/m fiction, art and other creative works!

Midnight\'s Place
Original NC-17 slash fiction set in a fantasy world filled with angels, demons, vampires and gods. It includes both modern and ancient backdrops and is the home of the silent Cries Series written by Midnight ...

The Mannazone
Sex, food, torture, conspiracy and family gathecommunitys -- original m/m fiction set in a dark future European dystopia.

Moonlight Jewel
My site with original yaoi fiction as well as various types of fanfiction.

The Lair of Candice
Sarah and Maria have joined powers to bcommunity you: Strange creatures wander the roads of Raiown, and our hapless hero is just one of them. Gabriel ran away from all he knew, distrust, hate, creepy ...

Jade Turned to Air
Original artwork and fiction, some of it fantasy, the rest whatever struck my fancy. Most of it, however, centers around pretty men.

Twilight of the Mind
Site housing both original fiction and fan ficiton. These stories contain relationships (some very graphic) between male characters.

Too Soon to Tell
All original slash fanfics with a strong preference to dark/vampire fiction. Like possessive, obsessive, possible mentally unstable vampires? Come on in. New, but growing quickly.

Koi Garden
Tiny little page hosting my original yaoi fics and pics.

Illusions of Myth
Fantasy based yaoi series that is still in progress.

Manda's Mess
It's a mess -_-;; no really. I have a little bit of everything, and right now I'm switching gears to head (God willing) into my original stories. Warning I tend to be a bit of a fluff addict. But I have ...

Original Yaoi fiction inspired by love, life and the catastrophy of being a teenager...

The Original Fiction Slash Archive
An archive for original fiction of the slashy variety.

'When I find you again, Pegasus, I will lay you down on the soft sand by our ocean and cover your soul with my wings and kisses. Kisses are feathers. My wings are very strong.' Set in Melbourne in ...

Visions of the Inner Eye
A small spot for my Shinkidousenki Gundam Wing Yaoi and Shonen ai fanfictions. I also plan to soon have fics from "Gensomaiden Saiyuki", "Final Fantasy 8" and "Fushigi Yugi - The Mysterious Play" as well. ...

Silk Kitty
Cerise's original online manga, art and fiction site! Contains shounen-ai/yaoi themes...Includes an extensive original yaoi fiction recommendation page and home to the OOC gang and Starshine. Frequent ...

The Nocturne
The Game. The Seduction. The Kill. Sex is blood. Blood is sex. Can you resist?{;}{;}Weasel, a drug addicted hustler, meets Angelo and becomes a true Child of the Night.

Lifeless Love
Lifeless Love displays original fiction, fanfiction and original art, with an emphasis on the tragedy sub-genre.

Neverending Path
a place to sit back and read, enjoy a little yaoi or not. It\'s up to you. ^^

not much at the moment...but working on it, it will SOOn include anime gallaries, a story AND poem section.... ^ _ ^

Suffer Bishonen, Suffer! MAS-Zine is the yaoi and original slash magazine for the darker side M/M passion. Illustrated, novel-lenght stories. Submissions welcome.

warm midsummer night
My writing is quite graphic. It doesn\'t fit into any particular genre. The relationshipa are f/m or m/m as the plot demands - I don\'t set out to satisfy any particular taste. The most m/m of the ...

FateFiction is an online community dedicated to original slash fiction and art. Join to view or post your own! ...

Boys Love Library
Boys Love Library is a free site for original Male/Male romance separared into four categories. 1.sci-fi 2.fantasy 3.general 4.short stories. The lengths vary from novel lengt to short stories and everything ...