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The Advice Community contains advice sites of all kinds: relationship advice, self-improvement sites, dating and intimacy advice, and anything else pertaining to solving relationship problems of every nature.

Single with Pets
Ezine for single pet owners looking for love and companionship.

Advice from Basho the Cat
Many people speak of the wisdom of animals, or the wisdom of the aged. Basho is a witty old cat who would be glad to share his knowledge.{;}

Answers To Life's Most Difficult Questions
This is a page where the user may pose questions related to some of life's most difficult situations of the host and receive an answer posted to the answer page, so it can help others with similar problems, ...

How To Respond To A Woman's Personal Ad
Ever wonder why that cute chick whose online ad you responded to hasn't e-mailed you back? Maybe it was what you said [or didn't say] in your response. Follow these simple guidelines and increase your ...

Leandra's $2
A different (but helpful) perspective on your problems, with a realistic and humorous twist. Two cents won't get you anything these days, what with inflation and the increased cost of living, but it's ...

Dating lessons from sources ranging from personal experiences to psychological experiments.

Romantics Network Featured Advice Columnist Dear Maggy
Romantics Network Featured Advice Columnist "Ask Maggy" answers advice questions from a female point of view. Love Tips and suggestions, and staying safe on-line in relationships

Villa Santiago
The HOME site for Juan Santiago and Daphne Maloy! Enjoy our witticisms, read the blog, play, debate, ask questions, see photos, laugh, and keep an eye on us! Weblog and personal pages including original ...

The Advice Community Home Page
The Advice Community is community of sites that offer advice on a variety of subjects, including dating, relationships, parenting, teen issues and much more. If you have a website that offers advice on ...

Beauty and the Beast
Love, Life, Truth, help and support...we are of a different lifestyle, but our love is the ultimate in trust

Fae's Love Advice
I'm Fae and I'm here to answer all your questions on love, marriage, relationships, break-ups, ect.! Just submit a question to me. You can also take love quizzes and check out the love quotes and poems! ...

Alecs Solutions
Ask me anything, we will discuss it and find a solution for anything that troubles you!

A Moroccan, A Cat, and My Big Ass
This is where I share my every day thoughts on my weight struggles of trying to get thinner. I've decided to keep a diary of what goes in my mouth as well as the every day problems that I face trying ...