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My Crowded Solitude is a place where I can share my views, give my account, where I can testify. Also a place where those that don't share my views can set my ass straight about it. Healthy, But heated ...

Lowered Expectations
Just random observations from me. Some of it drama, some not. But usually funny enough to make you giggle.

Gina Escritor is searching...
The ramblings of a young woman living in the city of New York, searching for something. This journal discusses any and everything, and I'm sure some posts may offend, but that's life.

One who admires and supports Black people and their culture.

Happily Ever After Is Too Easy...
I'm always: hot and bothered; slightly on edge; itching to find a way out of some obligation I've gotten myself tangled up in; in motion; thinking too relentlessly; falling in love; looking for the thing's ...

Chocolate Republican
Black first. Partisan second. Ruminations from a Black Republican.

Meandecommunity Assholicism
Welcome to my blog, just random excerpts from my randomly growing/changing/and brain cell dying mind.

My site is basically a look into my mind and what intrests me. If I find something i like i blog it, anything from the jordans that are dropping next year to an interview with the person who designed your ...

Slyys Urban Music Review
Hot urban music,fashion,lifestyle,gossip and reviews!

little black girls from the south get more grants than loans for college

Siditty: For the Snooty People of the World
A Site about me, the black girl from Dallas with the husband, two dogs, and a cat.

Hell To The NAW
I am a young, black, female author living in Manhattan who is trying to mainain her creative voice. My site is a collection of thoughts and experiences as I manuever my way through the streets of lif ...

Sell Crazy Some Place Else...
The non-sense and meandecommunitys of a crazy, derrange, and unstable mind...trying to cope, live, exist in this thing called life. Having a fun-stressed-adventurous time being me.

the brink of BLACK revolution
trapped soul screaming for freedom. desperate for revolution. ready for love.

anitra's bloggy

Forms of Thought
The usual banter cept I really mean it.

Vision Circle
Vision Circle is a blog devoted to discussion of black life from an Old School perspective.

Death\'s Door
what ever I feel like talking about. you may love it, you may hate it, but you all come back to see what\'s up.

Politik Ditto
Thoughts from a Black conservative Democrat.

The life and times of Ebonie
My online diary. I crack jokes make fun of people, tell my secrets, deal with disapointments, and I try to stay focused and postive at all times. Come check me out.

“That Was Zen; This Is Tao” Daily ramblins of a 30-something african american woman.

Elle B: Diva In Training
The Chronicles of Elle B.'s journey into the music business as Singer/Songwriter and Business Woman.

Mulligan Stew
My musings on the state of the politics of our nation, the state of New Jersey, our society and our communities.

Musings from Ms. Write
This started as just another electronic journal but it has turned into a journal that chronicles my first serious relationship in years.

The SuperSpade
The SuperSpade presents Black Thought at the Highest Level. It is a forum that presents critical, intellectual perspectives on the day's current issues.

I'm gonna get published... damnit!
Lf Goodwyn's journey through self publishing, and a few rants along the way.

Urban Venus, An Afro Feminista

A blog featucommunity black celebrity gossip and pictures.

As I Be
Random thoughts of a nappy-headed, down to earth, pro-black sista digging the world from outside of the box.

Tayari Jones's Blog
This is the blog of Tayari Jones, author of _Leaving Atlanta_ and _The Untelling_. Blog includes book reviews, event announcements, writing advice, and occaisional commentary on the world in general.

raskal trippin
hopscotch adventures of an exiled newyorker in berlin, germany

The Beautiful Struggle
Life is beautiful. Life is a struggle. Life is a beautiful struggle... And this is my beautiful struggle.

urban angel - from this world not of this world
An angel living in a concrete jungle.

The Secret Life of Shoes
Personal blgo written from the shoe perspective. Fashion, drama and fun all in one place.

Straight Outta NYC
My blog focuses on celeb life, news, gossip. I add a little twist with my harsh and at times constructive criticims. New Yorkers are known to be "raw", "harsh", and "trendsetters"...I offer all these aspects ...

View From The Uneducated
As an educator, i'm surrounded by those searching for education and their views. This blog is a look into those views. The voice from the uneducated on today's society

jon madison
a human being ill.

sagaciously is...
saga's a pushing-40 yankee black woman living in the south. the blog is her thoughts on any and everything, but she's got OCD of late when it comes to loving black men. see why...

Her Royal Blaqueness
The thoughts and observations of a single Black self-proclaimed Queen living in Virginia.

Biting commentary on the news of the day from a professional African American males perspective.

The Fight And The Future
The Fight is life... The Future is my son. I've finally decided that living in Canada SUCKS. I hate it and want to move back to England, but I never will be able to - so this blog is about the shitty ...

learning to start over is hard to do.

Chrissy Spot
My Views on Life Love & Relationships While Biding My Time Here On This Earth. In Search For Nirvana: A Never-Ending Journey

It Was Written
It Was Written... The Life and Times of T. Casanova VOL 1. A hip hop head in the ATL, trying to maintain his individuality in a world of full of clones.

Just Another Tired Single Mother
Just my daily rants and raves about whatever I feel like

Just my thoughts! Single man in the DC metro...thoughts about life, people, women, pop culture...any and everything. Messageboard as well. eclectik relaxation.

The Trials and Tribulations of JenellyBean
This is MY Life... These are MY Trials These are MY Tribulations...

just don't
a black woman's thoughts and experiences

Oh No She Didn't
Just a place to get the scoop on your favorite celebs and entertainers with some added commentary from yours trul----Moi.

Step Into the Nexus
Stimulating the Mind, Body & Soul. Mother of Twins. Lover of One.