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proud to be a bitch!

My first website that also shows off some of the tattoos I have given people sinc Jan. '03. (I am still adding on almost everyday.)

Grrl World
Convoluted whirlwind of my life, interests and friends

AlchyApple in Wonderland
personal site about me.

Flower Junction
The Flower Junction - Your one stop site for cheap, mild, slight amusement. Features snippets from the author's novel, cliques, communitys, adoptions, graphics, diabetic info, blogger and gifts to name ...

Tokio's Ramblings
this lil persons place

a dark maiden
enter the lair of horror slut duana r anderson and{;}unearth the deep dark creations that possess her deviant{;}mind.... gothic, fetish, horror, erotica... photography, dark{;}art, erotic stories, poetry, ...

Dollie Domain
youll see it when you get there : P{;}If you wanna know , go there stupid!

omg BLOG. ... Ahem.

All About Shawna
You have stumbled upon my homepage: a rich melange of sight and sound, word and image, ultimately reduced to soulless, impersonal code. I have wrestled with my inner demons and endured the pain of self-revelation ...

poetry, thoughts, everything about me...