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Been called a bitch lately? Welcome to an exclusive club for Bitches with Blogs. Outspoken, intelligent, honest women, and all their venting, welcomed. The first rule of Bitch Club... is you simply MUST talk about Bitch Club! This community is updated often. If there is a large queue it is from removed members who need to get the coding right.

Martha O'Connor, Author of THE BITCH POSSE
Rants and musings of a soon-to-be-published author. Getting published is like being in an airplane~sometimes the views of the clouds and the world below is breathtaking. And other times you need an airsick ...

A Texan Abroad
A Texan's take on the world she lives in and the countries she habitates in as she lives the life of a wandecommunity military spousal nomad.

anima - a psyche exposed
Can best be summed up by the Ashleigh Brilliant quote: "Strange as it may seem, this life is based on a true story."

The Science of Selling Yourself Short
I'm a 26-year-old ex-con midwestern suburban insurance agent mother of two boys. People just can't seem to stop pissing me off.

Large Marge Hayes: True Tales of Trailer Trash
A site devoted to the adventures of an amoral white trash whore, by her ex-best-friend. Rednecks, toothlessness, welfare fraud, adultery, dildo theft and Nyquil-swigging all figure prominently.

Emerging on the other side
Emerging from the darkness of betrayal and humiliation to the light of emancipation and freedom, Evil Minx shares her thoughts, feelings and some creative urges. No holds barred, just an all-out gutsy, ...

Stumbling thru life with grace
Diary of a analytical, neurotic, closet bitch. Musings of a retired bad girl, who unwittingly stumbled into life as I know it today. Material; daily life, bad girl tales, psycho babble, venting, and some ...

Spit Noodle & Joey
A blog about Jenny, and indie rock girl living in a redneck world.

Weekly Rewind
A round-up of events and happenings in the city of New York ducommunity the week along with national news of interest to New Yorkers.

Sweet Life...
Life. Sometimes bitter, sometimes sweet. It's the cause of our existence, and the end for some. Here are some bits of life. Mine, or anyone else's for that matter. Does it even matter? Life. Just ...

Nicole World
Blog about my life, opinions, and venting!

The Daily Bitch
Brain Soup For The Dysfunctional Soul. Can also be found filed under "Who Gives A Shit?"

Confessions of a stay at home mom
Late night bitching and mumbling about my life as a wife and stay at home mother to 2 small children.

My name is Luka. I live upstairs from you. My writing style is like a turtle singing. You figure that one out. I'm 27. Married. Transplant to Tampa.

Bunny's Babblings
The day-to-day babblings of one crazy rabbit.

Nicole in London
Adventures of an American in London.

A Room with a View
A journal of a feminist trying to teach in a junior high and prepacommunity to become a mother.

The Dog's Breakfast
Tragedy with a side order of hilarity.

Jenerally Speaking
The daily ramblings of a 20 something Geek Girl in the Not-so-Big city!

Stupid is as stupid does.

Princess Wild Cow
A cantankerous old woman tells you how it is.

The Story of Us
The story of me and my honeys year long separation. He goes off to war, I stay home with the kids.

Trials and Turbulations
My blog will keep you up to date on the latest news all around more specifically covecommunity murder trials, culture, aviation, the blogging community, national and international news, web discoveries, ...

Snozzberries? Who ever heard of a snozzberry?
sarcasm, a daily dose of irony, thoughts, complaints, overshares, useless pop culture knowledge, rants and raves with a 20% chance of bad poetry

Life and Times of Chantel
The chronicles of my changing life and times. A life of attachment, detachment; of will and happenstance. All wrapped up into a nice little novel.