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Click Member link to see site in tvBipolar Confessions
The hour by hour, day by day confessions and thoughts of a man torn between the two dramatically different sides of Mania and Depression. The wish to remain calmed by the mellow sea between the two storms ...

Leelee's Two Worlds
A wife and mother and living with bipolar

hopeworks community
a site dealing with all areas of bipolar disorder both for the consumer and family. Includes lots of articles and practical stuff.

hopeworks community
A unique site dealing with all aspects of bipolar and living with bipolar. A wide variety of articles about a wide variety of things.

Bipolar Mania
A Journal of My Life With a Bipolar Daughter

The Artist in the Mirror
My name is Tracy Reinhardt and I believe that you can make something beautiful out of anything in this world. I am a artist and writer with bipolar disorder. Was I an artist before my diagnosis? I've thought ...

the bunny years
Just your average girl moving through life.

Madness and I: We're Quite Good Friends! ;-)
The world according to a Northern Monkey with Bipolar! Newly diagnosed and finding my feet with this illness of ours! Read about how I cope (or don't!) with the problems bipolar raises!

Sometime u feel like a nut....sometimes u don't
blah blah blah about my stupid life

Sanity's Insane BlogSpot
And Yooouuurrr Definition Of Sanity Is...? Someone said I could have a free sight to just ramble on and on about...hmmm...lost my train of thought. Anyway, I intend to tell the whole world that when ...

My blog chronicles my daily life as I recover from bipolar disorder, borderline personality disorder, depression, anxiety, and sleeping disorder.

Darkness & Light
A Blog on Bipolar Disorder

Did You Take Your Meds?
Notes from a overwhelmed working mother with bipolar disorder.

My Bi Polar Rollercoaster
I have BP II. For someone living with this disorder they will understand the rollercoaster ride. It can be very hard some days but like all people I have my good days and my bad days. It's just when I ...

Bipolar Blue
Rantings and gut-pulling honesty about living and coping with bipolar and clinical depression.

Bipolaroni - a little bit Italian and a nut (or two)
My journey is beautiful, ugly, colorful, but my own. Too many times Iíve wandered into the danger zone. I fly in I crawl out When I fly, I fly high When I crawl, I want to die The higher ...

Crazy and Back Again
This blog documents my real-life experiences with mental illness from my first psychotherapy session to the present day.

SMS Mental Health
A blog about all mental health issues, including Bipolar. I have HP II personally. There will be some personal posts as well as informational posts.

Bipolar Plaza
All about bipolar and more..!

Rantings of a Manic Depressive
Tales of my life as a 23 year old female with Bipolar Disorder II, rapid cycling. Diagnosed 4 years ago. Also film talk - I love films!!!

Reality Hide & Seek
This website discusses bipolar disorder and other aspects of mental health and well-being as well as life in general. I am a domestic violence survivor with 14 years of freedom, although I have PTSD. In ...

bipolar recovery journal
Bipolar Resources http://rdsfoundation.org/sutherlandcenter/ provide expert psychiatric and psychological care to individuals and families with bipolar disorder who are unable to pay for services ...

Time Out In The Giggle House
I'm bipolar 1 with mixed episodes. And to make that a bit more exciting I have ocd as well. Trying to maintain is a challange, as I live in a world of chaos. I am introverted. Unfortunately so. Shy, bold, ...

Bipolar Cocktail
This is my daily diary blog. I am bipolar 2 with ocd, adhd, ptsd and borderline personality disorder.

My FU life: having BP Disorder & GAD. Musings, rants, tips & tricks, humor, thoughtful articles for those with BP and those who love them.

Bipolar Bird's Nest

Adventures of a JungleTart
You are welcome to visit my blog. My pets are the 'Jungle,' I am the 'Tart.' My blog is my everyday experiences with bipolar disorder. I have been blogging since 2006. Sometimes my blog is just ...

Raising Bipolar
My name is Meg and I am raising a child with Early Onset Bipolar Disorder. This blog is my story where I chronicle the ups and downs of my life raising a child with bipolar disorder. I tell about our ...

Well Being Psychology
This is a blog of Practical straight talking advice on mental health issues and general well being. The Author is a sufferer of Bipolar Disorder and has come through treatments of medication, Cognitive ...

The Prozac Queen's Court
I am a woman in my early 30s. I have bipolar disorder, type 2. I've been treated for this disorder since 2004 but, looking back, I have had some aspect of it since I was about eleven. I was diagnosed with ...

I am a 26 year old stay at home mom of two highly energetic, young children. I've been diagnosed with Manic Depressive Disorder type II or Bipolar II as of May 2009 after hospitalizing myself. I had been ...

Bipolar and the City
I'm a 40-something, single, occupational therapist with bipolar, and a recent transplant from NYC (the city). It's been almost a year, and I still feel like I'm at a new job living in a new place. I have ...

bipolar city girl
Formerly dedicated to knitting and showcasing my projects, this blog has evolved to include ramblings, musings, creative projects...whatever I'm into at the moment. Considering the nature of BD, this ...