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blog|therapy is the online journal of an anonymous mental health patient, taking all of the information learned from personal experience and research and throwing it into one place. this is the blog for ...

Sleeping Beauty's Bipolar Blog
I call myself Sleeping Beauty, because I have pretty much sleep-walking since I had my daughter in Dec of 2004. I am not sure what happened, and I've never admitted it even to myself that it happened then, ...

Manic Repressive
Manic Repressive

Inside of Me...Under Constuction
Sickness may take my body,and my mind, but not my spirit. My journey with Adult ADD/ADHD, OCD, Anxiety/Panic Disorder, & Depression.

Bipolar Days
Just my everyday rant about what phase I am going through. It helps in a meditative sort of way.

Pinoy Bipolar
An online diary of a Filipino living with BIPOLAR DISORDER. A testament to my quest to take control of my well-being and live a full and productive life.

Mind Double
Emphasis on medication endurance ~ finding the right combination of meds to stave off the behaviors that cost 6 moths or more of clean up time. Leaning on God for what is real ducommunity times of mental ...

This That & The Other Thing
I'm a happily remarried widow, a writer wannabe, felineophile, bookaholic, Lostaholic and dealing with major stress: blending families, a grandson with PDD-NOS, irresponsible adult boomerang children, ...

Our Island Family Life
Our family dealing with a bipolar spouse and father.

Titles tie you down too much.

Ramblings of a bipolar mom
Ramblings of a bipolar mom who is a single mom of 3 boys. ALL with many physical and mental health issues of their own.

Screeb - Bipolar Perceptions of an unquiet mind
I was diagnosed with Bipolar disorder three years ago, and also suffer from panic attacks. My mind is confusing, interesting, and always unquiet. My perception isn't what one might consider normal, and ...

Every Moment Matters

Trying to swim through the moods and still keep my head above the water.

The Glass Wing
This is a blog about my son's struggles, and our family's struggles, to help him with early onset bipolar, diagnosed at age 5. I am documenting day-to-day experiences we share as we begin the process ...

Crazy hippie philosopher,weacommunity robes in the Texas hill country.

Dannah's World

Bipolar Speaks
Bipolar Speaks is a place for us bipolars to speak up, speak out, and be heard. Lets come together and change the stigma that lies within mental illness. This is a safehaven for those who can truly speak ...

Living life with biploar

green Tea
Bipolar Woman drinks tea and muses about psychology

Party of One

Bullet Hits the Bone
This girl just needed a way to vent without hurting myself or anyone else. Sometime the emotion is way too deep to even explain. Even when I try to explain, people just don't get it.

Roller Coaster Kid
My family's struggle with having a child diagnosed with bipolar, ADHD, and ODD

Bipolar Chica
Wife. Mother. Bipolar. Obsessive Compulsive Personality Disorder. Liver Disease Fighter. Libra. Tiger. NeoPagan. Buddhist. Unitarian Universalist. Democrat for Obama. Pottymouth. Want to find out more ...

Bean's Path
My path in life with Bipolar Disorder


Life of a not so ordinary Mom.
I'm a bipolar wife and mother of three on a slow road to somewhere. This is where I chart my journey.

A blog on raising bipolar, and otherwise difficult, children from a self-taught mom. These essays come from lessons I have learned with my sons.

Bipolar: Jon's Journal
My Bipolar Daily Journal

Bipolar Support
Anything and Everything "Bipolar" - Mania, Depression, Mixed States, Rapid Cycling. And Co-existing Symptoms/Disorders - Anxiety, OCD, Eating Disorders, ADD/ADHD, Substance Addiction/Abuse, Etc.. This ...

Manic Mantic
a resource for fellow bipolars

Diary of A Bipolar
Diary of a pregnant and bipolar married lady

Manic Mantic
a resource for fellow bipolars

Living Manic Me
Join in my self-recovery, acceptance, frustrations personally and professionally,and more.

Out of the Mouth of a Bipolar Mind
The thoughts that come out of my bipolar mind.

music is math // dayvan cowboy
The online open-access journal of a bipolar/ADHD ex-prodigy child gone horribly wrong.

Bipolar Dysphoric Mania
A daily blog of a 24 year old bipolar female, dealing with rapid cycles, stress, school, life, and the roller coaster ride which is her life.

openly complicated
crazy, complicated, but worth the time. big beautiful woman with devious smirk and checkered past trying to complete the tail end of her most recent falling to pieces.

Lunar Moth Bipolar Blog
A mixture of research on bipolar, practical coping techniques and random craziness!

Bipolar Art Dealer
Bipolar is a condition that causes unusually extreme shifts in a personís mood, energy and cognitive ability, often leading to great accomplishment.

Bipolar Mandiey
I will lose everything if I don't get my act together - QUICK!

Divine Secrets of a Pastoral Princess
I am a 31 year old SAHM recently diagnosed with BPD. I am a writer and have been blogging for ages...I never dreamed my blog would travel this road, but as of lately it is the only road I know. Welcome ...

Becca the Brit
An insight into the blessing and curse that is bipolar disorder

Tinkerbell's Tea Party
Welcome to my lair ~ a place where real and not-real do not seem like separate, mutually exclusive concepts. This blog contains the musings of a bipolar faery.

variables in bipolar depression
Personal thoughts and reflections plus links to my other bipolar blogs , notes, alternative writings etc.

Dribblings an points of view
notes essential help with bipolar disorders the manic mind an aspects of points of thought

every shadow has a neon lining
A personal blog about a long-running attraction to the darker side of life, and how to get through college with more mental disorders than you can count on one hand.

Glacommunity Madness
Documenting the life of an unstable fervid girl....

The Bipolar Diaries
An insight into the daily happenings of an optiomistic bipolar chick - 100% Becca!

Summoned by Fand
My relationship with the Goddess, seen through bipolar eyes