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Click Member link to see site in tvBipolar Rantings
My daily ups and downs and attempts at comedy

Freud's Nuthouse
the rants and raves of a bipolar air force wife and mother of two living abroad and trying to stay sane within the military system.

Family Gathecommunitys
I want to gather family and friends recipes and stories, to pass on to the next generation.This is also helping me to learn more about being bipolar. I use this blog to record mood swings for my doctors. ...

txandi, prostituted by life | life, prostituted by txandi
Synaptic instants of a bipolar "española" in danger of her mentally apoplectic self. ¿Is this remission? There is no remission...

Velvet Jones's Diary
More sordid than "Bridget Jones's", and without a "happy" ending...YET! Wait, there are some good times in there!

Composing a life, a mercurial forty-something writes about...

the thick and thin
persistent perorations, innocuous or otherwise

Just crazy enough to try
I am 30-something, over-educated and bipolar. That pretty much sums me up.

Bipolar and the City
My daily life and thoughts as I live and work in New York City. It has taken me the better part of my life to get stable, and I still have my struggles, but I am living a life I never thought I would live. ...

On The Other Cheek
An ongoing saga about a woman who is learning to live with bipolar disorder and the medications that allow her to live.

I Would Gladly Change My Name to Jane
my experiences living with bipolar II disorder

My Mentally Ill Life
A blog describing the sudden onset of mental illness in the author's husband.

Niftywench Speaks!
i am in a candlepin bowling league. i have a daughter who is still a baby. Weird Al wrote 'White and Nerdy' all about my spouse. i collect PUMA sneakers.i am manic depressive. i want a drum kit.

Mood Swings
The site is a first person account of a woman struggling with bipolar disorder for 15 years.

Exegesis of a dismantled armadillo

Ms. Diagnosed
A first foray into using a blog - coming out from underground while staying there...here's a toast to your health.

Master of Irony
My world is a work of great irony. For part of my life I am a healthcare professional, often serving the needs of mentally ill patients. For my entire life I am a medication resistant bipolar I patient ...

The Bipolar Chick
A Chick's Adventures of Living with Bipolar, OCD, an Eating Disorder and Agoraphobia.

My Personal Bipolar Journey
I was diagnosed with Ultra Rapid Cycling Bipolar Disorder on August 9, 2005. Sometimes my meds don't help my symptoms. I biggest problem is anger. Whether depressed or manic I become irritable and livid ...

bipolar blurb
Musings of a twentysomething female diagnosed with bipolar.

Bipolar Bean
A newly divorced mom of two that has been recently diagnosed as bipolar

The Tipping Point
Musings of the maladjusted!

Diary of a Bipolar
A diary of sorts regarding the symptoms, struggles, idiosyncrasies, and amusements of daily life of someone with bipolar disorder and social phobia.

Modern Mommy
Mommy: mom-my [mom-ee] -noun, plural -mies. Informal. Grocery carts, laundry baskets, diaper pails... Living with Bipolar: pure joy, mind stopping responsibility, anti-depressants and vanilla lattes. The ...

A personal journal about learning to live, laugh, and manage life after being diagnosed with bipolar disorder. I hope that by shacommunity my experiences, others will realize that they are not alone in ...

My ramblings that have to come out of my head.

broken whole
It was a dark and stormy night of the soul, or something like that. Actually, it was a nasty encounter with the LAPD a week after an Encounter with the Void. This blog started out to chronicle what I thought ...

Social Anxiety and Bipolar Diary of Annie
After struggling with undiagnosed social phobia most of my life, having several severe episodes of depression within five years and finally being hospitalised with psychotic symptoms I am now well into ...

I Prefer My Cake With Frosting
Welcome to the creative outlet of a somewhat twisted bipolar mind...

Reflections on life as seen through a bipolar lens, offecommunity hope and optimism in the face of difficult times.

Dirt Road: A Writer's Journal
A journal that explores the process of a memoir in progress, bipolar disorder, and seeks to encourage other writers.

Balancing bipolar disorder, adoption, divorce, father's suicide, and sobriety with changing diapers and learning to use a chain saw as part of suburban life provides life's lessons both large and smal ...

Mixed State
The writings of a 25yr old diagnosed Bipolar Type I at the age of 18.

A blog with the trials and tribulations of bipolar disorder.

Adventures of a Jungletart
I am a JungleTart: Hear me roar. I have a great love for animals and for the loving people in my life. Here is a place where I share my ups and downs: I have plenty of both, being bipolar and brilliant, ...

Safer Waters
A new home for me to discuss my life in an open manner I haven't been able to for a while. I work, obsess at the gym, and oh by the way, I'm bipolar. "That's how I roll"

Conversations in My Head
I'm a 32 year old woman trying to live and understand my bipolar existence as best as I can. Most of the time I think that Bipolar is a homegrown tornado, a swarm of insects buzzing in your ears, and a ...

Mental Instability: My One-Way Ticket To Hell
The dealings of a 19-year-old diagnosed with Bipolar I.

Life with Bipolar Disorder
Rants and musings of someone who has been recently diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

An Untreatable Army Bipolar
A blog on a guy in the military with Bipolar, who cannot be treated. So, he just slugs along

Gettin It Out and About
Musings of one who no doubt knows

Pink Dot
Working mom of 3 diagnosed with bi-polar one year ago. On meds I'm a happy, even keep woman, off them...watch out world. I just want to be a good mom.

everyday trials when living with a mental disorder.

Bipolar Moms Blog
A blog written by a bipolar mom for bipolar moms or moms raising bipolar kids.

This Manic Moment
This is my blog....my diary of a sorts, where I post about my struggles,my joys, and everything in between.

Bunny Underground
I'm 24. I'm bipolar. I also have other stuff going on, like Asperger's Syndrome and ADD but the main focus of my writing seems to be issues surrounding my bipolar, which still isn't exactly under cont ...

While not a site dedicated to Bipolar Disorder, my family includes members who have been diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder, Autism (PDD-NOS), Panic Disorder, OCD, OCPD and Schizoprenia.

Bipolar Mo
Diary of a manic depressive

Ups and Downs
Sometimes it's about being bipolar. Mostly it's not about anything in particular. There are a fair number of Buffy and Dr Who references. Also llamas, UK politics and atheism.

The rants, essays, and confessions of a bipolar libertine with something to hide.