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This is a community created by the Boys in Makeup Party (BIMP) for boys who wear makeup, those that love and/or support them and anyone in between. Your site does not need to be about boys in makeup to join.

Denied Heaven
The Wonderful, Horrible World of Spritual Guide, Musician, Performance Artist, and All Around Super Sexy Swingin' Gothy Fella, Reverend Charles Lupula

David Mantell - My Homepage
A site full of pictures of my beautifully made up face. The prettiest boy in make-up on the web? Possibly!{;}{;}Okay, it's basically just my homepage/webspace but so what, it's fun!{;}

John Taylor & Nick Rhodes: Masters of The Universe
My tribute to my two favourite boys in makeup, John Taylor and Nick Rhodes of Duran Duran. Has tons of pictures as well as a heaping helping of humour and many other wondeful shiny things!

I Like Guys That Wear Makeup, Brian Molko~!
A site dedicated to Brian Molko of Placebo~!

land of excitement
{;}it's about me, that's about it.

The Digital Mess
personal site, has fanart and fiction. rar!!!{;}

pink racoon
Why it's always me?

...: t a i e r :...
the homepage of a sad old goth (late 20s), his rantings, writings, raves, fetishes, pictures...