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This community is dedicated to the animated TV Show Big Guy and Rusty the Boy Robot (based on the Darkhorse comic of the same name.){;}{;}If you're a fan of Big Guy, Rusty, Lt. Dwayne Hunter, Dr. Erika Slate, the Big Guy's Pit Crew (Garth, Jo, Mack). Then this is the community for you!

Big Guy and Rusty's Secret Hideout!
A site that I hope to devote to Big Guy and Rusty the Boy Robot fan fiction. (Oo, where have I heard THAT before?) With any (good) luck, I'll have something here by the end of June, 2001.{;}

My big guy and rusty the boy robot virtual series page
I continued the series where double time part 2 left off. My site is hosted by pheonix virtual television.{;}