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This community is devoted to sites that focus on the Buffy/Giles relationship (including its obvious romantic potential). B/G-shipper and B/G friendly sites are encouraged to apply.

Watching Soulmates Slay
A place to house my own fanfiction, and share my view of b/g to the world

Love 'N' Lust
A page for my favourite Buffy romances (canon or not), including Buffy/Giles.

The Blast Furnace
Homepage and archive for A. Manley Haight. Includes fanfic, essays on current events and human sexuality, and computer advice column.

Sweet Surrender - A Buffy and Giles Site
I am an incurable romantic and shipper. I wrote quite few X-Files M/S fanfic. At the moment I am a very busy vidder though :)

Bloody Summers True Love
A growing archive for Buffy/Giles, Buffy Spike and other miscellaneous paicommunity fics.

Tag's Rooftop
this site contains the B/G fiction by Jacinta, Greg and Tag, as well as a list of "You've know you've read too much B/G-fic when..."

Oakpark Street
a Buffy/Giles fanfic archive

It's Their Destiny
My buffy/giles fanfiction

the LIST
A Buffy/Gilescentric Fanfic Archive. For Fanfic and B/G manipulated photos

The Haven
The home of Selenay's fanfiction. There's a whole section of B/G fic (including 'One Year'), fic reviews, message boards and more. It even gets updated regularly.

The Perfect Thing
the Buffy/Giles Infanity & Mini Site

Thoughtful Spot
My personal website that archives my B/G fanfiction. Also contains photography, poetry, short stories, LJ icons, and writing prompts.