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Here & Now
Here & Now is a new magazine of urban fantasy fiction.

{;}Chaz Brenchley's fantasy series "The Books of Outremer" and its historical background in the medieval Crusader Kingdoms.

The Carpe Noctem Librarie
The literary homepage of Jordanna Morgan, a writer of fantasy, horror and science fiction.{;}

Emotional Magic
Emotional Magic is all about ways you can transform your life by handling your feelings in a different way. As a therapist I often hear people say, "I wish I had a magic wand." Though what you’ll find ...

Anne Gay
Writer. Editor of LineOne's Science Fiction Club in the "What's on" section.

Mateen's 3D Graphics Pages
Contains sci-fi and fantasy images rendered by Mateen from Film, TV and original idea. The site also contains a small collection of downloadable meshes

Clovenstone Celtic Medieval Fantasy Novel
Escape to a journey of adventure! Catch the excitement in Clovenstone, an epic novel of battles and blood, singing bards and swinging swords, evil wizards and grasping kings. Grab your sword and fight ...

Emerald City
An on-line magazine of science fiction and fantasy.{;}

Lucy English
Novelist, Performance Poet, Slam Sex Goddess. Official Home Page{;}{;}

Exterminance Is Coming
Something is about to happen on Earth that was prophesied many centuries ago.

A quarterly, semi-professional e-zine publishing speculative fiction, poetry, traditional folktales, artwork and audio recordings.

Emily's Fantasy Medieval Realm
Medieval and fantasy studies{;}


A Change in the Weather
A dark brotherhood that was once thought long dead has resurfaced. After tirelessly searching for elements to a spell that could end a terrible curse they have endured for centuries, they find their ...

A Northern Heart
War dawns in Teloria. This is the story of Allen Delais. He was a young artist and musician. Humor and his good right arm are all he has left when falls asleep one night and wakes to find himself ...