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This is a community for sites dedicated to Otaku Senshi.

Sailor Moon: Sailor Guardians
"It was like looking in a mirror....but I couldn't see myself in her eyes." What happens when Sailor Moon can't stop the enemy because her Tier has no effect, and the enemies are possessed humans? What ...

Sailor Moon Elementals
The elementals are a group of senshi related to the originals, that must fight against Pandora, who wishes to revive Chaos.

Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon: Nova
Tsukino Usagi thought that the defeat of Chaos meant that it was the 'end' of all her troubles. When powerful new monsters, and mysterious new warriors show up, Usagi-chan realizes just how far from the ...

Moonlight Rhapsody: A Sailormoon Chronicle
New senshi and a new fate

Sailor Moon Z: The Zodiac Zone
The Sol Senshi have dissapeared. In thier place rises 5 younger scouts with the powers of the Zodiac...but against them is the Black Stars, also armed with Zodiac Senshi, their superiors. What is the mystery ...

Sailor Galaxy - An Otaku Senshi Realm
This is a Sailor Moon site focusing on Otaku Senshi. I accept submission for your Senshi's profiles, art, fics and there are areas for art requests and reviews.

Sirius Star
A fanfic about a group of senshi reborn on Earth for vengeance. Sailor Sirius and her friends have to fight a series of strange events caused by Sailor Kolton, their former mate.

The Zodiac Zone

~*Ethereal Illusions*~
What would it take to protect something so small and yet so dangerous? What would you give up to save the universe? Visit Ethereal Illusions, home of Sailor Ethereal, to read her tale and find out.