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You may imagine from the name that Siamese Fighting Betta Fish are not the friendliest choice for your fish tank, but the truth is that they are great fish! Find out about these colorful little fish and how easy they are to care for right here in this community that is sure to please all fish and aquaria lovers.
Use our little community to find Information about the Care, feeding and breeding of the Betta Siamese fighting fish.  Plus aquariums and accessories for their keep and Well-being.  We have it all here!

Siamese Fighting Betta Fish
It's all here, from Information about the Care, feeding and breeding of the Betta Siamese fighting fish to things like aquariums and accessories for their keep and Well-being. For all you need for your ...

Siamese Fighting Betta Fish Here!
We've got it all - Information about the Care, feeding and breeding of the Betta Siamese fighting fish as well as Betta Fish For Sale in all sorts of beautiful colors. Plus aquariums and accessories for ...

Siamese Fighting Betta Fish - Not As Evil As They Sound
Siamese fighting betta fish – sounds kinda’ scary! It makes me imagine having a mini aquatic version of Ultimate Fighting going on in my fish tank!! The truth is though that these fish are easy to care for and one of the most attractive and colorful fish that you can get for your fish tank.

As far as colors go the world is your oyster…fish…you know what I mean! They can be red, blue or white in color. The size of a female Siamese fighting fish is generally smaller than its male counterpart and they are named as Siamese because of their origin in Thailand, which was earlier known as Siam. They are often found in shallow water or rice paddies and because they from tropical regions they are said to thrive in a warmer tank known as a tropical tank. The main diets of Siamese fighting beta fish are insects and insect larvae. Their mouths are upturned so that they can easily snatch insects from the top of the water to feed upon. They prefer to be fed live food as their alimentary canals are much shorter than a vegetarian fish. They also should be fed frozen and flake foods to keep their diet in good order. Siamese fighting Beta fish do not have long life spans and are best bred when they are under a year old themselves. During breeding they only need a small tank. The fish mate through a process called nuptial embrace where the male and female form a spiral over each other and around forty eggs are released. This leaves the female very exhausted so the male keeps all of the eggs in a bubble nest which hatch within three or four days.

Unusually it is the responsibility of male beta fish to take care of the young; they do this by forming a bubble nest of various sizes and thickness to help hatch their young. The Siamese fighting beta fish also have a beautiful variation in their species which is their tails; veiled tails, frilled tails, large tail fins and extended tails. If they get stressed or frightened then they tend to show horizontal bars on their bodies which are another interesting feature! It is not the males that are aggressive it is the females that are the most aggressive, so it is best not to have two females in the same tank. They enjoy living on high natural or artificial plant life so that they can rest on the tip of them and breathe air from the surface.

When putting Siamese fighting fish or beta fish into your tank you must remove all of the smaller fish from the tank as they tend to eat smaller fishes. When having more than one Beta fish in your tank you need to make sure they are kept in certain groups other wise chaos can ensue. Care must be taken to keep only compatible fish in each tank if two fish seem to be incompatible then remove one of them immediately. The beta fish can be divided into two groups; one makes bubble nests and are called B. Splendens and the second one is mouthbrooder, they are known as B. Picta. In the US Siamese fighting fish are sold as beta fish, Siamese fighting fish are called by the name beta fish in some countries and not in others, so check before you buy so you can get exactly what it is that you want